Delina Hamer wife of Robert Hamer, Selina Bruton wife of Alex Bruton, Clementine McNair, widow of John McNair and Rebecca Hines were sisters. Their mother was formerly Clementine Everett. Their father died in 1869. Who was he? Who were their other siblings. (Pg. 25, Bk I)

Flora Blue, Murdock McKinnon & wife Mary, Malcom Calhoun and wife Catharine, Sarah Blue, Margaret Blue, Angus Blue and Daniel Blue were tenants in common of a tract of land situated in the County of Richmond which descended to them as his only heirs at law. He died in 1864. Who was he? (Pg. 74, Bk I)

Her husband died in March 1844, possessed of about one hundred and eighty acres of land in Richmond county on Joes Creek adjoining the lands of John K. Gibson and Nathaniel Gibson and the lands belonging to the estate of Thoroughgood Pate leaving her with five young children, Joel, Charles, Martha Ann, William F. and George W. Bullard. What was her name? (Pg. 144, Bk I)

During 1860 John Carmichael was a resident of the State of Georgia, Archibald Carmichael of Louisana and Hugh Carmichael resided in Mississippi. They were brothers. Who were their siblings in Richmond County, North Carolina? (Pg. 183, Bk I)

The testator died in 1863. His children, Lucy Covington, who resides near Bennettsville, South Carolina, James Pankey, who resides at Bolivar, Tennessee, Nancy Wilson, who resides at Durant, Miss., Samuel Pankey, who resides at Cannon, Mississippi, the children of his deceased daughter, Polly Sproles, or Polly Gober, to wit: Martha Covington Sproles, who resides at Vaden, Miss., Mary A. Fowler who resides in the State of Texas, but whose post office is unknown, Lewis Gober, who resides at Vaden, Mississippi, and Thomas Gober, who resides at Carthage, Mississippi, Elizabeth Covington, and Rebecca Shepherd &Stephen Pankey, children of the testator's deceased son Stephen Pankey, who reside at Jackson, Tennessee, Hampton Pankey, Sarah Usher, Mastin Pankey, Auza Panky. Other relatives live at Moss Point Miss., Linden, Texas; Dangerfield, Texas, Bryan Station, Texas; Ringgold, Louisiana, Salisbury, Tennessee; the State of Arkansas. Who was the testator? (Pg. 242, 243, Bk I)

Mial Covington died in 1843. He was the father of Albert Covington, Nathan Covington, Benjamin Gaston Covington, Mary Ann Elizabeth Covington, & William Thomas Covington, all minors. Who was their mother? (Pg. 273, Bk I)

After his death in 1852 his widow, Sally, married Alexander C. McKinnon. Donald M. and Flora Currie were his only heirs at law. Who was he? (Pg. 303, Bk I)

Mary McRae of the State of Alabama, died intestate on — day of —1873. Her brothers-in-law were Malcom Gillis, James Pearl, Samuel Threadgill and unknown Moore. Who were her sisters? (Pg. 379, Bk I)

Archibald Fairly died in 1856 leaving minor heir Archibald Maria Fairly and Nancy, his widow. Who was Nancy's next husband? (Pg. 405, Bk I)

He died on the 18th day of April 1871. Julia A. Gibson was his widow. His children were Anna G., wife of Robert C. Easterling, Francis B. Gibson, Wm. F. Gibson, Henry D. Gibson, David D. Gibson, Joel Gibson, Edmund J. Gibson, Sarah J. Gibson & Mary E. Gibson. Who was he? (Pg. 465,466 Bk I)

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