John Hasty late of Richmond County, NC departed this life intestate in the latter part of the year 1841 leaving Mary his widow and children, Elizabeth, Samuel Washington, Mary Jane, Colin and Sarah Ann Hasty. Who was Mary's next husband? (Pg. 17, Bk II)

He died in Richmond County early in February 1819 leaving Elizabeth his widow, and Atlas and Sally Jones his children. Who was he? (Pg. 64, Bk II)

She died during 1879. Her heirs were Mary A. McIntosh, Kate P. Leach, Sarah E. Leach, Eliza E. Leach, Sallie M. Holliday, K. M. McLauchlin, John M. McLauchlin. Who was she? (Pg. 100, Bk II)

He died seized and possessed of a tract of land in the County of Richmond on the River Pedee near the mouth of Little River. His children were Eliza Leak, Walter R. Leak, John W. Leak, Martha Leak, Hannah Leak, James A. Leak, Mary Jane Leak and William C. Leak. Who was he? Which of his daughters married Clement Marshall? (Pg. 118, Bk II)

Daniel McRae died soon after January, 1861. His widow, Martha B. McRae, remarried to another McRae. Who was he? (Pg. 136, Bk II)

He died during 1859 in Richmond County. His children were Archibald C. Lytch & Flora Graham Lytch, minors under the age of twenty one years. His widow was Mary Lytch. Who was he? (Pg. 190, Bk II)

Catharine McPhaul, Ann Henderson, and Christian McArn were sisters. Their mother was Sarah McArn. Their father died during 1830. Who was he? (Pg. 200, Bk II)

About the year 1867 Daniel McCaskill of Grimes County, Texas died seized in fee simple of a tract of about 2545 acres of land known as the " McInnis Place" or as the " Allan McCaskill Sandhill Place " situate and lying on both side of Marks Creek being situated in said County of Richmond, North Carolina. He left a will devising one third part of said lands to his daughter Eliza Demaret, and one third part to Caroline Kerr another daughter. Who were their husbands? (Pg. 218, Bk II)

He died during 1887. John D. McDonald, Nancy McDonald, A. H. McDonald, Jennie McDonald, Flora C. McDonald, who are all residents of Richmond County, North Carolina, and all of age except Flora C. McDonald, a minor; John McGilvray, who is of age and a resident of Orange County, Florida; and Mary A. McCormac, wife of Stewart McCormac and a resident of Robeson County, N. Carolina, and the children of Mary Blue, dec'd, who are residents of State of Alabama, names and ages unknown, are entitled as his heirs. Who was he? (Pg. 237, Bk II)

Neill L. McFarland, not only died intestate during 1826, but without issue, leaving as his heirs and next of kin his brothers, Tryam McFarland, William Wallace McFarland and the children of his brother John McFarland, and his brothers-in-law Joseph Nelson, William McLeod, and John R. Buie. Who were his sisters? (Pg. 291, Bk II)

On the 18th day of October 1836 Mary McNeill was appointed guardian to Archibald McNeill, Catharine McNeill & Eliza Jane McNeill. Whose minor children were they? (Pg. 438, Bk II)

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