He died in 1801. His wife was Susannah Moorman. His six children were Tarlton, Agness, Thomas, Joseph, Jessie and James Moorman. Who was he? (Pg. 24, Bk III)

Elizabeth Nichols married David K. Thompson before 1850. Two of her brothers were William T., and Winston Nichols. Who was their father? (Pg. 58, Bk III)

Reuben Norton died on the 13th day of April 1880. Elizabeth was his wife. How was Margaret Rachels, Tobias Johnson, Emily Langley and Cornelia and Henry Thomas Norton related to him? (Pg. 79, Bk III)

Newton Pankey, of Richmond County departed this life intestate sometime in May 1854 leaving his widow and two children. What were their names? (Pg. 86, Bk III)

He volunteered as a private in the company commanded by Captain — in Marlboro District, So. Carolina in the war declared by U. S. in 1812. He volunteered for term of six months and continued to serve in said War until his time expired and he was honorably discharged at Charleston, South Carolina about the —. He married Nancy B. Parker on the 20th October 1814. He died in Alabama during 1852. Who was he? (Pg. 95, Bk III)

In his last will and testament he made bequeaths unto his six children, viz. William Pemberton, Simeon Pemberton, James D. Pemberton, Jemimah Pemberton, Phebe Pemberton & Martha Pemberton. He died about 1814. What was his name? (Pg.151, Bk III)

In the year 1888 James Grant, Sarah Barrington, Malcom English and Evander Prevatt of Richmond County were closely related. How? (Pg.1.73, Bk III)

Peter S. Smith, late of Richmond County, departed this life intestate in the Month of June 1864 leaving him surviving as his widow Mary Jane Smith & two children, Martha Jane Smith and Sarah Frances Smith, his only heirs at law. Name Mary Jane's next husband. (Pg.306, Bk III)

David Stanback died about 1833. He was the father of Martha Jane Stanback and William P. Stanback. Their mother died the following year. Who was she? (Pg.350, Bk III)

He died about 1854. His brothers were Jacob Watkins, and Stephen Watkins, and his sisters Nancy Lassiter, wife of Benjamin C. Dawkins & Rachel Watkins. What was his name? (Pg.498, Bk III)

Her husband, Cameron Wright, departed this life sometime in the Month of December 1836 seized and possessed of a considerable real estate in Richmond County subject to the widow's dower, bounded and described as follows: one tract of land containing 200 acres upon which he resided at the time of his death lying between the lands owned by William Brown, Isaac Williamson, Nathaniel Gibson and others; also another tract of land of 140 acres lying between the land owned by Silas Jones & Wm. Jones on the Rudy [Rooty] branch of Gum Swamp. What was her name? (Pg.576, Bk III)

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