Family of Martha Holt and Turentine Norton

This Research is submitted by Judy McCleskey Webb (Mrs John A), —— 11261 Longley Rd, Iowa Park, TX 76367

Posted July 27, 2002 by Myrtle Norton Bridges

1.	Martha Holt, born abt 1832 in Fayette Co, GA,  (daughter of Elisha Holt 
and Matheny Bustre) died 0-May-1899,  buried in Hokes Bluff Cem, Etowah Co, AL.        
Martha is the third oldest child found in the 1850 Fayette County Census with 
her parents Elisha and Matheny; her age is given as 18 years.   Martha's age 
varies widely from census to census.  The birth year most likely and the one 
that coincides with the 1850 census is 1832.  She marries 19 Feb 1857, at about 
25 years of age to Turentine Norton.

In 1860 Fayette County Census we find Terrentine  as head of household, age 35, 
a farmer; Martha age 24, Elizabeth age 52 and John age 2, obviously named for his 
paternal grandfather.   John G Norton died before 1856 and Elizabeth is living 
with her son. The land they are living on is Elizabeth's and more than likely 
they were living in her home.

Turentine does not join Company C, 53rd Georgia Infantry, organized May 1861 in 
Fayette County, as does his brothers-in-law.  Perhaps, at thirty-six years and 
according to the birth year I have selected for him (1817) he was closer to 
forty-four in 1861.  He would be considered too old.   In 1864 the Governor 
of Georgia, Joseph E Brown, ordered a census taken of all men that were not 
already in the Confederate States Army.  Only the very young and the very 
elderly were excluded and then sometime they will be listed.  Turentine is 
found on that list, 26th Senatorial District, Georgia Militia, 496th District,  
as 47 years 3 months, a farmer, born in North Carolina.  The census was taken 
sometime during early to mid-1864.  It is known as either the 1864 Military 
Enrollment List or the more common, Joe Brown Census.  He also gives this 
information: rifle in good condition, no horse, no saddle and no griddle.  
It was to his advantage to be his correct age or even older.  Truly, he must 
have been of some older age or "for honor's sake" would have motivated him to  
join the army.  I have not investigated the question of him being a Quarker or 
another pacifist faith.  Of course, there is the posibility that he had an 
infirmity that would have prevented him from serving, but it was not mentioned 
in the Joe Brown census.
861 Fayette County (Ga) Tax Digest list Lady Elizabeth Norton and Terantine in 
District 5, 202 ½ acres.  I do not know enough about the customs of the time to 
comment on "Lady."  While reviewing the tax digest I can say that Lady was not 
used often.  I do not know what Lady implies.
1868 Fayette County (Ga) Tax Digest list Elizabeth Norton as owner of LL 78, 
Dist 5, 202 ½acres.  Terentine pays 1 poll, he has 2 children between ages 
(6 & 12).  He gives his age as 51 years.
1870 Fayette County, Georgia Federal Census , taken 6 Aug 1870, finds Turington 
Norton 50, Martha 37, John 11, Erdley 10, Adeline 7, Elizabeth 4, William 6/12th
and Elizabeth 70.  Turnentine's mother dies sometime between the census taken in 
August 1870 and May 1871.  It appears that Turentine names one of his children 
for his brother.  The name Eardly is also found in the next generation.  Martha 
had a younger sister named Adelin(e) who died young.  Of course Elizabeth the 
child is named for her grandmother who lives with her parents.  We later find 
out that Elizabeth is named for both grandmothers, Elizabeth and  Matheny.  Why 
was not the next male child named Elisha?  Could William be named for Elizabeth's 

Regardless of Turentine's age or that he did not actively serve in The War he 
and his family suffered all its  consequences.  Elizabeth dies in 1871 and 
perhaps the land was divided among the remaining Norton descendants. The Tax 
Digests would suggest that Turentine had to sell some of the land as time 
passed. In 1877 he reports 125 acres in LL 87, District 5,  in 1879 he reports 
only 95 acres. A full deed search has not been done.  The 1879 Fayette Co (GA) 
Tax Digest records Terrintine Norton, LL 87, District 5, 95 acres.
The 1880 Fayette County Census shows in 496th Militia District, Dwelling 61, 
Family 65 a large number of people in Turentine's home: NORTON, Turinton 60, 
Martha 44, John 21, Addie 15, Theney 14, Wm 9, Earnest 4; DRENNAN, Hugh 78, 
Clarasis 65, grandchildren: Martha 13, John 10, William 8; Rebecca 40 and 
Susan 38, daughters.  This could be an error by the census taker as Hugh 
Drennan had been in the area for many years.  Or, by necessity, they were 
sharing a home.  Rebecca and Susan were not blood daughters but wives of 
Hugh and Clarissa's  two sons killed in The War.   Rebecca had no children 
and Susan was the mother of the three listed above.  Neither remarried and 
lived out their lives in the community as widows.  Tommy Guice has done some 
research on this family and reports that Erdley, missing in this census, had 
drowned at age 18 in 1878.
Sometime between 1880 and 1886 Turentine and Martha make the decision to start 
a new life in Alabama.  They were among many from Fayette County to make this 
move.  Perhaps they had reports from others about the opportunities for 
homesteading land in Cherokee, Etowah and other counties in North Central 
Alabama. For whatever reasons they and all their children except the eldest, 
John,  move to Alabama.  Information from Estelle Norton Smith reports that 
they moved to Ball Play on the Coosa River near Hokes Bluff in Etowah County 
Alabama.  This community acquired it name from local Indians gathering there 
to play games.  Alabama land records found on the internet 
site gives this information: Terrenton Norton signs a Patent: Homestead, 07 
March 1892 for 159.8600 acres.  It was filed in Huntsville Alabama.  I have 
not seen a map, so can not plot the location.  Accession number: AL4160_.395. 
Image Name: 00013145, volume ID: 069, Section number:22, Township: 11S, Range: 
9W.  Signature: Yes, Document number: 5866.  Hopefully, some interested Norton 
descendant will plot this acerage.
We do not have the 1890 Federal Census for it's information.  However, we do 
find marriages for several of  their children in Cherokee County.  Centre, 
the county seat of Cherokee County is closer to Ball Play than Gadsden, the 
county seat of Etowah.
In 1900 Etowah County, Alabama Turrentine is living in home of his daughter 
Thena and her husband.  He states he is 85 years, a widower, born in North 
Turentine and Martha Holt Norton are buried in Hokes Bluff Cemetery,  Hokes 
Bluff, Etowah County, Alabama.  Their tombstone was found by a personal visit 
to the cemetery.  It is of a modern design, in a newer gray granite, low profile,  
that it long and narrow.  The stone has in large letters across the top NORTON.  
On either side of Norton are the symbols for Eastern Star and Masons.  To the 
left is the name Elizabeth M and to the right Turntine E.  There are no dates 
on the marker.  It is obvious that this stone was installed many years after 
the deaths of Turentine and Martha.  Elizabeth was Turentine's Mother, not his 

Death dates for Turentine and Martha would not be known if it had not been for 
a law suit in Fayette County over a cemetery.  The neglected Drennan Cemetery 
is located in Land Lot 87, District 5, John Norton's land purchased in 1828.  
Bible records were submitted in the law suit giving dates.

She married Turentine E Norton, Also known as Turrentine, Terrentine, Turntine, 
19-Feb-1857 in Fayette Co, GA, born about 1817 in NC,1  (son of John G Norton 
and Elizabeth ?) died 23-Dec-1900 in Gadsden, Etowah, AL,2  buried in Hokes 
Bluff Cem, Etowah Co, AL,3  occupation Farmer.  Turentine: The Turentine 
Norton Family left Fayette Co, GA after 1880, probably 1883-85. Settled in 
Ball Play, AL on the Coosa River near Hokes Bluff, Etowah Co, AL.  Finally, 
his age has been set at 1817.    The older he got the earlier his birth year 
got.  In the Joe Brown census of early 1864 he states he is 47 years, 4 months.  
In the 1868 Fayette Co Tax Digest he is 51 years.    In the 1900 Etowah Co, 
AL he is living with J D and Matheny Pentecost.  He states he is 85 yrs old 
and born in 1815.  The one family Bible records I have seen only gives his 
death date.  He lived to be a very old man and you may choose your own birth 
Turentine is the son of John and Elizabeth Norton.  John brought his family 
into Georgia sometime before 1828.  Fayette County Deed book B records a deed 
between Alexander Stewart, the Grantor to John G Norton, the Grantee, dated 4 
July 1828, for Land Lot 87, 5th District for consideration of $142.00.  It is 
witnessed by Miles Norton and Dennis Bates.
The 1830 Fayette County Census gives this information for the John Norton 
family: Males 1(5-10), 1(10-15), 1(40-50); Females: 1(15-20), 1(20-30).
1840 Fayette County Census for John Norton: Males: 1(5-10), 2(15-20), 1 (40-50); 
Females: 1(30-40).
1850 Fayette County Census for John Norton: dwelling 914, family 924, John 
Norton, 60 years, born in Virginia, farmer with real estate valued at $3200; 
his wife is Elizabeth, 41 years, born in North Carolina; Terentine, a male, 
23 years born in North Carolina.  Down the road in dwellings 920 and 921 are 
the Manson Glass and Elijah Glass families.  In dwelling 922 is the family of 
Elisha Holt.

The 1856 Fayette County Tax Digest shows the a return by Widow for the John 
Norton Estate.  There is 300 acres of # 2 quality land in District 5, Land Lot 
75 worth $2,400.
Joseph H Moore, a noted historian and family history researcher reports in 
History of Clayton County, Georgia 1821-1983 p 521-522 that Mary Norton was 
daughter of John G Norton and his first wife.  Her marriage is found in Fayette 
County, Georgia Marriage Book B, 1 May 1834 to Thomas D Waldrop.  Some clues 
can be offered for further research on  the male children found in those early 
censusues.  Living next door to John Norton and his family in 1850 are Thomas 
King 28, Tintha King 63 and Herdley Norton, 25 year old, born North Carolina.  
Anyone doing research on John G Norton should investigate more thoroughly the 
relationships between John and Miles Norton and Eardly Norton.  Both Miles and 
Eardly die in the decade of the 1850s.  Legal proceedings are found in Fayette 
County, Georgia Administration and Guardians Bonds, book B (1850-1877).  When 
Elizabeth Norton dies in 1871 Mary Waldrop Kirksey (Mary Waldroup marries E H 
Kirksey 2 June 1857, Fayette Co, GA) gives $4000.00 bond and is appointed 
Administratix  of John Norton's Estate.  Distribution of the Estate has not 
been researched.  Sorting out the Nortons is further complicated by the large 
number of Norton families living in Fayette County during this time period, 
most from North Carolina.  Could Thomas and Tintha King be Elizabeth's parents?
Both Terrentine and Turrentine  are sir-names and most likely one of these is 
his intended given  name.   Instead of King as her surname could it be 
Turrentine?  In the 1850, 1860 and 1870 Fayette County censuses his name 
is either Terrentine or Terentine.  Probably one of those versions is the 
correct spelling.  Over the next few years, after his mother is gone, the name 
seems to deteriorate: 1880 Fayette County census as Turington, 1900 Etowah 
County census Turrentine.  His and Martha's marriage record is interpreted by 
various people as Faringrine, Farintrine and if you know it begins with a T 
then you see Tarnigrine and Tarintrine. Various Tax Digest also entertain or 
frustrate you with similar spelling.
Turentine and Martha's grave marker in Hokes Bluff Cemetery does nothing to 
clear up the name mystery.  Obviously the maker was placed many years after 
their deaths.  It is a modern long low marker of new gray granite.  Across 
the top is the name NORTON, Eastern Star symbol is over the name Elizabeth M 
on the left side of the marker and on the right side is Turntine E with a 
Masonic symbol.  They list no birth or death dates. You can see that those 
placing the marker confused Martha with Turentine's mother.  The marker is why 
I chose Turentine as his name.  The Calloway Bible records I found recorded his 
death and spelled it Turintine.  The use of "E" on his marker is first occasion 
of a middle initial.
Deciding Turentine's birth year is as frustrating as his name.  His age and 
estimated birth year as recorded in the  Fayette County censuses: 1850, 23 
years (1827); 1860, 35 years (1825); 1870, 50 years (1820) and 1880, 60 years 
(1820).  The 1900 Etowah County Alabama census: 85 years old, birth in Oct 1814, 
widower.  During the War Between the States, in the 1864 Georgia Military 
Enrollment or better known as the Joe Brown Census (after the governor who 
ordered the census) he gives his age as 47 years 4 months, making his birth 
year as 1817.  In the 1868 Fayette County Tax Digest his age is given as 51 
years, making his birth year as 1817. It seems to me that he was older than 
wished, so he or his mother or wife just made him younger.  I have chosen 1817 
as his birth year. This would make Turentine fifteen years older than Martha.
Remarks presented under Martha will clearly prove Elizabeth the mother of 
Turentine. We might reexamine her birth year for she would be older than 
reported in the censuses.  Or, Turentine was indeed born in 1827.  Perhaps 
I have fretted too much over his age.  At this point in time it really does 
not matter.

+	2.	i	John T Norton born 29-May-1859.
3.	ii	Eardly Norton, born 1860 in Fayette Co, GA,  died 1878 in 
Fayette Co, GA,2  buried in Unmarked, probably Drennan Cem., died 
Drowned.   I believe that Eardly was named for a brother of Turentines.   It is reported that he drowned.
+	4.	iii	Adeline 'Addie' Norton born 1863.
+	5.	iv	Elizabeth Matheny Norton born 30-Apr-1867.
+	6.	v	William Mathew Norton born 8-Nov-1869.
+	7.	vi	Ernest Lockhart Norton born 15-Apr-1879.

Second Generation

2.	John T Norton, (1.Martha1) born 29-May-1859 in Fayette Co, GA,  died 
2-Jan-1917 in Fayette Co, GA,2  buried in Drennan Family Cem, Fayette Co, GA.   
In 1910 Fayette Co, GA census we see the inital T in John's name, Turentine? 
This family found in 1900, 1910 and 1920 Fayette Co, GA census.  John's name 
is also entered in Norton-Calloway Bible as John T.   John and Mattie did not 
move with his parents and siblings to Alabama.  An in-depth search has not 
been done of the original Norton and Drennan properties, but it is thought 
John T lived all of his life on or near the same acreage.

He married Martha 'Mattie' Ellen Drennan, 5-Nov-1881 in Fayette Co, GA, 
born 10-Oct-1868 in Fayette Co, GA,2  (daughter of William B Drennan and 
Susan A Jones) died 2-Feb-1938 in Fayette Co, GA,  buried in Drennan 
Family Cem, Fayette Co, GA.3   Martha:      The tombstone in the Drennan 
Cemetery has Mattie's birthdate as 1886, probably transposed when the stone 
was carved many years after her death.  She is found with her parents in 
both Fayette CO 1870 census as 3 years and 1880 as 13 yrs. Death certificate 
states she died of hemophilia.  In 1910 Fayette Co, Ga census she states 
she has six living children from six births.

+	8.	i	Alma Norton born 1-Nov-1882.
9.	ii	Addie Maude Norton, born 17-Oct-1896 in Fayette Co, GA,2  
died 22 Mar 1973,  buried in Sandy Creek Bapt Cem, Fayette Co, GA.       
SS Death Index shows her birth year as 1892.  Perhaps, because she 
was older than John she changed her birth year.  Addie's death 
certificate and date on tombstone gives her birth year as 1896.  
At the time of her death she was living at 652 Bryan St, SE, a few 
blocks from the Atlanta Zoo.  She was attacked (details unknown at 
this time 7/2000) at her home, taken to Grady Hospital and died on 
the third day of "delayed effect of blunt force trauma; Head and 
Thorax."  Informant, Mrs Mammie Ethridge, niece.   No information 
about her attach or death was found in either Atlanta newspapers, 
only a short obituary.

She married John Wesley  Warr, Also known as Johnnie, 8 Sep 
1918 in Fayette Co, GA,2  born 13 Sep 1899 in Henry Co, GA,  
(son of Wesley Warren Warr and Sara 'Sallie' Jane Bentley) 
died 24 Feb 1959 in Coweta Co, GA,8  buried in Sandy Creek 
Bapt Cem, Fayette Co, GA,  occupation Guard, Fertilizer Co.  
John: Have not seen toombstone but listed as 1890 in Fayette 
Cem Book. In the 1900 Fayette Co, GA he is given as 1 year.  
His death certificate states that he was never in an armed 
service.   He and Addie are found in 1920 Fayette Co Census 
(116/117) living next door to his father.  He is listed as 
21 years, a farmer;  she is 27 years.  He died in Newnan 
Hospital but his home for last six years had been Union City, 
Fulton Co, GA.   His obituary list his wife, mother and 
siblings.  Their are two families that I can not place.  
If they were his sisters they were born after 1920.  They 
are not listed in Mrs Redwine's papers.  M/M Mack Ethridge, 
Atlanta and M/M Allen Betsill, Hampton.

10.	iii	Martin Vanburen Norton, born 3-May-1890 in Fayette Co, GA,2  
died 5-Jan-1912 in Fayette Co, GA,2  buried in Drennan Family Cem, 
Fayette Co, GA.       Copy of newspaper (unknown) clipping states 
Martin had been in ill health all of his life.  Since his mother, 
Martha Drennan, died of hemophilia you might suspect that illness 
as the cause of Martin's death also.   There were no death certificates 
at that time.
+	11.	iv	Eardley Ostel "Early" Norton born 18-May-1893.
12.	v	Ernest Claude Norton, born 14-Jul-1898 in Fayette Co, GA,2  
died 17-Jun-1927.2   No death certificate on file in Vital Records, 
Ga Department of Human Resources.
+	13.	vi	Pearl Mae Norton born 25-Apr-1904.

4.	Adeline 'Addie' Norton, (1.Martha1) born 1863 in Fayette Co, GA,4  died 
1950,  buried in Ridgewood Cem, Jackson Co, OH.  Lived in Wellston, OH.  Family 
found in 1900, 1910 & 1920 Jackson Co, OH census.  Marriage found as A L 
Norton-Heruim Amos.

She married Hiram Armes, Also known as Arms, 5-Jan-1886 in Cherokee Co, AL,  
born 0-May-1865 in OH,  died 1953,11  buried in Ridgewood Cem, Jackson Co, 
OH,11  occupation Coal Miner.  Hiram: In 1910 Jackson Co, OH census, 
Lutitia Arms, 95 years, is living with family, born KY.  She is found 
in 1900 Jackson Co, Milton Twp living alone.  States she was born Feb 
1822 (78 yrs) and can not read or write.  She is living with Hiram and 
Addie in 1920, 92 yrs old, born 1818 in Ky.  You can find this family 
as both Arms and Armes.  Son Clarence, on his SS Application, list his 
father as Hiram Marcus Armes.  Son Hiram, on his application, list father 
as Hiram N Armes.

14.	i	Pearl Armes, born 0-Aug-1886 in AL,  died ?.
15.	ii	Myrtle Armes, born 0-Sep-1888 in AL,14  died ?.
16.	iii	Hiram N Armes, Jr., born 5-Jan-1891 in Wellston, Jackson, OH,  
died 15 Jan 1973 in Dayton, OH.
17.	iv	Clarence Elmer Armes, born 8 Feb 1893 in Gadsden, Etowah, AL,15  
died 15 Sep 1988,  buried in Salem Cem, Jackson Co, OH.11   Found in 
Dayton, Montgomery Co, OH in 1920 Soundex.  No children at that time.  
Elizabeth is seventeen.  Are Elizabeth and Clara same person??  
SS Application gives his DOB as 9 Feb and gives location of birth.

He married (1) Elizabeth ?, in OH, born 1903 in OH,  died ?.
He married (2) Clara ?, born 29 Apr 1903, died 21 Apr 1994 in 
Wellston, Jackson, OH,16  buried in Salem Cem, Jackson Co, OH.11 

18.	v	Marion Downard Armes, also known as Arms, born 29-Apr-1895 in 
Wellston, Jackson, OH,15  died 0 Feb 1973 in Plantsville, KY,16  buried 
in Ridgewood Cem, Jackson Co, OH, occupation Barber.   Marion gives 
April 30, 1905 as his date of birth on SS Application.  On his 
tombstone and in all census 1895 is given.  In 1951 when he applied 
for SS number he was living in Fairborn, Ohio.
19.	vi	Cassie Armes, born 30 May 1901 in Jackson Co, OH,  died ?.
20.	vii	Hazel Armes, born 1906 in OH,  died ?.

5.	Elizabeth Matheny Norton, (1.Martha1) born 30-Apr-1867 in Fayette Co, GA,  
died 0-Nov-1946 in AL, buried in Hokes Bluff, Etowah, AL.  Elizabeth Matheny 
Norton is named for her grandmothers, Elziabeth Norton and Matheny Holt.  In 
1900 she states she has seven living children from seven births.

She married Jefferson Davis Pentecost, 15-Nov-1883 in Cherokee Co, AL, 
born 1861 in GA, died 1951, buried in Hokes Bluff, Etowah, AL.  Jefferson: 
Jeff says he is a Farmer in 1900 Census and by 1920 is a Painting Contractor 
with several of his sons working for him.

21.	i	Sadie E Pentecost, born 0-Nov-1884 in AL,  died ?.
22.	ii	William M Pentecost, born 0-Jun-1887 in AL,22  died ?.
23.	iii	Myrtle M Pentecost, born 0-Jun-1889 in AL,22  died ?.
24.	iv	Velma Pentecost, born 0-Apr-1891 in AL,22  died ?.
25.	v	John M Pentecost, born 0-Dec-1893 in AL,22  died ?.
26.	vi	Jeff D Pentecost, born 29 Jun 1897 in AL,22  died 0 Jun 1968 
in Carrollton, Carroll, GA.16 
27.	vii	Robert Dewey Pentecost, born 0-Aug-1899 in AL,22  died ?.
28.	viii	Joseph Pentecost, born 1902 in AL,22  died ?.
29.	ix	Ruth Pentecost, born 1905 in AL,22  died ?.
30.	x	Hazel Pentecost, born 1907 in AL,22  died ?.
31.	xi	Virginia Pentecost, born 1910 in AL,22  died ?.

6.	William Mathew Norton, (1.Martha1) born 8-Nov-1869 in Fayette Co, GA,  
died 1955.23  Should refer to 1930 AL Etowah census for additional children.

He married (1) Mary Elvira Kendall, born 1872 in MS,23  died 1937 in AL.23   
Mary: In 1910 census Mary says she has eight living children from ten births.

32.	i	Alma M Norton, born 0-Dec-1891 in AL,  died ?.
33.	ii	Willie A Norton, born 0-Jan-1893 in AL,24  died ?.  There is 
confusion to name and sex of this child.  1900 Calhoun Co, AL Soundex 
list as Millie, a female.  1910 Calhoun Co, AL list as Willie, male. 
Willie A Norton, 26 yrs and wife Sula, 26 yrs are found in 1920 AL 
Soundex living in Calhoun Co, AL with four children: Curtis W, 5; 
Lois M, 4; Loriene G, 2; and Estelle N, 6;12.  Suspect this is oldest 
son of William M and Mary Norton.
34.	iii	Daizy B Norton, born 0-Nov-1896 in AL,24  died ?.
35.	iv	Ida O Norton, born 0-Jun-1898 in AL,24  died before 1910.
36.	v	E. Welston Norton, born 1-Jun-1901 in AL,  died 21-Apr-1980, 
buried in Hokes Bluff, Etowah, AL.

He married Mary E ?, born 22-Nov-1900, died ?.

37.	vi	Nellie Norton, born 1903 in AL.25 
38.	vii	Clara Norton, born 1905 in AL.25 
39.	viii	Sula Norton, born 1907 in AL.
40.	ix	Bessie Norton, born 1910 in AL. 
41.	x	Leon Norton, born 1914 in AL.26 
42.	xi	Geneva Norton, born 1915 in AL.26 

He married (2) Lola Collins, 1937.23 

7.	Ernest Lockhart Norton, (1.Martha1) born 15-Apr-1879 in Fayette Co, GA,  
died 28-Mar-1947,3  buried in Hokes Bluff Cem, Etowah Co, AL,3  occupation 
Farmer.  Mr Ernest list his occupation as farmer but many knew him as "Mr 
Ernest" the peddler.  He would take staples in his wagon and swap them for  
fresh vegetables, eggs and other items from the farmers and their wives. Some 
of the information on this family was given me by Ira Hendon.  It was given to 
him by Vera Lee "Bessie" Norton Prichett Turner.

He married Smira Elizabeth "Essie" Noah, 1899, born 5-Aug-1882 in Calhoun 
Co, AL, died 4-Nov-1961,3  buried in Hokes Bluff Cem, Etowah Co, AL.

43.	i	Elbert Stillwell "Abe" Norton, born 3-Jan-1900 in Etowah Co, 
AL,  died 14-Jul-1979,3  buried in Hokes Bluff Cem, Etowah Co, AL.  
Elbert is buried in lone grave.  At this time do not know about Grace 
May or if there were any children to this marriage.

He married Grace May Payne, 19-Dec-1924 in Cherokee Co, AL.

44.	ii	Hattie Janette Norton, born 28-Jan-1902 in Etowah Co, AL,  
died 15-Aug-1982 in AL, buried in Union Church Cem, Ballplay, AL.

She married Wallace Gowens, born 8-Feb-1903, died 22-Jun-1982 
in AL, buried in Union Church Cem, Ballplay, AL.

45.	iii	Zula Lillian Norton, born 7-Jan-1905 in Etowah Co, AL,29  died 
28-Jun-1984, buried in Hokes Bluff, Etowah, AL.

She married Arlice E Bagley, born 16-Oct-1904, died 22-Nov-1965,
buried in Hokes Bluff, Etowah, AL.

46.	iv	Vera Lee "Bessie" Norton, born 3 Aug 1908 in Etowah Co, AL.29   
Bessie was married first to a Pritchett and second to a Turner.
47.	v	John Henry Norton, born 2-May-1911 in Etowah Co, AL,26  died 
4-Jun-1984 in AL, buried in Crestwood Cem, Gadsden, AL.

He married Mildred A ?, born 25-Mar-1916.

48.	vi	Thelma Elizabeth Norton, born 6-Jun-1914 in Etowah Co, AL.26   
Thelma married a Walls.
49.	vii	Addie Bernice Norton, born 5 Mar 1918 in Etowah Co, AL.26   
Bernice married an O'Neal.
50.	viii	Ernest Norton, Jr., born 27-Jan-1921 in Etowah Co, AL, 
died 15-Jun-1976, buried in Hokes Bluff Cem, Etowah Co, AL.  Ernest Jr is 
buried next to his parents with solo stone with Masonic symbol. Foot marker: 
Wife, Ruth, I Love You.

Third Generation

8.	Alma Norton, (2.John2, 1.Martha1) born 1-Nov-1882 in Fayette Co, GA,2  
died 5-Mar-1946, buried in New Hope Baptist Cem, Fayette Co, GA.  There may 
be other children, this is only one recorded in Norton-Calloway Bible.  
J E 19 and Alma 21 (1899) are found in 1920 Fayette Co census.  The Bible 
records her birthday as 1882 and so do earlier census.  Alma and Addie married 
on same day.  Only information give in Bible records are groom and date.   
She is buried in lone grave, I do not know what became of J E McGarity.

She married E J "Jadie" McGarity, 8-Sep-1918 in Fayette Co, GA,2  born 1901.   E J: E J McGarity was 
informant for his mother-in-law Martha Drennan Norton's death certificate in 1938.  Can not locate him after 
that date.

51.	i	Willie Lee McGarity, born 1-Aug-1922 in GA,2  died 28 Jun 1984.16 

11.	Eardley Ostel "Early" Norton, (2.John2, 1.Martha1) born 18-May-1893 in 
Fayette Co, GA,2  died 4-Dec-1972 in Stockbridge, Henry, GA.16   Fayette Co 
Minute Book 1922 p.411 shows that Eardley Norton applied for a peddler's 
license to buy and sell produce.  He states he is a disabled WW soldier (WW I) 
in Company "M", 28th Infantry.  At the time of his dearth his residence was 
Henry Co, GA.  1920 Fayette Co, GA census finds Eardley 22 and Pearlie Mae 16 
living next door to her parents, JM 38 and Ermma 43 Bugh. Believe Eardley 
buried in Stockbridge Cem, Stockbridge, GA.

He married (1) Pearlie Mae Baugh, 13-Jul-1919 in Fayette Co, GA, born 
20-Sep-1903,  (daughter of J M Baugh and Emmer B ?) died 11-Jan-1938,  
buried in Line Creek Bapt Ch Cem, Fayette Co, GA.  Pearlie: In 1920 Fayette 
Co census Eardlie Norton 22 and wife Pearlie Mae 16 (no children) are 
living next door to JM 38 and Ermma 43 Baugh.

52.	i	Mamie Lee Norton, born 10-Oct-1920 in GA.   Her birth is 
also found in the Norton-Calloway Bible.  She may have married a 
Ethridge.  A Mamie Ethridge was informant for Death Certificate of 
Addie Maude Norton Warr as niece.
53.	ii	James Harvey Norton, born 4-Jan-1923 in Fayette Co, GA.33   
Also found in the Norton-Calloway Bible.

He married (2) Norean Turner, born 2-Aug-1902 in Fayette Co, GA,8  
(daughter of Boyce Turner and Unknown) died 20-May-1986 in Butts Co, 
GA,16  buried in Stockbridge Cem, Stockbridge, GA.8   Norean: Norean 
died in nursing home in Butts Co but her residence was Henry Co, GA.  
Found in 1920 Fayette Co Census with father Bass (sp?) 49, Norene 18, 
Florence (18) twins, Elgina 15, Ada 11, Ruth 4 and Johnnie Kate 2, all 
daughters. Norean's death certificate gives her father as Boyce, mother 
as Unknown. Information given by Norean's daughter.  Mrs Helen E Upchurch.

54.	iii	Frances Christine Norton, born 15-Oct-1934 in Fayette Co, GA.33   Found Frances in Delayed Birth Bk, 
Fayette Co, Ga.  It gives her parents.
55.	iv	Helen E Norton.

She married ? Upchurch.

13.	Pearl Mae Norton, (2.John2, 1.Martha1) born 25-Apr-1904 in Fayette Co, GA,2  
died ?.

She married Isaac Thomas "Ike" Calloway, 13-May-1921 in Fayette Co, GA, 
born 1-Aug-1900 in Fayette Co, GA,33  (son of Southern Wright "Sud" 
Calloway and Eliza Ann Comelia Betsill) died 0 Nov 1977 in Forest Park, 
GA.16   Isaac: Calloway Family, History of Fayette Co, GA p 232.

56.	i	Mildred Katherine Calloway, born 2-Feb-1922 in Fayette Co, GA.2 

She married Harley Colson, 5-Aug-1939 in Jonesboro, Clayton, GA.2   Harley: The Norton-Callaway Bible Records 
indicate that Harley was living in Lyons, GA at time of his marriage to Mildred Callaway.

+	57.	ii	Annie Leau Calloway born 7-Apr-1926.
58.	iii	Louie Waymond Calloway, born 29-Jun-1929 in GA.2 

He married Edith Morgan.

59.	iv	Isaac Thomas Calloway, Jr., born 14-Feb-1934 in Fayette Co, 
GA,33  never married Single.

Fourth Generation

57.	Annie Leau Calloway, (13.Pearl3, 2.John2, 1.Martha1) born 7-Apr-1926 in 

She married Wilmer Jones.

60.	i	Robert Jones.
61.	ii	Sheila Jones.

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