Family of John G. Norton
This research is contributed by Joseph Moore, Henry County, Georgia —— Posted June 30, 2002 by Myrtle Norton Bridges

John G. Norton was one of the several Virginia-born Norton men who appear in Richmond County, NC, and 
several of them in adjacent Marlboro County, SC, and who moved to Fayette County, GA, in 1827.  These men were: 
(1) Thomas Norton, born VA 1770-80, moved to Clarke County, GA, by 1820; DeKalb County, GA, by 1830; and was 
listed in the family of William G. Norton, Cobb County, GA, 1850; (2) Miles V. Norton, born VA c.1785, moved to 
Fayette County, GA, 1827, to Cobb County, GA, by 1840, and to Paulding County, GA, by 1860.  (2) John G. Norton, 
(below).  (3) William G. Norton, born VA c.1790, moved to Fayette County, GA, 1827, and to Cobb County, GA, by 
1840.  These men were likely brothers to one another and grandsons and wards of James Norton, Sr., and his sons 
of Northampton and Richmond Counties, NC.  A fourth possible brother was Eli Norton, born 1765-1784, who was in 
the 1810 Census of Marlboro County, SC, along with Miles V. Norton and John Norton, and of whom there is no 
further known record.

The household of John G. Norton in the Fayette County, GA, 1830 Census shows 1 male 5-10; 1 male 10-15; 1 male 
15-20; 1 male 40-50; 1 female 15-20; and 1 female 20-30

Research on this family reveals that John G. Norton, born 1789/90, Virginia, died 1854/5, Fayette County, GA, 
married (1) c.1809, name unknown; married (2) c.1825, Elizabeth (maiden name unknown), who is the female 20-30 
above.  John G. Norton had the following children, all evidently born in Richmond County, NC:

1. Son, born c.1810, listed in Marlboro County, SC, 1810 Census.  No later record.

2. Mary E. Norton, 1813-1888, married Fayette County, GA, 1834, Thomas Davidson Waldrop, 1805-1853.  She later 
lived in Clayton and Cobb Counties, GA.  (Thomas Davidson Waldrop was a brother of Mary ["Polly"] 
Waldrop who married [1] John Waldroup, and [2] Berry Norton, both of Fayette County, GA.  Thomas and Mary were 
children of Isaac and Jane [Davidson] Waldrop of Newberry and Laurens Counties, SC, and Fayette County, GA.  
Isaac Waldrop was a son of Captain James Waldrop and Mary Henderson of Hanover County, VA; Granville County, NC; 
and Laurens and Newberry Counties, SC.  Mary [Henderson] Waldrop was a daughter of Richard and Henrietta Henderson 
of Hanover and Goochland/Cumberland Counties, VA, and of the family known as the Granville County Hendersons of 
North Carolina.  She was a first cousin to Judge Richard Henderson of Granville, founder of the Transylvania Land 
Company which opened Tennessee and Kentucky to settlement.)  

3. Eardley Norton, c.1815-1856, unmarried.

4. Winslow ("Windsor") G. Norton, c.1820/3-1864, killed CSA, married (1) 1842, Minerva Measles (sic), (2) 1858, 
Celia Ann Norton, daughter of Elias S. Norton.  She later married James M. Henderson and lived in Clayton County, GA. 

5. Terrentine Norton, 1827-1890, born to (2) wife Elizabeth, married in Fayette County, GA, 1857, Martha Holt, 
and later moved to Etowah County, AL.

6. Miles Norton, c.1830-1857, born to (2) wife Elizabeth, married in Fayette County, GA, 1856, Elizabeth Emily 
Crow, who afterward married William F. Eason of Cobb County, GA, son of Rasberry and Emily (Norton) Eason, the 
latter being a daughter of William G. Norton, below.

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