Laurinburg, Scotland County, NC

This cemetery is located four miles southeast of Laurinburg. It was named after Honorable James Stewart, a 
wealthy and highly esteemed gentleman, who founded the Stewartsville homestead. Local tradition holds that a 
former Revolutionary soldier named Stewart, wounded in the war, was buried here about 1785; that there was no 
burying ground in the vicinity and that the funeral party stopped there to rest when it was suggested that 
this quiet and pleasant spot would be an ideal resting place for the deceased. All heartily agreed and the 
grave was dug and marked. 

As the settlement grew thereabouts and as there were no church graveyards, the number of graves quickly 
increased until the place became known as Stewartsville Cemetery. For more than a century it was used 
extensively as a burying ground for folks from the upper part of Richmond County, formerly Anson, Cumberland, 
and Robeson Counties and from over the line in South Carolina.

The early settlers who are buried at Stewartsville came chiefly from Appin Argyllshire, Scotland, when their 
homeland was being invaded by enemies and they were being perscuted because of their religious faith. All these 
people more or less emigrated from the Highlands of Scotland to North Carolina at the same time, about 1780, 
sailing directly to Wilmington, NC

John Thomas McColl born 1774/75 in Appin Scotland (d) 1869 
His wife, Dorothy Cameron (b) 1777/78 in Scotland (d) 1860  

The graves of John T. McColl and wife Dorothy were in very bad condition so in 1965, Lila S. McColl, Sr. 
had a marker erected between the two old brown stones. A dedication service to these early settlers was held 
on May 26, 1996. This information was submitted by Grace McColl Gibson, the daughter of Mr. Lila S. McColl, 
Sr.     Posted January 10th, 2000

Effie Stalker  ----  9-20-1881  Age 77 years  Born in Argyleshire, Scotland
Nancy Brown  8-15-1844  5-30-1912  Wife of Temple Brown
David Bunting, son of Col. A. J. and Caroline McQueen, 1861-1932
Capt. Donald McQueen, son of Col. A. J. and C. F. McQueen, b. 12-1-1846, d. 6-16-1864
Col. Alexander McQueen, b. 10-25-1814. d. 7-1-1891
Mrs. Caroline Frances, consort of Col. A. J. McQueen, d. 12-20-1869 in the 45 yr. of her age
Our Babies - Infant son 8-13-1869, Irene Malloy, b. 8-27-1867, d. 11-6-1869, Children of S. B. and M. L. Buie
In loving Remembrance of My Husband S. B. Buie, b. 9-20-1833, d. 6-13-1895
M. Lavinia wife of S. B. Buie, b. 12-13-1842, d. 12-4-1902
Charles son of J. C. and Mary Mumford, b. 3-9-1901, d. 11-23-1908
In Memory of J. T. Webb, b. 1-16-1816, d. 11-10-1890
Sophia, wife of Turner Webb. d. 8-16-1896, aged about 74 yrs
Eliza Beasley. b. 2-1-1862, d. 5-3-1896
Mary Kate. daughter of J. T. and Adeline Beasley, b. 9-25-1886, d. 5-24-1887
Lillie F., daughter of J. T. and Adeline Beasley, b. 11-21-1889, d. 6-24-1895
Oscar E. Powell, son of L. A. and J. F., b. 7-18-1886, d. 6-16-1838
John D. McKenzie, b. 10-12-1848, d. 5-25-1914 - 65 yrs.
Elizabeth, wife of D. H. McKenzie, b. 10-18-1860. d. 8-12-1899
Duncan C. McCormick, d. November 1874, aged 74 yrs.
Anna McNair, wife of D. C. McCormick, d. February 1870. aged 65 yrs.
Alphonso, Beloved Son of Daniel and Maggie Carmichael, d. 1-5-18-4, aged 33 yrs.
Christian Carmichael d. 4-18-1893, aged 63 yrs. 7 mos.
Duncan Carmichael d. 4-12-1893, aged 19 yrs. 9 mos.
Mary Carmichael, consort of Duncan Carmichael, d. 2-5-1878, aged 49 yrs. 2 mos.
Duncan Cannichael, d. 2-24-1874, aged 56 yrs. 5 mos.
John Albert. son of J. W. and V. N. (?) Carmichael b. 9-29-1890, d. 5-17-1892
Mary Carmichael, died 5-18-1906, aged 71 yrs.
Ann Eliza Carmichael, wife of J. J. Huckabee, b. 4-19-1836, d. 12-8-1923
Malcolm Archibald Carmichael, b. 7-23-1865, d. 9-28-1915
Margaret Carmichael, d. 4-19-1896. aged 80 yrs. 10 mos.
Katie Carmichael d. 1-7-1880, aged 64 yrs.
Katie Carmichael, Consort of John Carmichael. d. 12-26-1877, aged 86 yrs.
John Carmichael, d. 9-1-1865, 75 yrs. 6 mos.
Archibald Carmichael, d. 6-29-1864, aged 88 yrs. 4 mos.
Daniel Carmichael d. 6-10-1892, aged 69 yrs. 6 mos.
John Carmichael d. 10-A-1892, ages 72 yrs.
James Chisholm - Born in the Isle of Sky, Scotland  Came to America in 1803 d. 1-28-1833, aged 63 yrs.
Catharine Wife of James Chisholm - Born in Isle of Sky, Scotland, d. 1-28-1864, aged 83 yrs.
Alexander Chisholm, b. 1819, d. March 3, 1891
Margaret, Consort of Alexander Chisholm and daughter of Daniel and Mary Ferguson d. 9-6-1860 Aged 23 yrs. 9 mos. 28 days
Jennett Chisholm. d. 7-26-1889, aged 64 yrs.
John McKenzie. b. 2-27-1826, d. 1-3-1893, aged 67 yrs.
Sarah Ann, wife of J. T. McKenzie, b. 8-27-1826, d. 5-26-1880, aged 63 yrs. 9 mos. 26 days
Elizabeth McKenzie, d. 11-19-1872, In the 76 yr. of her life
William Thomas, son of W. C. and M. C. Hamer, b. 10-4-1885, d. 10-1-1889
Penelope McLaurin. b. 4-1-1816, d. 7-26-1824
Mary McLaurin, b. 11-12-1805, d. 10-11-1880
Nancy McLaurin. b. 8-30-1809, d. 7-29-1880
Nancy, daughter of Daniel and Mary McLaurin, d. 10-12-1848. aged 47 yrs.
Catharine. daughter of John and Effy McLaurin, b. 4-27-1848, d. 8-17-1867
Owen, son of John and Effy McLaurin, b. 11-30-1844, d. 11-28-1869
Effie Stalkes, wife of John McLaurin - a native of Argyleshire, Scotland. d. 11-20-1881, aged 77 yrs.
James Thomas, son of J. W. and Kate McLaurin, b. 1-12-1888, d. 8-1-1889
Lauchlin Willington, son of Jas. W. and Kate McL.aurin, b. 8-9-1885, d. 10-18-1886
Nancy Fairley, daughter of Jas. W. and Kate McLaurin, b. 8-19-1884, d. 10-30-1884
Archibald McIntyre, b. 4-23-1791, d. 11-20-1861
Elizabeth, daughter of John and Effy McLaurin, b. 5-31-1846, d. 4-11-1867
John, son of Hugh and Catharine McLaurin, b. September 1789, d. 3-22-1864
Isabella, relict of Charles Patterson and daughter of Hugh and Catharine McLaurin d. Jan. 2, 1864, aged 69 yrs.
Effy, daughter of Hugh and Catharine McLaurin of Ballacholesh,  d. 7-31-1861, aged 64 yrs.
Catharine McLaurin, daughter of Hugh McLaurin, d. 9-24-1839, in the 55th year of her age.
Mary, daughter of Hugh and Catharine McLaurin, d. 12-13-1868, aged 85 yrs. Also infant son of John and Effy McLaurin
Catharine McLaurin, wife of Hugh McLaurin and daughter of Duncan Calhoun of Appin Argyleshire, Scotland  
Died 3-20-1841 in the 79th yr. of her age
Hugh McLaurin of Balacholesh, native of Appin, Argyleshire, Scotland. Immigrated to North Carolina in 1790
Died Jan. 12, A. D. 1846, aged 95 yrs.
Mary, wife of John McLaurin, d. 2-4-1846, in the 77 year of her age
John McLaurin, 12-9-1765, d. 10-31-1848, aged 82 yrs. 10 mos., 22 days
Hugh McLaurin, d. 12-30-1878, In the 57 yr. of his age
Angus McLaurin, d. 2-13-1844, in the 66 yr. of his age
Catharine McLaurin. d. 12-2-1866, in the 87 yr. of her age
Jennett McLaurin, d. 5-2-1872 - aged 63 yrs
Effy McLaurin, d. 4-9-1874, in the 60 yr. of her age
Catharine Dowey, daughter of N.A. and C. D. Currie,  d. 7-17-1861, aged 7 mos. 22 days
Christian D., wife of N.A. Currie & daughter of Hugh C. and Nancy McLaurin b. 5-11-1833 d. 7-28-1886, 
aged 53 yrs, 2 mos., 17 days
Neil A. Currie, b. 11-29-1829, d. 10-18-1912 Ruling Elder a number of years in the Presbyterian Church 
at Laurinburg, N.C.
Margaret, wife of David McColl b. 6-15-1809, d. 1-20-1886
David McColl, b. 10-22-1813, d. 1-17-1899 He was the son of Long Hugh and grandson of Solomon McColl who came 
to North Carolina from Appin, Scotland about 1790
James W. McColl, b. 12-2-1835. d. 12-14-1866
John H. McColl. b. 8-22-1843, d. 4-4-1860
Solomon C. McColl. b. 4-3-1811, d. 12-25-1857, aged 46 yrs.
Nancy. daughter of H. S. and Mary HcColl. wife of S. L. McColl b. 4-15-1811, d. 5-29-1857. aged 46 yrs.
Hugh C. McLaurin. d. 1-9-1871, aged 85 yrs.
Mrs. Nancy McLaurin, Relict of H. C. McLaurin, d. 12-12-1876, aged 77 yrs.
Mary Ann. Consort of Solomon H. McColl and daughter of Hugh and Nancy McLaurin d. 7-30-1850, aged 21 yrs. 
8 mos, 28 days
Duncan McLaurin. son of Hugh and Nancy McLaurin, b. 3-31-1836, d. 5-28-1903
Laurin McColl. b. 7-22-1850, d. 4-19-1878
John Alexander, son of Daniel J. and Isabela Graham. b. 1-21-1846. d. 2-19-1849
Malcolm Graham, d. 3-31-1875, aged 66 yrs
Joseph, son of L. W. and Nancy McLaurin, b. 3-20-1849, d. 10-18-1850
Infant son of John C. and Margaret HcLaurin. d. 12-1860
Isabella Simpson. daughter of John C. and Margaret McLaurin d. 11-26-1848, aged 4 yrs.
Daniel Archibald McLaurin, son of John C. and Margaret McN. McLaurin b. 4-16-1838, - Lost an arm in the Ist 
Battle of Mannassas July 21, 1861 d. 8-12-1861
Lauchlin McLaurin, son of John C. and Margaret McN. McLaurin, b. 8-21-1849, d. 4-16-1868
Isabella Margaret, daughter of Daniel and Nancy McNiell, d. 10-12-1849, age 5 yrs. 3 mos.
Infant daughter of Dan and Nancy McNeill, d. 12-22-1837
Laura Dickson, daughter of John C. and Margaret McN. McLaurin b. 11-7-1856, d. 5-13-1896
Mary Cattie, wife of James L. Cooley and daughter of John C. and Margaret McLaurin b. 3-31-1842, d. 6-27-1869
John Cameron McLaurin. son of Daniel and Catharine McLaurin, b. 1-5-1803, d. 1-31-1888
Margaret McNeill McLaurin, dau.of William and Mary McNeill & wife of John C. McLaurin, b. 1-18-1818, d. 12-8-1871
Duncan (?) McCall, born in Appin, Argyleshire, Scotland, b. May 1774, d. 7-15-1850
Johnie, son of J. C. and Emily Everett, b. 12-9-1872, d. 12-4-1875
Mary, Consort of John McKinnon and daughter of Daniel and Mary McLaurin b. 11-26-1797, d. 2-8-1848
Mary Catharine daughter of John C. and Catharine McColl, b. 8-31-1835, d. 7-27-1843
W. H. Sutherland. b. 10-25-1852, d. 8-14-1907
Cattie May, daughter of W. H. and K. J. Sutherland, b. 11-16-1887, d. 2-9-1889
Effy Ann McLaurin, Consort of James R. McLaurin and daughter of Archibald McLucas d. 11-6-1845, aged 20 yrs, 9 dys
Infant son of James R. and Catharine Abigail Mclaurin, aged 4 days [no dates]
Catharine Abigail, Consort of James R. McLaurin and daughter of Daniel Fairley d. 10-28-1846, aged 17 yrs. 8 
mos. 23 days
Mary Ella, daughter of Jas. R. and Harriet H. McLaurin. b. 4-22-1852, d. 10-10-1852
Addie D., Devoted Wife of Rev. W. H. McLaurin and daughter of Col. R. M. & Margaret Fields  b. 1-26 1870, 
d. 8-24-1891
Samuel McArthur, d. 12-23-1854, aged 54 yrs.
Colin McArthur, a Native of Richmond, Co. N.C., d. 6-27-1849, aged 39 yrs.
Harriet M.. Wife of Colin McArthur b. 10-10-1820, d. 7-22-1882
Catharine. Wife of John B. McCall, b. 7-16-1825, d. 4-9-1857
Mary Ann, Wife of John B. HcCall. b. 1-15-1816, d. 10-14-1845
Mary, Consort of Hugh S. McColl, d. 12-22-1853, aged 68 yrs.
Hugh S. McColl, d. 8-9-1845, aged 68 yrs.
Col. Donald McQueen, Native of Skye, Scotland and immigrated to America in 1802 Died in the love of the Gospel 
7-23-1867. [aged] 84 yrs.
Catharine McQueen  daughter of the late Col. James McQueen and wife of 
Col. Donald McQueen d. 1-23-1862, 67 yrs.
Donald, son of Col. D. and C. McQueen. b. 3-10-1835, d. 6-9-1836
Neill McLaurin, Born In Appin, Scotland 11-14-1779 [illegible]
Mary McLaurin, born August, 1793, d. 3-22-1865
John L. McLaurin. b. 4-1-1829, d. 10-4-1857
Mary Ann, daughter of John C. & Effle McColl. b. 2-18-1847. d. 6-9-1848
Margaret McQueen, a native of Isle of Skye, Scotland, and Consort of Alexander McQueen d. 9-5-1837,
aged about 80 yrs.
Angus Fairley, d. 3-22-1864, 80 yrs. 
Our Little Kitty, born and died in 1850, aged 8 mos. 8 days H.and E. McLaurin
Margaret, Relict of Duncan McRae and daughter of Archiblad McQueen d. 12-9-1848, aged 71 yrs.
Peggy, daughter of Duncan and Margaret McRae, d. 9-29-1857, aged 43 yrs.
Mary, daughter of J. S. and M. C. McQueen, d. 10-20-1862, aged 8 mos. 18 days
Archibald Grice son of J. S. and M. L. McQueen, d. 10-29-1863, aged 4 yrs. 24 days
M. L. McQueen, Wife of J. S. McQueen, d. 10-2-1877 [No age given]
John C. McQueen, Son of Dr. Edmond and Susan A. McQueend. 7-19-1862, aged 23 yrs. 6 mos. 13 days
James D. McQueen, Son of Dr. E. McQueen, b. 1-26-1837, d. 6-18-1859
Dr. Edmond McQueen, Born at Queensdale, Robeson County, 2-17-1801 but for many years a citizen of Lumberton 
where he d. 3-2-1858, aged 57 yrs, 12 days
Ella daughter of James H. and Maria C. McQueen, b. 12-18-1842 married T. R. Ledbetter 10-6-1866, d. 10-20-1872
Maria, Consort of James W. McQueen and daughter of Col. Robert Campbell of S.C. d. 3-6-1846, aged 40 yrs.
Maj. Jas. H. McQueen, Son of Col. James McQueen and Ann McRae McQueenb. 1808, D. 2-14-1878
Flora McDonald, Consort of James 0. McRae and daughter of Col. Archibald McEachin d. 4-25-1855, aged 21 yrs. 
9 mos. 4 days
Ella, daughter of J. Q. & F. McD. McRae, d. 2-18-1855, aged 8 mos. 11 days
James Q. McRae, b. 4-2-1827, d. 8-3-1866
Angus McOueen, Born Scotland 5-27-1764, d. 1-27-1848
Rev. Archibald McQueen, Son of Col. James McOueen, b. about 1795, d. about 1854 An able Lawyer, a skillful 
physician, a great and consecrated preacher
Margaret, Consort of Rev. Archibald McQueen, daughter of James and Margaret Stewartb. 3-4-1804, d. 4-23-1831
Hon. James Stewart, b. 11-11-1775, d. 12-29-1821
Margaret, Consort of James Stewart and daughter of Patrick and Mary McEachinb. 2-3-1783, d. 3-18-1823
Rev. Colin Lindsay, d. 12-1-1817. in the 73 yr. of his age
Daniel Carmichael, d. 1-5-1822, aged 85 yrs. and 9 mos.
Sarah, Relict of Daniel Carmichael, d. 9-28-1840, aged 88 yrs.
Mary, daughter of Daniel and Sarah Carmichael, b. 6-20-1780, d. 9-25-182?
Peter Carmichael, d. 10-1-1820, aged 8 mos.
Annabella, daughter of Col. James McQueen, second wife of Col. Archibald McEachin and who after his death 
married William Stewart, b. 1804, d. 1869
Barbara McCormaig, daughter of John McCormaig, d. 9-22-1819, aged 18 yrs.
Catharine, Consort of David MacDougald and daughter of John and Mary McCormickd. 12-14-1822, in the 26 yr. 
of her life
Erected by John McCormick in memory of his wife Mary who departed this life 1-14-1828 in the 55 yr.of her age
John McCormick, native of Appin. Argyleshire, Scotland, d. 9-19-1831, aged 75
Mary, Consort of James McLaurin, d. 2-24-1829, aged 54 yrs.
John MacCormick, d. 9-25-1831, age 22 yrs.
Duncan MacLaurin, son of Duncan and Mary McLaurin, d. 4-22-1825. aged 42 yrs.
Mary Consort of Duncan McLuarin and daughter of Hugh MacLaurin of Glennahyde, Scotland d. 10-25-1827, aged 82 yrs.
Duncan MacLaurin, native of Glennahyde, Argyleshire, Scotland, d. 7-18-1828, aged 87 yrs.
James Mclaurin, b. 1782, d. 2-22-1832
Nell McLaurin of Wilmington, N.C. a native of Glen-Etwe, Scotland b. 9-1778, d. 6-1853. aged 75 yrs.
Nancy McLaurin, a native of Appin, Argyle-shire, Scotland, and daughter of Duncan McLaurin d. 11-23 1860, aged 80 yrs.
Mary Dickson, Wife of Dr. R. D. Dickson and daughter of Neill and Jane McLaurin of Wilmington, N.C. b. 2-13-1825, 
d. 11-28-1880, aged 55 yrs., 9 mos., 15 days
Dr. Robert Duncan Dickson, Born in Wilmington, N.C. 5-19-1819 Died in Laurinhurg, N.C. 4-11-1896. A
greatly loved physician who devoted his long life to service of his fellowman
Daniel Dickson of Wilmington, N.C., b. 4-10-1809, d. 12-18-1868
Catharine Taylor, d. March 1860, aged 80 yrs.
Duncan McLaurin, b. 2-21-1802, d. 11-8-1832
Angelina Sinclair, b. 7-27-1829, d. 8-18-1831
John McLaurin, d. 9-8-1812, aged 70 yrs.
Mary McLaurin, d. September 1812, aged 60 yrs.
Nancy. Consort of John McLaurin. b. 1-11-1804. d. 1-14-1836
Duncan McCormick, d. 6-18-1845, aged 87 yrs.
Catharine. Consort of Duncan McCormick, d. 9-30-1831. aged 66 yrs
Donald MacCormick, d. 10-11-1825. aged 20 yrs.
Christian MacCormick. d. 10-18-1812, aged 13 yrs.
In Memory of Our Mother Sallie. wife of Hector Currie and A. C. McKinnon d. 10-11-1874, aged 50 yrs.
Angus D., Son of H. and S. Currie, b. 2-19-1851. d. 5-10-1851
Catharine, Daughter of H. and S. Currie, b. 5-3-1846, d. 5-24-1846
Hector Currie, b. 8-1805, d. 7-19-1852
Flora Currie, b. 1852, d. 6-22-1915
Duncan McLaurin, b. 2-12-1724, d. 1-27-1809. Also his wife Catharine b. 1-28-1747. d. 3-14-1829
Lauchlin McLaurin, d. 1822  [No age given ]
Sarah, wife of John McLaurin. d. 1 18-1812, aged 36 yrs. [possibly 56] 8 mos.
John McColl who was born at Lock Etive, Argyleshire, Scotlandd. 6-20-1815 aged 51 yrs.
Catharine, wife of John Kelly, daughter of Alex and C. Chisholm born in Slate, Scotland, d. 8-24-1859,
in 76 yr. of her life in Marion District, S.C.
John Kelly was born in Slate, Scotland, d. 8-25-1836 in Marion District, S.C.
Alexander C. Kelly, d. 2-11-1831, aged 19 yrs.
Solomon McColl, d. 12-30-1814. aged 68 yrs.
John McColl, d. 10-21-1809, aged 21 yrs.
Nancy McLaurin, d. 9-4-1818, aged 22 yrs.
Mary, wife of Kenneth MacKenzie and daughter of Duncan McLaurin  and Catharine, his wifed. 9-21-1825, 
aged 68 yrs.
Catharine, daughter of Duncan MacKenzie and Barbara his wife d. 2-26-183(?)0, aged 12 yrs.
Catharine, widow of Lauchlin McLaurin, d. 5-23-1850. aged 76 yrs.
Hugh Carmichael, d. 12-7-1803, aged 71 yrs.
Margaret Carmichael, d. 6-13-1816, aged 78 yrs.
Daniel Thompson, d. 5-19-1810, aged 36 yrs.
Hugh Thomspon, d. 7-11-1808, aged 76 yrs.
Col. James McQueen, d. 6-21-1824, aged 53 yrs.
Ann, Relict of Col. James McQueen, d. 5-30-1855, aged 90 yrs.
Sarah McEachin, Consort of Archibald McEachin  Daughter of Col. James McQueen and his wife Ann b. 1-21-1797, 
d. 4-5-1829. aged 32 yrs., 2 mos., 15 days.
Sallie McCaskill, native of the Isle of Skye, Scotland, d. 4-2-1859, aged 90 yrs.
Allen McCaskill. a native of the Isle of Skye, Scotland. d. 1847, aged 82 yrs.
Daniel McKaskal, a native of the Isle of Skye. Scotland, d. 1821, aged 88 yrs.
Effie McKaskal, a native of the Isle of Skye, Scotland, d. 1819. aged 74 yrs.
Ann McKaskal. a native of the Isle of Skye. Scotland, d. 1819, aged 72 yrs.
John McKaskal, a native of the Isle of Skye, Scotiand. d. 1818. aged 76 yrs.
Archibald McInnis - [illegible]
Daniel McLucas, d. 10-5-1821, aged 17 yrs., 7 mos.. 16 days
William McRae, d. 9-15-1802
Christian McRae, d. 1-15-1813. age 28
Malcom Morrison, d. 11-1-1818, aged 33 yrs.
Donald Douglas, d. 5-6-1812, aged 30 yrs.
Neill McLaurin. a native of Appin, Scotland, d. 10-16-1827, aged 55 yrs.
Katharine, Consort of Neill McLaurin and daughter of Malcom McMillan d. 10-12-1827, age 48
Malcom McLaurin. b. 11-19-1815. d. 12-9-1855, age 40 yrs.
Mary McLaurin, b. 4-7-1807, d. 7-16-1857
Henry Stewart. b. 10-26-1815. d. 10-26-1893
Mary, wife of Henry Stewart, b. 6-26-1822, d. 3-29-1859
Sarah, daughter of Henry and Mary Stewart, b, 9-12-1851 d, 7-24-1874
Jennett, daughter of Henry and Mary Stewart, b. 3-31-1849, d. 11- 2-1851
Robert Stewart, son of Dugald and Jennet Stewart, b. 5-21-1817, d. 7-13-1855
Duncan Stewart, son of Dugald and Jennett Stewart, b. 4-6-1807, d. 9-14-1829
Margaret E. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dougald Stewart, b. 3-3-1821, d. 2-8-1900
Jennett, wife of Dugald Stewart, b. 1-20-1786, d. 9-28-1829
Dugald Stewart, b. 4-15-1781, d. 11-2-1865
Nancy Stewart, daughter of Dugald and Jennett Stewart. b. 12-6-1805, d. 11-6-1896
Roderick McRae, d. 4-6-1838, aged 45 yrs.
Effie, wife of Roderick McRae. d. 7-20-1872, aged 72 yrs.
John McLean. d. 6-13-1821, aged 90 yrs.
Katharine McLean, d. 5-17-1825, aged 94 yrs.
Catharine, wife of Peter McRae, d. 10-13-1847, aged 82 yrs. 9 mos.
Peter McRae, d. 9-24-1824, aged 68 yrs.
Effy. Consort of Alexander McLean and daughter of David and Katharine McRae b. 6-7-1822, d. 11-26-1851
Norman McRae, a native of the Isle of Skye, Scotland, d. 12-7-1850, aged 78 yrs.
Mary, Relict of Norman McRae, d. 1-10-1856, aged 69 yrs. 
She was a native of Argyleshire, Scotland
Daniel I. McRae, b. 3-21-1820, d. 5-21-1852
James C. R. McRae, b. 3-21-1820, d. 5-16-1871
Norman McRae, b. 11-11-1822, d. 10-13-1859
A. L. McRae, d. 2-14-1878. [No age given]
William L. McRae, b. 6-16-1816, d. 11-29-1885
John L., Son of James and Christian Stuart, b. 11-9-1845, d. 7-11-1855
Christian Stewart, Consort of James Stewart and daughter of Norman McRae d. 3-11-1872, aged 57 yrs.,
11 mos. 7 days
James Stewart, b. 10-26-1815, d. 5-7-1899
Mary Nancy Stewart, daughter of James and Christian Stewart b. September 1853, d. 11-20-1877
Daniel McLean, b. 1-21-1831, d. 3-27-1894
Sarah, wife of Daniel McLean, b. 9-14-1831, d. 3-29-1872
Octavia, daughter of Daniel and Sarah McLean, b. 11-16-1868, d. 11-l9-l874
Sallie, daughter of Daniel and Sarah McLean. b. 7-30-1866, d. 2-7-1891
John C., son of H. A. and E. J. Currie, b. 8-9-1883, d. 5-27-1885
Infant Son of H. A. and E. J. Currie, b. 5-11-1885. d. 10-15-1885
Hugh L. Son of Hugh A. and E. J. Currie, b. 8-27-1890, d. 5-18-1891
H. A. Currie, b. 6-11-1857, d. 6-20-1896
Ella J., wife of Hugh A. Curry, b. 12-9-1859, d. 12-16-1906, age 47
Daniel A., son of H. A. and E. J. Currie, b. 11-6-1894, b. 8-6-1896
Malcolm B. Stewart, b. 10-30-1827, d. 3-19-1894
Mary Jane, wife of Malcolm B. Stewart, h. 8-31-1832, d. 2-15-1892
Robert L. Stewart, b. 2-1-1868, d. 12-26-1890
Leon Ford, son of N. S. and P. A. Martin, b. 8-12-1904, d. 2-1-1906
Anna J., daughter of D. S. and Anna J. Jernigan. b. 1-17-1892, d. 1-22-1892
D. S. Jernigan. 1848 - 1911
Anna Stewart, his wife, 1855 - 1927
James Burder Currie, b. 10-11-1852, d. 4-5-1925
Catharine Stuart Currie, b. 10-25-1865, d. 3-28-1945
Daniel, son of J. B. and Cattie E. Currie, b. 11-16-1893, d. 6-5-1895
J. Croom, son of J. B. and C.B. Currie, b. 2-14-1892, d. 4-9-1893
Elisha Morris, b. 11-9-1854, d. 6-27-1933
Mary Stewart Morris, b. 3-27-1850, d. 7-12-1935
Harmon D. Hucks, 1891 - 1955
Irene S. Hucks, 1893 - 1942
Eva, daughter of R. E. and Jennett Gibson. b. 12-1-1910, d. 6-8-1912

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