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Compiled & Edited by Myrtle N. Bridges

The MORNING NEWS REVIEW (Florence, South Carolina) - August 16, 1925

ROCKINGHAM-Aug. 15-(AP)-W.B. Cole, wealthy cotton mill man, president of the Hannah Pickett 
mill, was held in jail tonight without privilege of bail, on recommendation of the coroners' jury, 
following an inquest in the case of the death of W.W. Ormond, electrician, who was shot and killed 
by Cole on one of the principal streets of Rockingham, late today. 

According to testimony brought before the coroners' jury, Bill Ormond was seated in his automobile 
in front of the Manufacturer's Building on Main Street, when Cole stepped from the curb, approached 
the car, drew his pistol, fired three shots at Ormond, returned to his office nearby and laid the 
pistol on his desk. He was taken immediately to his home in the suburbs, accompanied by a physician. 
Ormond was dead in ten minutes, one bullet from the .32 pistol having pierced his chest. 

The manufacturer made no comment it is said, in regard to the shooting. Shortly after the shooting 
Cole was arrested at his home by the acting sheriff and placed in jail. The coroners' jury later 
recommended that he be held without bail. Solicitor Don Phillips, having the formal notice required 
for habeas corpus proceedings, it was announced tonight that Cole would be taken to Carthage Monday 
morning for a hearing before Judge McElroy on petition for liberty under bond.

Ormond, who was 29 years of age, accompanied by his brother Allison, arrived in Rockingham from Raleigh 
this morning on their way to Myrtle Beach, SC. He was the son of Rev. A.L. Ormond, Methodist minister 

and former pastor in this town, and was not married. He lived at Nashville, NC.

Cole has a family, and has long been prominent in business, church, and social circles. No motive has been assigned for his 
act, though it was reported tonight that he objected to attentions paid his daughter by Ormond.

This is a 6 x 9 inch soft cover publication with 116 pages, and a comprehensive index. 

Rockingham's fascinating true story is revealed through chronological newspaper accounts, beginning on August 15, 1925 
with the murder on E. Washington St. and ending in Wake County on June 17, 1926 with a final monetary settlement.

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