Eva Merryman - Rhinehart, LA
Ms. Myrtle, I just wanted to say thanks again for your book Scattered Seed. I bought it several years back from you and still use it as a reference today. Without your book I would never have known about my family in NC. Mary Campbell Shaw, James Campbell and Elizabeth Lamon's daughter, was my 3rd great grandmother. She lived in Catahoula Parish, LA. It was because of your tidbit of info about Scattered Seed you posted online "Thirty-two seedlings ", that I was able to know anything about Mary and her husband Archibald Shaw. You listed they were from Bladen Co, NC. Once I bought your book, I found the letter from Mary to her brothers telling about her husband's death and listing the names of her children. The only things I knew about Mary before reading your book was that she was married to a Shaw and lived in Catahoula Parish and I knew about 3 of her children Melissa (Breithaupt), Mary (Adams), and my 2nd great grandmother Eliza (Joy). You have provided me with her parents, siblings, and so much more. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You've done a lot of research and I appreciate your effort.    March 12, 2016

Cassondra Creakman - Thomasville, N.C.
Hi, I received your book last week. Thank you so much. There is a lot of very interesting reading. I wish I could uncover more information on my particular Campbells. They are mentioned in your book briefly. I appreciate all the hard work that went in to publishing this work of art. Once again, thank you.    May 20, 1009

Mickey McGlynn - Fairfax, Virginia
I must tell you that I really appreciate all the work you did in compiling "SCATTERED SEED". It is a fantastic work.    June 29, 2005

Jo Rodgers - Adamsville, Alabama
Myrtle, My book arrived today - May 14, 2005. This is to thank you and commend you for such a beautiful informative book. You are definitely an inspiration to all us amature genealogists and historians. Thank you again.    May 14, 2005

Carol Richardson - Nashville, Tennessee
Myrtle, Last year I was able to finally trace my father's roots back to Kintyre Scotland as a descendent of John McBryde and Mary Gilchrist's son- Duncan. I also had the pleasure of meeting my relatives (descendents of Duncan's son, George McBryde of Montgomery County Georgia). Through your books, the internet sites, etc. I have successfully and accurately given a gift to my father "his roots" shortly before his death.

I just wanted to say Thank you for all your efforts. If it were not for your information, I never would have made my father's dream possible. At his funeral last April, we had bagpipes play Amazing Grace- a fitting tribute to a Highlander from Scottland.   March 26, 2005

Andrew W. Miller - Colorado Springs, Colorado
Hello Myrtle, I received your book "Scattered Seed" yesterday. It is really great. Have you published other books on Richmond and Robeson Counties? My ancestors the Wilkinsons and McNairs lived in those counties.   September 19, 2004

Melanie Campbell - Mid West City, Oklahoma
Hello Myrtle, I received your book and am very impressed with the content AND the cover. It's a beautiful book. People like myself, who unfortuneatly haven't yet the time to commit to the research, are gratefully appreciative of your hard work!! ... Again, thank you for your dedication.    January 17, 2004

Steve Edgerton - Raleigh, North Carolina
Myrtle, Your book arrived and it is wonderful, and a wonderful addition to my library. I know I'll be using it for years to come. It makes me realize just how far afoot I have to go to get my own research done. I've filled in several blanks in my research so far, and I know I'll discover more and more.    March 26, 2003

Madonna M. Hill (Lee) - Fairbault, Minnesota
Myrtle, The books arrived on Saturday in good condition. I am glad that you double boxed them because the outer box was damaged, but the books were all right. I am very happy with them. I can tell that you put an enormous amount of work into them. You did a good job! ... I found two items to be of particular interest. The estate record of Malcolm C. Morrison in Vol. III was quite informative. Also, the footnote on page 160 of Scattered Seed concerning gunmaking. I had first heard about this from my husband's aunt in May of 2001. The Morrisons know of the existance of one of these guns yet. Your footnote confirmed the story and added more detail. ... All of this history is so interesting and worthy of preservation. I could not possibly research many of these things myself because I live so far away. Thank you for sharing your work with the rest of the world.   December 17, 2001

William Butler - Hoffman, North Carolina
Let me take this chance to thank you for giving me my maternal GGGGrandparents. There names were in your book "The Scattered Seed". Mr. Allen and Elisabeth Campbell.
p.s.   I am the great grand son of John William Butler the first mayor and post master of Hoffman NC, Richmond Co. Thanks, Bill   September 18, 2001

Beverly Boyko - Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Myrtle, Took a quick look at your book today - its amazing!! What an incredible job you did! I definitely want to order one for Bragg library. Take Care, Bev.    July 10, 2001

Dee Thompson - Dunwoody, Georgia
Myrtle, I'm a tad bleary-eyed this morning having stayed up almost the entire night reading Scattered Seed. It was everything I remembered (from the top of the ladder at the Georgia Archives) and more. ... You have the most enviable ability to write books that are a sheer pleasure to read - you forget that they are such a valuable research tool. ...Whatever you write I want, even if its your grocery list! Thank you. Dee    January 17, 2001

Amy E. Hughes - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Myrtle, Wanted you to know that the books arrived and were such a welcome bright spot in an otherwise stressful day. You have done such fabulous work, Myrtle. Thank you! Amy

Pat Campbell - Palm Bay, FL.
Hi Myrtle, I received the book today. It is a beautiful book and very well written. Just from a quick look I can see that you have made it interesting as well as giving a lot of information. I will be doing a lot of reading. Thank You so Much, Pat    July 30th, 2000

Mike Campbell - Charlotte, North Carolina
Thought I would drop you a line to let you know that I got the book today. I am really impressed!!! Very nice job. ... Thank you for the impressive work you put into this book and I think you were right. It will help me alot. Mike   June 24th, 2000

Henrietta Eccles Caranna - Gulfport, MS
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your book, "Scattered Seed." It is filled with interesting bits of history, and the familiar names of Eccles, Shaw, Coleman, and McBride get me excited and thinking this is where my Eccles came from. These families were all in Zachary, LA.   May 8, 2000

Lanham F. Campbell - Pauls Valley, Oklahoma
Myrtle and crew,
I have your book "Scattered Seed & I'm flying on cloud "9". I want to put the information about the James Campbell in my genealogy book. ... James David moved his family from Logan County, Ohio to Karnes County, Texas. I am a proud, devoted and loyal "Campbell". Thanks for your devoted contribution to historical America. Your book will live in our lives. Best wishes and God bless you, Lanham Canpbell   July 28th, 1999

James M. Kelly - High Point, North Carolina
Dear Ms. Bridges, As a descendant who just returned from the motherland, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the tremendous work you are doing. I have your publications and have enjoyed them to no end. Thanks for sharing your very valuable work in preserving our heritage. You are truly priceless! Kindest regards, Jim Kelly   July 29th, 1999

Don Campbell - Paradise Valley, Arizona
I recently bought your book and we talked by phone. I've found it enormously interesting and I applaud you for your work. I'm trying to establish parentage of James Campbell (1756-1842) of Bladen, my ggg-grandfather..

Elia Daws - Centerville, Alabama
My book came today and I have just been engrossed. You have done an incredible amount of work. I regret I did not learn of your work sooner, so that I could have included Flora Campbell and James McDonald's family. There was a daughter, Mary, already married to John Gideon Terry when the 1850 census was taken. One of the letters mentioned son of James who was in lunatic asylum. I have not heard about that one. I will have to investigate, or read more closely... I was trying to get it all read in the first hour! ... I'll give it a plug in my column. I'm asking our local library to order a copy of both as we have quite a good selection for a small town. I have 'post-its' on pages all over to re-read. Anyway thanks a million. Elia

Betsy Tyson - Austin, Texas
The book arrived and looks very good. Thank you. I look forward to exploring it. I was in Houston this weekend and your other book is in the Clayton Genealogy library in the North Carolina section. Congratulations. ... Betsy Tyson

Joedy Adams - San Diego, California
Dear Myrtle,
I received your books today. I am impressed!! They are really great and I have a lot of studying to do now. What a tremendous undertaking this was and so very thorough you were. I don't know how you kept them all straight. Also noticed on the map in Richmond County an area referred to as Laurel Hill. Some of my Campbells lived in Laurel Hill, Walton County, Florida. Coincidence??? Thanks again, Jodey Adams

Alice Mason - Cookville, Tennessee
Hi Myrtle.
Your books came yesterday, and I am really enjoying them. You really cleared up a mystery for me, by including [in 'Scattered Seed'] the copy of John McKethan's will from the Will Book. Various people have claimed over the years that John had a daughter Catharine, but he did not. All the claims were based on his will, but I have a copy of the actual will, not the clerk's copy, and there is NO Catherine. Now I see what happened: the clerk mis-copied and Catherine should be Christian. This is in the "Ninethly" paragraph, and that property on Silver Run did go to Christian, who transferred title to her son Alfred Augustus McKethan shortly before she married Neill McLeran. ...It's a wonderful book. Alice

Carolyn Marriott - Charleston, West Virginia
Hello Myrtle,
Just received the book and wanted to tell you it is wonderful. It was in the mailbox yesterday when I got home from work and I spent the evening reading it. Could you give me a description of your other book as I may be interested in purchasing it too. Keep up the good work and congratulations on a job well done. Carolyn

Jo Hutcheson - Charleston, South Carolina
Wow. Myrtle, this is so exciting. I got my copy in the mail, and it fell open to 1) the James Campbell Jr. diary, and 2) the Drucilla Meares family history....I haven't even gotten to Laura Pearson yet and I am just thrilled by what I see. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I knew the book would be interesting, I just didn't know it would bowl me over. Got to go read more... Jo H.

R. Carol McLean - Rockingham, North Carolina
Dear Myrtle, Received SCATTERED SEED today. Thank you for promptness in sending. I was surprised to receive it this soon. It is a beautiful book of which the author can be justly proud! It was nice of you to include a chapter on Harmony People. Your book makes this valuable genealogical information available to many, many people who otherwise would likely have never seen it. I must take your advice, put a lot of time consuming things aside, give priority to and start writing the info about my family. I will be passing the info around about your book. Carol

Debbie Bethune - Cleveland, Tennessee
Dear Myrtle: Received your books on Friday and immediately dug in! What a job it must have been to compile both of these! There is so much information there on a lot of people. I really appreciate that you took the time to put this together--it will be a history book for a lot of generations to come! Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your mailing out the books so fast. I have shared some information with my cousin in Texas and she's pretty excited. Thank you. Debbie Bethune

Ginny Trawick - Shalimar, Florida
Good Morning, Just wanted to again say how much I am enjoying reading Scattered Seeds. I read a little almost every night. It is so exciting to actually see some of our Campbell's names and information in this book - you have done a wonderful job putting together so much valuable information. Take care and thanks again for the Ray information you sent me. If you ever come across someone who has written a book on the Ray family please let me know. I hope this is a wonderful weekend for you and yours! Love, Ginny Trawick

Marie Bull - Lillington, North Carolina
Hi Myrtle, I have recommended your book to at least four or five contacts. They all said they would order except one that said that she had ordered. They are very good, the best done pure genealogy books I have seen to date. Sincerely, Marie