Montgomery County, NC Marriage Bonds

The marriage bond dates are not necessarily the date of marriage. The wedding could have taken place many days or even weeks, later. As a protection for the future children of the marriage, a prospective groom obligated himself to pay the penal sum of the bond (one thousand dollars in the 19th century) if a previous impediment to marriage were found to exist. If the groom or bride were discovered to be a bigamist or impostor or otherwise ineligible to contract a valid marriage, the man (or his bondsman if he defaulted) forfeited the amount of the bond. As long as the marriage was legal, the bond was void, and no penalty was incurred if the wedding was canceled. The county in which the bond was filed is supposed to be that in which the woman resided. Some early bonds list the groom's residence if he lived in another county or state or colony.—— Myrtle N. Bridges    July 5, 2001.    Revised August 13, 2004

Groom Bride Date of Bond Bondsman / Witness
A. M. Adams Danny Wright 13 Dec 1860 E. Z. Howell (w) Jno. McLennan, CCC
Dawson B. Allen Ann Martin Lilly 1 Mar 1858 George N. Ballard (w) W. H. Galloway
George Allen Sarah Spencer 28 Aug 1844 Eben. Hearne
Mark Allen Terry Graham 4 Feb 1860 Joseph A. Reynolds (w) Jno. McLennan, CCC
P. G. Allen Luetitia Davis 6 Mar 1866 Wm. Thomas(w) C. C. Wade
James C. Andrews Oney Williams 16 July 1849 Wm. H. McRae (w) N. Knight
Julus A. Andrews Martha Bowdon 6 Sep 1857 Alex. Andrews
Robert A. Andrews Mary Stacy 17 Jan 1850 Henry G. Andrews (w) E. G. L. Barringer
William Armstrong Mary Harris 12 Apr 1866 Henderson Harris (w) C. C. Wade, Clerk
William Atkins Caroline Suggs 17 Jan 1861 Alexander Epps (w) John McLennan, Clk.
R. L. Auman Mary Ann Cagle 17 Dec 1860 Dempsy Auman (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Alexander Autery Judith Callais 29 Dec 1843 William G. Lisk (w) C. W. Wooley
*Frederick V. Baldwin Cora May Smith 1 Jan 1906 This is not a bond. It is a request for a license
addressed to W. D. Allen, Troy, N.C.
Madison Baldwin Julia Ann Robison 11 Aug 1848 Washington Gadd (w) A. A. McCaskill, J. P.
A (?) S. Baldwin Charlotte Monroe 7 Dec 1865 Thos. Blake (w) C. C. Wade
Isaiah I. Ballard Everlina Cranford 30 Oct 1850 (w) Morrison Cranford
James Ballard Martha Webb 5 Jan 1845 Solomon M. Ballard (w) C. A. Wooley
James H. Ballard Mary Ann Hurley 22 Oct 1857 James S. Ballard (w) John McLennan
William H. Ballard Elizabeth Boseman 1 Feb 1845 Solomon M. Ballard
George E. Barringer Tabitha Ann Robeson 3 Apr 1856 John C. Montgomery (w) J. A. Montgomery
John A. Barrott Elizabeth Cupples 19 Jan 1853 Geo. N. Hunsucker (w) D. S. Pemberton, D.C.
Daniel Barton Mary J. Saunders 4 Mar 1862 G. W. Coggin
E. D. Batten Mary P. McAllum 25 Nov 1858 L. C. McInnis (w) James Batten
David Batten Cornelia A. McAllum 20 Dec 1859 L. C. McInnis (w) James Batten
James Batten Rebecca Morris 12 Dec 1848 Isham Blake (w) N. Knight
Jackson Beaman Rebeca Hurley 26 May 1851 William B. Hurley
John Beaman Malinda Cranford 18 Sep 1855 Elisha Moore (w) John McLennan
Robert Beaman Jane Cranford 7 Aug 1851 Alexander W. McLennan (w) John McLennan
S. J. Beaman Mary Cranford 28 Dec 1860 John Beaman (w) John McLennan
Allen H. Bean Elizabeth Sander 27 Oct 1850 Riley W. Cornilison (w) John McLennan, Clk
Thomas Bean Disey Cornilison 9 Oct 1852 Nathan R. Deaton (w) John McLennan, Clk
William Bean Margaret Sanders 21 Apr 1858 Enoch Strider (w) John McLennan, Clk
Henry T. Beard Dorothie Sedberry 3 July 1845 Alexander E. Beard (w) J. C. Roper, J. P.
William Beard Patsy Sedberry 7 Jan 1845 James C. Andrews
B. Linzy Beckerdite Elmier Hall 13 Feb 1853 James Hall (w) S. H. Davis
Washington Bell Sunda Harris (or Lunda) 30 Nov 1848 William Bell (w) M. Knight
William Bell Eliza Jane Howel 24 Jan 1847 Alexander Bell (w) M. Knight
William A. Bethune ——  —— 6 July 1851 M. B. McRae
Lewis Bingham Mary Campbell 20 Dec 1855 James A. Wallace (w) John McLennan, CCC.
Colin Bird Christian Ballard 8 Nov 1845 Granville Fraser (w) C. W. Wooley
Henry Wade Bird Martha Thompson 1 Jul 1849 William Thomson (w) J. C. Roper, J. P.
Henry W. Bird Mary A. Graham 24 Dec 1855 Jordon Morris (w) John McLennan
Asa Blake Bethania Haywood 2 Jan 1849 Etheldread Blake (w) N. Knight
David Blake Mary Pryer 22 Dec 1866 Robert Mason (w) C. C. Wade, CCC
m. 25 Dec 1866 by J. T. Bruton, J. P.
Etheldread Blake Carolina Carter 3 May 1849 (w) Nathl. Knight
James Blake Jeriah Mecham 7 Aug 1862 Charles Yarbrough (w) J. S. Spencer
m. 10 Aug 1862 by James Batten, J. P.
Thomas Blake Florah Ann Thompson 14 Oct 1865 William S. Baldwin (w) C. C. wade, Dpt.
William M. Blake Martha Morris 23 Nov 1865 (w) H. S. Wade, Clk.
m. 30 Nov 1865 by A. P. Stokes, M.G.
Gilford Boles Martha Ann Wooley 26 Jan 1850 Geo. A. Huncker (w) John McLennan, CCC.
Burney Bolton Jane Sidwell 18 Sep. 1851 Robert C. Moss (w) Wm. McAllister
Elijah Boroughs Mary Crook 11 Apr 1850 W. Lassiter (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Elisha Boroughs Sarah King 16 Sep 1856 Dempsey Cagle
Zaccheus Boroughs Sarah Ann Hussey 8 Oct 1857 John C. Hussey (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Thomas W. Boyd Frances Green 7 Oct 1856 Aaron T. Sanders (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Robert J. Boyed Emeline Mason 31 July 1851 A. H. Sanders
Larkin Brewer Mary Blake 13 Mar 1848 Wilson Williams (w) A. A. McCaskill, Esq.
Calvin Brice (or Buie) Ellen M. Clark 28 Oct 18–3 John Allen (w) John McLennan, Clk.
William Bridges Nancy Dennis 17 Oct 1845 John Morris (w) G. Washington Morris
& B. W. Simmons
Levi Britt Ann Eliza Martin 26 Mar 1853 Zacchus Poe (w) D. S. Pemberton, D.C.
Meryman Britt Martha Yarborough 1 Oct 1851 Zacchus Poe
William Britt Rebecca Hancock 17 Mar 1858 John L Hancock (w) John McLennan, Clk.
B. W. Brookshire J. A. Ewing 16 Jan 1860 B. L. Brookshire
Thomas Young Brown Lida Calicott 31 May 1862 James A. Calicott
William Brown Mary Jane Ragsdale 14 Apr 1866 G. T. Morris
Calvin J. Bruton Mourning Baldwin 23 Oct 1848 DeWitt C. Harris (w) N. Knight
George M. Bruton Martha L. Christian 7 Mar 1844 Green Smith (w) J. Wooley
James C. Bruton Perlena C. Hall 9 Apr 1851 E. A. Wright (w) John McLennan
John M. Bruton Lucy J. Haywood 28 Sep 1860 Alexander Bruton (w) John McLennan
Lewis Bruton (col.) Matildy Deberry (col.) 15 Nov 1865 Enoch Holton (col.) (w) C. C. Wade, Dept.
Wilson T. Bruton Mary Jane Christian 17 July 1848 James J. Bruton
Wilson T. Bruton Harriet M. Gaines 3 Feb 1863 D. R. Cochran (w) J. J. Spencer, Clk.
Ben Bruton Lydea Butler 29 Dec 1865 (w) C. C. Wade, D.C.
m. 30 Dec 1865 by Neill McInnis, J. P.
Harry Butler Debby Butler 31 Mar 1866 C. J. Cochran
Reuben Butler Charity Cotton 9 Apr 1866 M. A. Monroe & C. C. Wade
m. 14 Apr 1866 by L. Simmons, J. P.
Thomas Bunnel Sarah Smith 19 Feb 1845 Asa Bunnel (w) A. A. McCaskill, J. P.
Washington Bunnel Winney Smith 4 Sep 1851 Calvin McElvean(?)
John T. Byrd Prissilla Hall 17 Jan 1850 Robert J. Mebane (w) S. H. Christian
B. T. Cagle E. J. Waisner 5 Nov 1865 J. M. Stafford (w) J. W. Reeves, J. P.
Calvin Cagle Wincy Green 25 Dec 1865 (w) C. C. Wade Dpt.
m. 27 Dec 1865 by L. Simmons, J. P.
Dempsey Cagle Elizabeth Boroughs 12 Feb 1855 Elisha Boroughs
James M. Cagle Mary Ann Parnell 14 Sep 1865 Neill McInnis (w) C. C. Wade
Jno. Cagle Jane McCaskill 26 Aug 1855 Martin Cagle (w) A. A. McCaskill, J. P.
Martin Cagle Aga Lassiter 1 Nov 1860 Jesse A. Sanders (w) Jno. McLennan, Clk.
William Cagle Sarah Simmons 29 Feb 1848 Martin Cagle
John Calias Phibe Talbert 29 Jan 1855 Grandison F. Morris (w) D. K. Cockran
Calvin Callias Cynthy Thompson 12 Dec 1850 James Haywood, Jr.
Frank Callias Betsey Johnson 11 Feb 1866 M. A. Munroe (w) C. C. Wade
John Callias Sarah Jane Campbell 5 July 1859 Mason Parker (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Charles Campbell Martha Singleton 4 July 1848 Charles Singleton (w) M. Murchison, J. P.
Charles Campbell Sarah Campbell 15 Dec 1851 Allen Martin
Martin Carter Catharine Haily 20 Dec 1842 Ethd. Blake
Thomas J. Caudle Mary Jane Andrews 1 Mar 1860 John F. Birckhead (w) Jas. Thomas, J. P.
Rily Chambers (col.) Betsey Chambers (col.) 25 May 1866 Allen Jordan (w) C. C. Wade
A. E. D. Chauncy Charlotte Short 20 Sep 1863 C. J. Cochran
A. W. Chauncy Mary Bledsoe 7 Feb 1853 David E. D. Chauncy (w) D. S. Pemberton, D.C.
David E. D. Chauncy Sarah Ann Bledsoe 15 Sep 1857 E. A. Chauncy (w) James Batten
E. Archibald Chauncey Martha Sanders 13 Oct 1857 L. N. Chauncy (w) John McLennan, Clk.
James H. Chancy Mary Ann Hogan 7 Jan 1858 E. Batten (w) James Batten
John A. Chauncy Terry Hogan 26 Jan 1863 Daniel N. Mc–uenn
W. H. Chauncy Martha Hogan 8 Oct 1861 J. B. Chancy
John Chandler Susanah Hambeleton 17 June 1866 J. R. Hamblton (w) J. S. Morgan, J. P.
John Chappel Mary Ann Pullam 25 Feb 1845 Howell Harriss
Kenneth Chisholm Christian McLennan 7 Jan 1850 W. Lassiter (w) Jno. McLennan, C.C.C.
William J. Chisholm Elizabeth Macon 2 Jan 1866 –. B. McQuean (w) J. W. Dunn
m. 4 Jan 1866 by Jno. W. Dunn, L. H.
J. G. Christian L. A. Barringer 13 Mar 1866 Neill McInnis (w) C. C. Wade
m. 13 Mar 1866 by Frank B. –ood
James Cliant Charity Coggin 29 Nov 1859 A. Ferrell (w) J. Snotherly
m. 29 Nov 1859 by J. Snotherly
Geo. Alexander Cline Alezabeth Hall 3 Jan 1856 John Hood (?) (w) E. S. Davis
C. J. Cochran M. A. Tomlinson 10 Dec 1866 R. J. Haltom (w) C. C. Wade, C.C.C.
B. T. Coggin Byrona Harris 8 Mar 1857 Alsan. J. Cranford
B. T. Coggin Matilda J. Wallace 5 Nov 1866 G. F. Morris (w) C. C. Wade, C.C.C.
Eli C. Coggin Martha Haines 26 Aug 1845 Shirley J. Russell (w) Nath'l. Knight
J. L. Coggin Emlia (Julia?) Russell 25 Oct 1866 James Coggin (w) J. W. Reeves, J. P.
m. 25 Oct 1866 by J. W. Reeves, J. P.
Matthew Coggin Margaret Jane Kean 11 Sep 1855 Casper N. Hall (w) John McLennan
Milan Coggin Angelina Reaves 8 Jan 1853 James Reaves
Calvin Cole Mary Ann Thomas 1 May 1857 John T. Thomas (w) John McLennan, CCC
Lewis Cook Matelda Morris 14 Jan 1857 Nathan Jinkins (w) John McLennan, CCC
Simpson Copley Mary Scarlott 9 July 1845 P. L. Burage
Enoch J. Cornelison Analiza Hurly 22 Jan 1857 D. R. Cochran (w) John McLennan, CCC
Goodman Cornelison Temperance Deaton 4 May 1848 Noah Nichols
J. C. Cornelison Mary Ann Lucas 13 Feb 1863 Noah Auman (w) J. G. Spencer, Clk.
James G. Cotton Ann T. Bruton 23 Jan 1859 B. Thomas Cotton (w) John McLennan
m. 25 Jan 1859 by Thos. J. Forney, J. P.
James G. Cotton Abbie Kearn 4 Dec 1865 Thos. Stokes (w) J. Reeves, J. P.
m. 5Dec 1865 by Gray Wood, M.G.
Jno. F. Cotton Lucy J. Livingston 30 Dec 1855f Jas. G. Cotton (w) G. Cotton
H. H. Cowdery Misouri Lisk 10 Mar 1847 Thomas Williams
John C. Coyer Eliza Stacy 4 Sep 1858 Jas. L. McRae
Harnet J. Craig Mary Ann McRae 24 Sep 1848 William S. Pemberton
Ambers Cranford Caroline Hurley 8 Dec 1848 Erasmus S. Wallace (w) N. Knight
Dunahay Cranford An Hulin 6 Oct 1848 Erasmus S. Wallace (w) T. L. Winslow
J. D. Cranford Martha A. Haris
Dau. of Sarah Haris
5 Feb 1860 Wm. Snotherley (w) J. Snotherly
m. 3 Feb 1860 by J. Snotherly
James M. Cranford Laura Ann Williams 19 Nov 1859 Joel Cranford (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Joel Cranford Sarah E. Cranford 24 Dec 1860 –.–. Cranford (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Joel Cranford Joel Mandy Harn 19 Dec 1866 W. E. Russell (w) J. W. Reeves, J. P.
m. 20 Dec 1866 by J. W. Reeves, J. P.
Joel T. Cranford Eliza Hall 22 Nov 1866 C. A. Steed (w) J. G. Hogan, J. P.
m. 25 Nov 1866 by J. G. Hogan, J. P.
Joshua A. Cranford Mary E. Davis 12 Aug 1865 W. Lassiter (w) C. C. Wade, Dpt.
Riley Cranford Laura Ann Bingham 7 Feb 1860 P. C. Riley (w) J. S. Revell
W. J. Cranford Christian Martin 17 July 1861 Jesse Smitherman (w) John McLennan, Clk.
William J. Cranford Jane Beaman 22 Sep 1853 Morrison Cranford (w) John McLennan
Williamson Cranford Caroline Luther 11 Apr 1858 Martin Hopkins (w) B. T. Cogtgin
Winburn W. Cranford Margaret Jane Coggin 29 Nov 1866 John A. Beaman (w) C. C. Wade, Dpt.
Alexander Crook Martha Haltom 18 July 1848 Ezekiel Epps (w) N. Knight
Hewitt Crouch Mary Covington 22 Sep 1866 Jacob Stell (or Steel) (w) C. C. Wade, Dpt.
Nelson M. C. Crow Margaret E. Foust 26 Dec 1850 John Tolbert (w) P. C. Saunders, J. P.
Henry Crowder Lillia Moore 5 Nov 1850 Calvin Hensby (w) John McLennon, Clk.
John F. Crowder Nancy Deberry 23 Dec 1857 Cornelius Hurley (w) John McLennon
Reubin Cupples Seney Richardson 6 Apr 1850 Goodman Richardson (w) John McLennon, Clk.
Archibald M. Currie Lucy C. Scarbrough 1 Nov 1854 Wm. Scarbrough (w) E. G. L. Barringer
Eli F. Daniely Nancy McCaskill 16 Aug 1851 Wm. T. Ewing (w) James Batten
Archibald M. Darrald (McDonald?) Mary J. Richardson 1 July 1851 C. R. Boyd
Bartes Davidson Mary Malock 30 Mar 1847 Roderick McLennan (w) Murdock B. McRae, Esq.
Archibald Davis Lucinda King 24 May 1860 M. F. King (w) A. A. Leach
Matthew Davis Macy Ann Henderson 22 Sep 1845 Elisha Harris (w) Nathaniel Knight
Parsons Davis Sarah Coggin 31 July 1855 W. Lassiter
W. G. Davis Laura Ann Smith 3 Sep 1868 A. L. McCanless (w) J. W. Reeves, J. P. m. 3 Sep 1868 by J. E. Thompson
Aaron Deaton Wincy Hagin 23 Dec 1844 James McCaskill (w) A. A. McCaskill, J. P.
David Deaton Tamer Yarborough 31 Mar 1853 Charles Yarbrough (w) James Batten
Elias M. Deaton Elizabeth Yarborough 4 Oct 1852 Jonathan Yarborough
Isaac Deaton Jemima Reynolds 3 Oct 1844 Eben Reynolds (w) C. W. Wooley
Joseph Deaton Darcus Dunn 29 Mar 1851 Mastin Green (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Martin S. Deaton Mary Ann McLeod 10 Feb 1859 Jesse Smitherman (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Nathan R. Deaton Nancy Ann Cornelison 9 Oct 1852 Thomas Bean (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Reuben Deaton Tempy Cornelison 19 Feb 1857 D. B. McLeod (w) John McLennan
William Deaton Elizabeth Lasater 8 May 1862 Aaron Brewer (w) A. A. McCaskill, J. P. m. 8 May 1862 by A. A. McCaskill
David D. Deberry Lara A. Byrd 20 Feb 1867 Robert Deberry (w) A. P. Stokes
Edmund Deberry, Jr. Bettie Barringer 21 Jan 1856 Calvin W. Wooley (w) Wm. G. Deberry m. 24 — 1856 by J. A. Montgomery, J. P..
Lem Deberry (col.) Vena Deberry 22 Jan 1867 G. F. Morris (w) C. C. Wade, CCC
George Dennis Martha Smart 9 Oct 1858 John Dennis (w) John McLennan
Mark Dennis Mary Ann Dennis 10 Jan 1850 Littleton Dennis (w) N. Knight
Nelson Dennis Margaret Smart 7 Dec 1856 George Dennis (w) John McLennan, Clk.
W. C. Dennis Sallie Hinson 17 Nov 1865 Tho. C. Haltom (w) C. C. Wade, Dpt. Clk. m. 21 Nov 1865 by Silas Kenans, J. P.
Willis M. Dennis Susan Hearn 8 Oct 1861 E. M. Smart
O. H. Dockery Sallie J. Dumas 8 Oct 1861 S. H. Christian
Martin W. Dowenzley Elizabeth Jane Manes 16 Jan 1858 Nelson Merritt (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Henry Dunlap Randy Bowdon 22 Sep 1866 Thomas Smitherman (w) C. C. Wade, CCC
G. W.(?) Dunn Sarah Gallahhorne 5 Oct 1866 Willis L. Auman
Isaac Dunn Milla Hussa (illegible) 6 Mar 1844 John Dunn (w) P. Wooley
John Dunn Juriah Haywood 11 Nov 1843 Wilson Boyd (w) P. Wooley
John Dunn Isabella Hurley 15 Dec 1852 G. W. Freeman (w) D. S. Pemberton
Wesley Dunn Manda Deaton 4 July 1848 William Pense (w) Nath'l Knight
William Dunn Elenor Hussey 3 Jan 1845 Wesley Dunn
John C. Dumas Alexenna A. Robinson 16 Nov 1858 Thomas G. Jordan (w) D. R. Cochran
Elisha Edwards Mary C. Lisk 4 October 1866 Richard Vandigrif (w) J. Reeves, J. P. m. 6 Oct 1866 by J. Reeves, J. P.
E. A. Elliot Miriam Lassiter 14 June 1863 J. B. Elliott (w) J. Reeves, J. P.
J. B. Elliott Sarah J. Coggin 4 Oct 1866 R. H. Elliot, (w) J. Reeves, J. P. m. 7 Oct 1866 by Gray Wood, M.G.
Laton Elliott Rebecca Jane Reaves 21 Aug 1859 W. A. Reaves
M. C. Elliott Margaret Crowel 6 June 1861 P. L. Elliott (w) J. Reeves, J. P.
William Elliott Julia Ann Sills 27 Dec 1855 John Waisner
C. J. (or G.) Epps Eliser Hulen 8 Nov 1865 Tho. C. Haltom (w) C. C. Wade, CCC
Caswell Epps Jane Hulin 30 Nov 1853 Robert Crowder
Daniel Epps Huldah Hurley 6 Apr 1845 Edmund Hearn – W. M. Wright (w) Sol. Harris
Ezekel Epps Caroline Jordan 8 Apr 1851 Thos. C. Haltom (w) John McLennan
James W. Ewing M. F. Wooley 2 May 1863 Allen McLennan
John Ewing Emily Martin 24 Nov 1866 (w) C. C. Wade, CCC. m. 24 Nov 1866 by J. C. Ewing, J. P.
Nathan Ewing Phillis Robinson 27 Aug 1866 Edmund Steele
W. T. H. Ewing Eda Ann Thomas 17 Feb 1862 A. F. Rush (w) Allen McLennan
B. F. Ferrol Marget Hall 18 Oct 1857 J. M. Redwine
Micagah Fine Sarah Hepler 5 Apr 1856 Jas. S. Curry (w) P. C. Saunders
**Charles Founderberk Lucy Wooley 3 June 1903 This is not a bond, but a request for License by F. B. Tuft
Samuel Fountain Sarah Richardson 6 Apr 1861 Wm. R. Jinkins (w) John McLennan
John Fraser Mary Meay 6 July 1843 John A. Ledbetter (w) J. C. Roper
John Fraser Druzy Wade 20 June 1861 John McLane (w) James Thomas
William Fraser Harriet Williams 24 Mar 1847 D. S. Pemberton (w) N. Knight
Bennet Freeman Mary Gibson 1 Jan 1844 Jackson Green (w) P. W. Wooley
John Freeman Rebecey Middleton 1 Apr 1845 Isaac Deaton – James McCaskill (w) A. A. McCaskill, J.P.
John Freeman Mary Hursey 4 Apr 1848 John A. Barret (w) N. Knight
John Freeman Elizabeth Elm (?) Russell 22 Apr 1851 S. H. Christian m. 29 Apr 1851 by A. H. Richardson, M.G.
Reuben Freeman Purline McCaskill 6 July 1851 Henry Ward (w) John Mclennan
Reuben Freeman Thana Brewer 12 Sep 1856 Larkin Brewer (w) A. A. McCaskill, J.P.
Sewel Freeman Kiddy Thomas 22 Mar 1848 Archibald N. McLeod (w) –. H. McRae
Pilot Fry Elizabeth McCallum 6 Apr 1852 Thos. Pemberton
Jas. E. Gadd Mary Ann Gadd 9 Aug 1865 Tho. C. Haltom
Pinckney Gadd Jane McKinzie 20 Dec 1845 William McKenzie (w) N. Knight
William Gadd Lydy Crage 21 Feb 1852 Isaac Smith (w) John McLennan, Clerk
John T. Galloway Laura Roberson 10 Oct 1857 John Dunn, Sn'r
Wm. H. Galloway ——  —— 17 May 1859 Jas. M. McRae (w) E. G. L. Barringer
James W. Gardner Frances Ballard 13 Oct 1848 Isaiah W. Ballard (w) N. Knight
Samuel W. Gardner Frances Williams 23 Mar 1848 James W. Gardner (w) J. C. Roper, J. P.
Samuel W. Gardner Sarah Jane Ballard 10 June 1858 Randolph S. Williams (w) E. G. L. Barringer
Edmund D. Gibson Mary Morris 29 June 1856 James E. Gibson (w) Jno. McLennan, CCC.
Alexander Gillis Margaret McLeod 16 Apr 1851 William T. Ewing (w) M. Murchison, J. P.
Martin Gillis Caroline Haltom 10 Dec 1844 David Rowe (w)— McRae
Ruffin Gillis Sealy Steed 5 Nov 1866 B. T. Coggin (w) C. C. Wade, CCC
Wesley Graham Lucinda Lucas 10 Sep 1865 James S. Spencer (w) C. C. Wade, Dpt.
Benjamin Graves Nancy Wooleaver 26 Aug 1852 D. S. Pemberton
James Graves Sarah Jane Dean 30 Dec 1848 George W. Green (w) N. Knight
Andrew Green (col.) Sally Dunn (col.) 15 Oct 1865 Harris Dunn (w) C. C. Wade, Dpt.
David Green Eliza Jane White 18 Mar 1847 James B. Green (w) Nath'l Knight
George W. Green Irena Simmons 19 Dec 1848 John L. Richardson
James B.(?) Green Elizabeth Rush 26 Mar 1855 Hartwell A. Green (w) J. Luther, J. P.
Mastin Green Mary Lamonds 20 Mar 1851 Amos Maners (w) Jas. Batten, Jno. McLennan, Clk. m. 20 Mar 1851 by James Batten
Mastin Green Deborah Deaton 26 July 1851 Daniel Gillis (w) John McLennan
Newell Green Serry (?) Murchison 14 July 1860 Alexander Russel
William Green Lively White 19 Sep 1850 Thomas Bird (w) J. C. Roper, J. P.
Allen E. Hall Martha Jane Hurley 10 Dec 1853 John F. Hulin
Allison G. Hall Mary catherine Gillis 31 Mar 1861 John H. Stone (w) Jas. Thomas, J. P.
George A. Hall Margaret Harris 27 Sep 1866 B. T. Coggin (w) C. C. Wade, CCC
John Hall Margaret Talbert 1860
Nathaniel L. Hall E. M. Futrel 16 June 1867 J. M. Wallace (w) A. P. Stokes m. 16 June 1867 by A. P. Stokes, M.G.
Nelson Terrentine Hall Sarah Anne Richardson 2 June 1861 Matthew W. Boroughs (w) Jas. Thomas, J. P.
Pinckney Hall C. T. Harris 26 Jan 1861 Rufus A. Shimpock
Tyson M. Hall Mary Coggin 5 Sep 1852 Alex F.(?) Hurley
William Allen Hall Disa Hardister 13 Aug 1855 John S. Revell
William H. Hall Mary Hulin 7 Feb 1847 Dunahay Cranford (w) P. C. Saunders
James Haltom Elizabeth Hulin 8 July 1845 William Hurley (w) N. Knight
Ira J. Hamilton Adaline Russell 23 Sep 1855 Wilson Russel
John F. Hamilton Eliza V. Smart 9 Nov 1865 J. Harris (w) C. C. Wade, Dpt. m. 12 Nov 1865 by A. P. Stokes, M. G.
N. Richard Hamilton Caly Hambleton 28 July 1867 G. H. Morgan (w) J. G. Morgan, J. P. m. 28 July 1867 by J. G. Morgan, J. P.
Erachel Hancock
(or Evachel)
Elizabeth Cole 17 Jan 1864 Jesse Smitherman
John L. Hancock Lyda Leach 8 Sep 1855 Bennet Freeman (w) John McLennan, CCC.
Reuben Hancock Elizabeth Freeman 16 Dec 1865 J. L. Hancock (w) C.C. Wade, Dpt. m. 21 Dec 1865 by A. P. Leach, J. P.
Charley E. Harper Sarah Lassiter 22 Aug 1865 Calvin Cagle (w) C.C. Wade, Dpt.
James H. Harper Abigael S. Ballard 20 Dec 1856 James H. Ballard (w) John McLennan, CCC
Auston Harris Norrey Russell 24 July 1851 Eli C. Coggin
Benjamin Harris Jane Tyson 4 Nov 18–– Jeremiah Luther
Britton Harris Martha Sedberry 30 June 1866 Ralph Mason (w) C.C. Wade, Dpt.
Elisha Harris Patience Pool 9 Nov 1850 Daniel Gillis (w) John McLennan, CCC.
Guilford Harris Catharine Fesperman 12 Aug 1849 David W. Hearn – Isham Coggin – Elisha Harris
John (?) Harris Frances Parker 21 Dec 1865 (w) C. C. Wade, Dpt. m. 21 Dec 1865 by W. M. Bostick, M.G.
Martin C. Harris Mary Ann McCallum 15 Feb 1862 James L. Wright
N. Harris Nancy Ingram 30 Nov 1845 Duncan Patterson (w) l. D. Birckhead, J. P.
Thomas Harris, Junr. Healthy Russell 9 June 1859 Eli Russell, Jr. (w) T. J. Forney, J. P.
Wm. Harris Mary Mainer 29 Dec 1860 L. Elliot (w) Wm. McAllister
Mark Harvel Martha Britt 30 May 1863 Calvin J. Cochran
James Harvell Catharine Parks 24 Aug 1852 Henry Harvell (w) John Lennan
Lewis Harvell Margaret Parks 29 Nov 1859 John Allen
Mark Harvell Rebeca Davis 16 Sep 1857 Willis Hunt (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Charles T. Haughton Sallie W. Chambers 3 Nov 1858 William A. Stutt (w) A. D. Blackwood
Isiah Haywood Heriet Parker 25 Dec 1856 John W. Pence (w) John McLennan
James Haywood Dizy Haywood 12 Nov 1844 Solomon Haywood (w) J. C. Roper, J. P.
James Haywood, Jr. Sarah Ann McDonald 24 Mar 1855 James D. Haywood (w) John McLennan CCC.
Miles Haywood Mary Priscilla Green 7 Mar 1844 William Haywood (w) P. W. Wooley
Thaddeus Haywood Mary Smart 6 Sep 1851 M. W. Martin
William Haywood Henrietta Green 25 Jan 1862 Miles Haywood (w) –. H. McRae
William R. Haywood Nancy Haywood 8 Jan 1850 James D. Haywood (w) Jno. McLennan CCC
Joel H. Hearn Margaret Tucker 28 June 1866 L. G. Harris (w) J. G. Morgan, J. P.
Henery Hearn Reany Harris 27 Dec 1865 Antony Davis m. 29 Dec 1865 by W. N. Thayer, L. D.
Toney Hearn Hely Alen 29 Apr 1866 Antony Davis (w) J. G. Morgan, J. P.
Henry H. Henry Sarah Williamson 1 Jan 1856 K. C. McAskill (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Hiram Hicks Wency Gillis 24 Jan 1851 Thomas Pemberton (w) John McLennan, Clk.
L. Berry Hicks Lucinda Hurt 1 Jan 1852 A. McLennan
Riley B. Hicks Nancy Ann Roe 6 Mar 1858 Thomas Pemberton (w) John McLennan, Clk.
William G. Hicks Jane Lassiter 6 Apr 1852 C. J. Cochran
Samuel Hight Mary Yarbrough 1 Dec 1859 Albert Gillis (w) John McLennan, Clk.
George W. Hilliard Josephine Scarbough 8 Aug 1849 James D. Whitlock (w) A. Graham, J. P.
John J. Hilliard Charity E. Doby 28 Sep 1860 Samuel Kennedy (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Dickson Hines Aseaky Ewing 14 Apr 1866 E. Wright
Saml Hite Lucy Ussery 8 July 1849 Daniel Gillis (w) N. Knight
Bery hix Sarah Lilly 12 Jan 1849 Daniel Gillis
Alexander Hogan Martha Jane Freeman 23 Dec 1858 Henry Crowder
A. B. Hogan Marann Deaton 4 Jan 1855 Levi Deaton (w) A. A. McCaskill, J. P.
Zachius Hogan Salena Boroughs 6 Apr 1866 W. L. Auman (w) C. C. Wade, CCC m. 6 Apr 1866 by A. P. Leach, J. P.
Joel Hogan Elizabeth Shuffel 20 Jan 1848 Larkin Brewer (w) James Batten, J. P.
Nelson F. Hopkins Delfener A. Sanders 20 Dec 1857 Ezikel Hardister (w) J. T. Coggin
S. Alexander Hopkins A. R. E. Arnold 14 Feb 1849 Daniel Zachary (w) –. –. Saunders, J. P.
Edward Howell Mary Richardson 17 Jun 1849 Thomas L. winslow (w) N. Knight
Thomas J. Howell Regena Moore 24 Jan 1856 William Hough (w) John McLennan, CCC
—— Hubard (col.) Delilia Lyles (col.) 15 Jan 1866 Alex. McQuage (w) H. S. Wade
David Hudson Matilda — 2 Mar 1853 Pleasant Fraser
Joel Hudson Hathar Brewer 24 Dec 1845 Lindsay Loftin
Hiram Hulin Candes Deaman 27 Jan 1860 D. R. Cochran (w) John McLennan
James Hulin Eliza Cranford 30 Aug 1853 Morison Cranford
Jesse Hulin Caroline Moore 24 Dec 1855 Zachry Hogan (w) John McLennan
Nelson K. Hulin Clarindo Crook 15 Jan 1855 Elisha Moore (w) John McLennan
A. A. Hunsucker Margaret Cook 24 Dec 1866 J. M. Jenkins (w) C. C. Wade, CCC
George H. Hunsucker Mary Cook 31 Mar 1853 C. J. Cochran
John A. Hunsucker Nancy Morris 3 Jan 1856 Abram C. Hunsucker (w) John McLennan
Martin Hunsucker Lydia Allen 3 Aug 1847 Wm. Butler (w) N. Knight
Daniel W. Hurley Elizabeth P. Coggin 26 Nov 1859 John F. Crowder (w) John McLennan, Clk. m. 27 Nov 1859 by John S. Revell, J. P.
Edmond Hurley8 James? Suggs 12 May 1866 John Reynolds
Armisted Hurly Mary Ann Beaman 20 Apr 1850 Henry Crowder (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Samuel Hurly Lucy Woolever 16 June 1857 George Luther (w) W. J. Cornelison
Willis N. Hurly Rebecca Epps 2 Oct 1850 John G. Hancock
Linsey Hursey Lydia J. Freeman –– 18(60) Noah R. Freeman (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Samuel R. Hursey Catharine Bean 14 Apr 1844 Martin Jordan (w) George Allen
Mason Hurt Sarah J. Stutts 12 Sep 1856 L. B. HIcks
John W. Hutchinson Martha McRae 17 Nov 1845 Solomon M. Ballard
John Hutson ———— 19 Apr 1866 W. Thomas Wade?
John Wesley Jackson Eliza Merrit 20 Aug 1845 John Morgan
***Ed Jerrell Sallie Mills 24 Feb 1904 This is not a bond; it is a request for a marriage
license to W. D. Allen, Reg. Deeds, from H. T. Scarboro
Elwood Johnson Ester Freeman, age 16 24 Aug 1903 This is not a bond; it is a statement of permission to
marry granted by W. K. Freeman on behalf of his daughter
Henry Johnson Elizabeth Williams 28 Aug 1848 Burfield Hursey (w) N. Knight
Isham H. Johnson Sarah Ann McLendan 22 Han 1860 Joshua C. Hill (w) –. Galloway
Richmond Johnson Celia Lassiter 2 May 1848 Alexander McLennan (w) N. Knight
Uriah Jones Seaneth Smith 26 Apr 1851 Calvin R. Boyd
m. 1 May 1851 by Jas. W. McRae, J.P.
James Jordan Deborah Reynolds 26 Jan 1852 Allen McLennan (w) John McLennan
Martin Jordan Mary Lewis 1 Jan 1844 Jackson Green (w) P. Wooley
Reuben Jordan Elizabeth Hollam 24 Jan 1851 Jaackson Green (w) John McLennan
Reuben Jordan Catharine Ann Hunsucker 10 Oct 1851 Jackson Green
Walter A. Jordan Susan Butler 4 Dec 1843 Thos. C. Haltom (w) P. W. Wooley
Alexander Jourdan Sarah Allen 4 Apr 1848 Atles J. Cochran
R. R. Kelly Martha McRae 8 Jan 1844 James D. Pemberton (w) C. W. Wooley
R. D. Kern Catharine McLeod 12 July 1853 Nathaniel Knight
Allen King Rebecca Cornelison 11 Mar 1862 Daniel L. McMillan
John King Lucy Comer 14 Feb. 1862 Elijah Spivy
William King Sarah Hancock 11 Nov 1850 Cummins King (w) Jonathan Cornelison, J. P.
George Kinny Elizabeth Hall 4 Feb 1856 Brackton Hall (w) G. Coggin
James Kirk Delpha Adaline Andrews 22 Sep 1847 Thomas Martin Kirk
Thomas M. Kirk Mary Frances Andrews 27 Nov 1855 D. L. Clark (w) J. S. Montgomery & –. J. Montgomery
James Kron Martha A. Kron 24 Apr 1866 (torn) — Coggin
Frederick Lake Salena Wright 2 Aug 1847 Charles Yarbrough (w) M. Murchison
Angus Lamonds Elizabeth Batten 15 Jul 1845 James McCaskill (w) James Batten, J. P.
Archibald N. Lamonds Mary McCaskill 23 Oct 1860 James L. Parsons
Jacob Landers Tempy Morris 23 Aug 1856 Jno. Merrit (w) John McLennan, Clk.
James A. Lassiter Nancy Suggs 12 Jan 1857 E. F. Howell (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Stephen Lassiter Sarah Cagle 27 Aug 1858 James Smitherman (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Martin Laton Mary Smart 3 Oct 1850 M. C. G. Russell (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Harvey Latham Amey Nicholas 24 Feb 1857 John C. Nichols
Nathaniel Lax Margaret Buncanon 21 May 1850 Thomas L. Winslow (w) John McLennan, Clk.
James A. Leach Deborah Simmons 17 Oct 1857 Daniel P. Leach (w) John McLennan
Malcom D. Leach Catharine McLeod 9 Aug 1849 Daniel Gillis (w) N. Knight
Malcom M. Leach Tamer Coggins 5 Nov 1844 Calvin J. Cochran (w) W. H. McRae
Robert D. Leach Viecey Smith 8 Mar 1857 Eli Deaton (w) A. A. McCaskill, J. P.
Henry W. Ledbetter Christian McAulay 29 Mar 1852 D. S. Pemberton
Jacob leflar Eliza Walker 19 Dec 1850 John Waisner (w) B. W. Simmons
John Lemmonds Ritty Ricks 9 Feb 1864 Jesse Smitherman (w) J. J. Spencer, Clk.
James Lewis Nancy Parsons 13 Mar 1847 James Haywood
Nelson P. Liles Elizabeth Obor 26 Dec 1863 C. C. Wade
Henry Lilly Jane Tomkins 27 Dec 1866 Paton Williams (col) (w) L. S. Brickhouse
Thomas Lilly Dinsy Williams 3 Feb 1847 Nathaniel Cook (w) Nath. Knight
Z. G. Linebery Roseanah Auman 26 Jan 1866 Willis L. Auman (w) C. C. Wade, Dpt.
m. 1 Feb 1866 by — Linebery
Doctor M. Lisk Patsy Buringann 2 Jan 1845 James C. Andrews
Robert Lisk Lucy Frasuer 24 Oct 1844 A. R. Warner (w) W. H. McRae
Washington Lisk Lucinda Ortry 29 Apr 1843 Thos. Williams (w) C. W. Wooley
Washington Lisk Mary Autery 5 Sep 1850 L. H. Tedder (w) E. G. L. Barringer
William T. Lisk Martha Philips 6 Mar 1855 William J. Garner
James P. Lisks Elizabeth Ann Luther 7 May 1858 Noah Readin (w) J. McLennan, Clk.
James Livingston Martha J. Andrews 20 Dec 1857 John A. Livingston (w) E. G. L. Barringer
Wesly B. Loflin Nancy Coggin 20 Dec 1860 L. W. Elliott
Elisha B. Low Martha J. Wooley 21 Dec 18611 William F. Morton (w) James Batten
Agrippa Lucas Louise Cagle 19 Mar 1852 Robartes Dean (w) John McLennan, CCC.
Finchen Lucas Margret Martin 18 Aug 1856 C. J. Cochran
James Lucas Emaline Cupples 20 Apr 1855 Reuben Cupples (w) John McLennan, CCC.
Calier Luther Melvina F. Saunders 13 Jan 1852 Jesse Saunders (w) P. C. Saunders
Isaiah Luther Keziah Auman 17 Jan 1849 Robert M. Cox. (w) N. Knight
Jesse M. Luther Sarah Hamleton ———— J. W. Hamilton (w) Silas Kearans, J. P.
m. 24 May 1866 by Silas Kearans, J. P.
Boon McArthur Emma Worritton 6 Jun 1844 B. Scarbrough (w) J. C. Roper, J. P.
Daniel McAulay Christian Gillis 4 Jan 1847 Daniel McLeod – John McAuley (w) Nathl. Knight
John C. McAulay Mary Ann Parker 29 Mar 1860 W. A. McAuley (w) E. G. L. Barringer, J. P.
John McAuley Sarah Gillis 10 Sep 1850 Daniel Gillis (w) John McLennan
Martin A. McAwlay Adaline Scarbor 12 Nov 1843 John T. McKinnon (w) Jas. Roper, J.P.
William F. McAuley Mary Ann Dunn 10 Jan 1856 W. T. Wade (w) H. T. Wade, CCC.
m. 11 Jan 1866 by W. M. Bostick, M.G.
Neill McCallum Ephemia J. Munn 3 Oct 1865 John Munn (w) C. C. Wade, Dpt.
A. L. McCanless J. A. Neal 1 Jul 1866 W. G. Davis (w) J. W. Reeves, J.P.
A. A. McCaskill Rejoicy Bunnel 28 Aug 1844 Asa Bunnel (w) James Batten, J.P.
James McCaskill Emaline Munn 20 Dec 1849 John C. Munn (w) James Batten, J.P.
M. C. McCaskill Ann C. Clark 19 Dec 1866 S. T. Usher
Neill McCaskill Elizabeth Wooley 11 Aug 1866 Nelson McCaskill
Nelson McCaskill Analiza McCaskill 17 Dec 1866 E. A. Munn (w) C. C. Wade
Coll McDonald Temperance Williams 6 Nov 1848 Isaiah A.(?) Ballard
Daniel McDonald Sela McKinnon 24 Nov 1845 M. Murchison
Franklin McDougal Milla Pool 25 Sep 1866 W. R. Pool
F. C. McInnis Elizabeth C. Batten 29 Dec 1859 E. D. Batten (w) James Batten
John McIntyre Rebecca Harris 26 Oct 1863 Aaron Johnson
Neill McKennon Sarah Sherron 31 Aug 1843 John McQuean (w) D. N. Cochran
James M. McKenzie Fanny Beton 13 Nov 1865 A. C. Currie (w) C. C. Wade, Dpt.
John T. McKinnon Sarah Deberry 28 Mar 1850 Wm. H. McRae
Benjamin McLendon Eliza Jane Hill 26 Nov 1850 Thomas Johnson (w) E. G. L. Barringer
James McLendon Matilia Johnson 17 Jun 1855 J. A. Graham (w) E. G. L. Barringer
Joel McLendon Sarah Gailly 20 Apr 1848 Laughlin L. McKay (w) E. G. L. Barringer
Zacheriah McLendon Mary Scarbrough 30 Dec 1859 A. McDonald (w) Wm. H. Galloway
m. 30 Dec 1859 by James Thomas, J. P.
John McLennan Margaret E. Horton 30 Apr 1855 C. J. Cochran
Alexander McLeod Margaret McCaskill 26 Mar 1849 Malcom P. Leach (w) N. Knight
John McLeod Mary Ann Martin 26 Nov 1852 E. C. Martin
John A. McLeod Euthamia McCaskill 22 Mar 1862 M. C. McCaskill
M. J. McLeod Lucindy McCaskill 17 Oct 1865 R. J. Haltom (w) C. C. Wade, Dpt.
Alex M. McQuean Martha Semmons 26 Nov 1859 Robert Crowder (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Calvin McQuean Margaret Smith 7 Nov 1850 John McQuean (w) John McLennan, Clk.
James B. McQuean Nancy Britt 7 Jul 1847 Dyron Deaton (w) N. Knight
Wm. B. McQuean Martha Chancy (widow) 28 Jan 1866 Neill McInnis (w) D. Wright
28 Jan 1866 by D. Wright, M.G.
Calvin McRae Lethea Coggin 27 Feb 1844 Thos. C. Haltom (w) P. W. Wooley
George M. McRae Eliza Lisks 29 Mar 1851 Alexander McLennan (w) John McLennan
James L. McRae Rebecca McRae 29 Sep 1866 Jones L. Williams
Silas McRae Eliz. Smitherman 6 Sep 1865 Enoch Smitherman (w) C. C. Wade, Dpt.
Wilson McRae Charlotte Lucas 14 Apr 1866 George Smitherman (w) C. C. Wade, Dpt.
Isaac R. Macon Martha J.(?) Dunn 16 Dec 1865 (w) C. C. Wade, Dpt.
m. 17 Dec 1865 by Neill McInnis, J.P.
Joshua Maines
(or Maness)
Martha Parnell 28 Jul 1863 Jackson Green (w) J. J. Spencer, Clk.
m.28 July 1863 by Neill McInnis, J.P.
Sam'l H. Maner or Manes –torn– –torn– D. R. Fillman –torn–
Amos Manes Cath. Lammonds 23 Jan 1849 Daniel Lammons (w) M. Murchison, J.P.
Andrew Manes Malona Dunn 12 Feb 1849 Henery Manes
James Manes Ann Williams 31 Jul 1848 John H. Montgomery (w) N. Knight
Joshua Manes Lecia Jordan 14 Aug 1848 Reuben Jordan (w) Nathl. Knight
Joshua Maness Martha Parnell 28 Jul 1863 Jackson Green (w) J. J. Spencer, Clk.
m. 28 Jul 1863 by Neill McInnis, J.P.
Abraham Martin Jane Little 14 Oct 1866 Frank Haywood (w) J. W. Dunn
Elijah C. Martin Nancy McLeod 1 Nov 1851 George W. Hunsucker
George Martin Esther Haywood 12 Aug 1866 Abe Martin (w) C. C. Wade, Dpt.
John C. Martin Euzaline Hurley 13 Sep 1853 A. P. Leach (w) James Batten
John L. Martin Elizabeth Betham 23 Jul 1851 Daniel Lammons (w) James Batton
Washington Martin Liza Steel – Oct 1865 W. T. Wade (w) C. C. Wade, Dpt.
John D. Mask Martha Stacy 12 Jul 1857 S. A. Williams
Harris C. Mason Nancy Davis 9 Dec 1860 Lee Russell (w) B. T. Coggin
J. R. Mason Tobitha Thompson 26 Sep 1866 Ralph Mason
James S. Matheson Susan E. Lisk 2 Jan 1867 Jas. R. Dunn (w) W. M. Bostick
John T. Matheson Diza Redden 9 Sep 1851 B. L. Sanders
M. D. Matherson Laura W. Andrews 20 Dec 1861 James C. Andrews (w) Wm. H. McRae, D.C.
m. 21 Dec 1861 by E. G. L. Barringer, J.P.
William P. Mears Eliza McCaskill 7 Jan 1856 Kindred Stewart (w) James Batten
William B. Mendenhall Mary Hurley 19 Jan 1851 James C. –ay
Duncan L. Parsons Miranda Pool 3 Jan 1848 David Yarbrough
Martin Parsons Effy McCallum 27 Feb 1845 Neill McCallum (w) –. H. McRae
John A. Peacock Mary A. Henderson 10 Jan 1857 Wm. S. Cox (w) B. G. Coggin
James R. Pearce E. R. Wood 27 Jan 1866 Thomas Wood
m. 29 Jan 1866 by Frank H. Wood, M.G.
George Pearks Deborah Allen 14 Aug 1844 Wm. Richardson (w) W. H. McRae
Norwood Peeler Anna Ridenhorn 13 Oct 1848 Simpson Copley (w) N. Knight
David S. Pemberton Mary J. Ledbetter 19 Jun 1848 Thomas L. Winslow (w) D. Gillis
Thomas Pemberton J. A. McCallum 19 Oct 1851 Malcom A. Monroe
Allison Pence Sarah Warren (?) 27 Apr 1861 Clark Thompson (w) B. T. Coggin
Franklin Pence Laura Tolbert 16 Oct 1859 Levi Tolbert (w) Thos. J. Forney
John W. Pence Jane E. Green 6 June 1843 James Haywood (w) P. W. Wooley
William Pence Margaret Cook 24 May 1849 Robert Brown (w) J. C. Roper, J.P.
J. S. Pennington Emma Cotton 26 Apr 1862 B. F. Simmons
James Perl Flora McRae 6 Jan 1852 Malcom Gillis
Lewis Phillips Nancy Smith 9 Nov 1856 Robert C. Smith (w) J. H. Montgomery
Zaccheus Poe Cecilla Davis 9 Apr 1858 David R. Cochran (w) John McLennan, Clk
Colwell Pool Eliza Jane Bruton 26 Feb 1856 William Bruton (w) Jno. McLennan
David W. Pool Mary Jane Pool 7 Dec 1865 Terrell Pool (w) C. C. Wade
Hartwell S. Pool Eliza Harris 4 Mar 1857 Taylor Harris (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Martin Pool Mary J. Baldwin 2 Apr 1860 David Pool (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Terrell Pool Judah Bruton 14 Aug 1866 John Martin Sedberry
William Pool Mary Ray 21 Jan 1853 Thos. Pemberton (w) D. L. Pemberton, D.C.
Walter L. Powell Hattie Ann Ellerbe 31 Oct 1859 Tho. C. Haltom (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Branson Presnell Lecy Auman 14 Feb 1859 Noah Auman (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Daniel Ragsdale Margaret Clarinda Hardister 17 Feb 1861 E. J. Hardister (w) J. S. Revell.
They had a daughter, Caroline before he left
for the war and died before returning. Joe Thompson
D. P. Rainwaters Elizabeth Morrison 27 Mar 1858 D. D. Deberry (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Archibald Ray Flora Livingston 25 May 1847 Duncan L. Parsons (w) M. B. McRae, J. P.
Calvin Reaves Eliza Taylor 26 Mar 1857 Titus M. Elliott (w) Thomas J. Forney
Whitson A. Reaves Carline Coggin 1 Dec 1858 Noah Coggin (w) Thomas J. Forney
William R. Redding Catharine Autery 21 Nov 1848 Lebourn Miggison (w) E. G. L. Barringer
Julius C. Reeves Lydia Caddell 17 Jan 1859 Tillman Reaves (w) Thomas J. Forney
George W. Reynolds A. Janie Peacock 8 Sep 1851 D. C. McAulay (w) John McLennan
James Reynolds Deborah Moore 12 Dec 1853 Jacob Reynolds (w) John McLennan
Joseph A. Reynolds Mary Ann Hurly 23 Feb 1858 D. A. Hurley (w) John McLennan
Anthony T. Rich Elizabeth Auman
or Amerson
16 June 1855 W. Lassiter
Alfred H. Richardson Celestia A. Tillman 14 Nov 1844 John L. Christian (w) W. H. McRae
Elijah Richardson Sophea Simmons 24 Oct 1851 John S. Richardson
John Zebidee Richardson Vany Simmons 1 Feb 1845 Nathan Jinkins – Lovin Richardson (W) Richard Green
Lovin Richardson Sarah Butler 10 Feb 1845 Mastin Greene
Raleigh Richardson Lany Freeman 14 Dec 1862 or "66 Wm. Thomas (w) C. C. Wade
Sampson Richardson Elizabeth Blake 21 Oct 1860 John C. Richardson (w) A. A. McCaskill, J.P.
Eldridge Riley Nancy Caroline Wallace 5 Sep 1855 P. C. Riley (w) John McLennan
John W. Riley Ann Wallace 7 Jan 1847 Leonard Cranford (w) P. C. Saunders
Peter Riley Jane Wallace 26 Jan 1852 Leonard Cranford (w) John McLennan
Henry Robinson Eveline Wooten 30 Aug 1866 A. C. Robinson
James M. Robinson Eliza E. Hearn 15 Nov 1855 Calvin Jordan (w) John McLennan
Linington (?) Robinson Ann McKinnon (?) 20 Dec 1843 Isaiah M. Wilson (w) P. W. Wooley
Thomas C. Robinson Wincey J. Tyson 5 Sep 1866 Columbus C. Crouch (w) W. M. Bostick
H. E. Rounsaville E. H. Bruton ———— m. 10 June 1851 by John Tillett, M.G.
Benjamin T. Rush Patience Baldwin 6 Nov 1847 Alexander McLennan (w) N. Knight
Calvin Rush Melinda McLendon 27 Feb 1847 Thos. C. Haltom
Martin Rush Elizabeth Harris 11 Oct 1866 J. W. Harris
Zebedee Rush Tobitha Jane Ewing 9 Dec 1856 Z. F. Rush (w) John McLennan
Columbus Russell Elizabeth Wasner 21 Feb 1860 McKinsy Russell (w) B. T. Coggin
Emmanuel Russell Elizabeth Hearne 8 Dec 1850 Austin S. Harris (w) p. C. Saunders, J.P.
William Russell Maryan Hall 18 Sep 1853 P. M. Redwine (w) E. H. Davis
A. E. Sanders Sarah M. Loflin 6 Dec 1866 A. A. Sanders (w) J. W. Reeves, J.P.
m. 6 Dec 1866 by J. W. Reeves, J.P.
Aaron T. Sanders Nancy White 7 Aug 1860 Daniel Yarbrough (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Elijah W. Sanders Elizabeth Richardson 11 Sep 1861 Samuel Fountain (w) John McLennan, Clk.
J. Z. Sanders Mary M. Hamilton 22 May 1860 Ira J. Hamilton (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Henry Saunders, Jr. Malenda Dennis 2 Jan 1844 Green Saunders (w) P. C. Saunders, J.P.
Jones Scarborough (col.) Caroline Barringer (col.) 7 Sep 1866 Calvin Scarbrough (w) W. H. Bostick
Benjamin Scarbrough Martha A. Bell 25 Jan 1844 John L. Christian (w) P. W. Wooley
Calvin Scarbrough (col.) Ceary Christian (col.) 20 Dec 1865 W. T. Wade (w) C. C. Wade, Dpt.
J. R. Scarbrough H.(or M.) J. Dumas 13 Dec 1866 J. L. Williams (w) W. M. Bostick
James B. Scarbrough Martha Boggan 23 Dec 1855 Alexander Andrews
John Scarbrough Eliza A. Richardson 31 Dec 1854 Kenneth McRae (w) E. G. L. Barringer
John R. Scarbrough Nancy Williams 10 Dec 1847 D. Gillis (w) N. Knight
W. S. Scarbrough Laury Mask 2 Feb 1860 John H. Hancock (w) E. G. L. Barringer
A. J. Seamon Nancy Jane Doby 28 Sep 1858 L. W. Elliott (w) Wm. McAllister
Calvin Segraves Nancy Jarrel 15 Apr 1851 Pleasant M. Ballard (w) E. G. L. Barringer
Jacob Sellars Laura Ann E. Wms. 25 Sep 1852 James Simmons
Alexander Shaw Catharine Yarborough 22 Oct 1857 Elias M. Deaton (w) A. A. McCaskill, J.P.
Duncan C. Shaw Sarah Yarbrough 25 June 1857 Alexander Shaw (w) A. A. McCaskill, J.P.
Thomas Shaw Mary Sanders 27 Aug 1855 Charles Geo. Callicot (w) John McLennan, CCC.
Thomas Shaw Lila Jane Sanders 21 Feb 1867 E. Shuford Sanders (w) A. P. Stokes
Rufus A. Shinpoch Elen McAllister 15 Nov 1865 W. L McCanless
John W. Sikes Milly Ann Deaton 30 Nov 1858 William T. Yarborough (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Josiah Sills Hetty Griffin 17 Nov 1853 James W. Reeves (w) E. H. Davis
William Simmons Sarah F. Borroughs 6 Jan 1858 Dempsey Cagle (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Abraham S. Singleton Carolina Davis 27 Nov 1850 James Singleton (w) M. Murchison, J.P.
Samuel P. Singleton Emaline Bethun 29 Oct 1860 James Singleton (w) M. Murchison, J.P.
Aaron Slack Leatha Sanders 15 Feb 1845 Allen H. Bean (w) John McLennan CCC.
Elias Slack Nancy Hurley
(or Henley)
25 Oct 1858 Enoch Strider (w) John McLennan CCC.
Martin ?. Smart Amy Scarbor 4 Jan 1852 Sebron Parsons
Wm. W. Smart Marian Bowdown 19 Nov. 1851 Jas. McRae (w) E. G. L. Barringer
m. 21 Nov 1851 by E. G. L. Barringer, J.P.
George L. Smith Sarah Graham 15 Oct 1856 William S. Smith (w) Jno. McLennan, Clk
Isaac Smith Reiny Jordan 10 Dec 1845 Seth Andrews (w) N. Knight
James Smith Electran (?) Morgan 21 May 1843 S. H. Christian (w) P. W. Wooley
Matthias Smith Rhoda Heck 14 Feb 1856 Jacob Lassiter (w) Jno. McLennan, Clk
Thomas Smith Elizabeth Jane Hurt 22 Sep 1847 Thomas Williams (w) Nathl. Knight
Thomas R. Smith Matilda G. Ballard 9 Feb 1855 William C. Morris (w) Nathl. Knight
W. D. Smith Catharine Hunsucker 13 Nov 1865 G. A. Graham (w) C. C. Wade, Dpt.
m. 14 Nov 1865 by A. P. Stokes, M.G.
Daniel Spence Margaret A. Waisner 17 Oct 1866 Wm. N. Lomax (w) J. W. Reeves, J.P.
m. 17 Oct 1866 by J. W. Reeves, J.P.
J. A. Spencer Rocitty J. Auman 5 Mar 1866 Jno. P. Leach
Jesse S. Spencer H. L. McRae 20 May 1858 C. J. Cochran (w) Jno. McLennan
Mark Spivey Susan Lassiter 7 Mar 1858 Stephen Lassiter (w) John McLennan
John Stacy Margaret Teder 31 Oct 1866 Jesse Smitherman (w) C. C. Wade
Robert J. Steele Elizabeth Baldwin 26 Sep 1856 J. T. Mason (w) John McLennan
B. F. Stewart —— Smith
dau. of N. J. Smith
19 Dec 1882 This is not a bond; it is a note of consent for marriage of the dau. N. J. Smith given by Smith; certified by B. F. Stewart
Eli Stoker Mary Ann Gibson 24 Oct 1866 Neill McInnis (w) C. C. Wade, CCC.
John H. Stone Martha Stone
(or McKay)
25 Feb 1862 R. C. Miller – Martha McKay (w) Jas. Thomas, J.P.
Charles Strider Martha Jane Lucas 8 Jan 1856 E. W. Sanders (w) John McLennan, CCC.
James M. A. Strider Lucy Kennedy 9 Mar 1864 C. J. Cochran
Leonard C. Stutts Jane Robinson 7 Aug 1856 Wm. W. Williams (w) John McLennan, CCC.
M. H. Stutts Elizabeth T. Lewis 3 Sep 1865 Noah B. Stutts (w) C. C. Wade, CCC.
Thomas Suggs Elizabeth Allen 3 Nov 1860 Jesse A. Sanders (w) John McLennan, CCC.
Willie Suggs Christian Simmons 8 Apr 1856 James A. Lassiter (w) John McLennan, CCC.
DeWitt Taylor Margaret Lomax 7 Nov 1855 Lockey W. Elliott (w) Wm. McAllister
Willis Taylor Amanda Taylor 18 Aug 1858 James Reevs
John C. Teal Frances J. Scarbrough 1 Apr 1855 Hesakiah Mask
Thomas F. Teal Martha Mask 18 Feb 1855 William H. Galloway (w) E. G. L. Barringer
Mumford Tedder Christian McKay 29 Dec 1843 Jas. McRae (w) C. W. Wooley
Milton Terry Elizabeth J. Ballard 5 Jan 1858 Colin Byrd (w) John McLennan, CCC.
M. Thayer M. E. Futrel 27 Aprr 1867 T. Nathaniel Hall (w) A. P. Stoker
Daniel M. Thomas Lucinda R. Stewart 26 Feb 1857 Wilborn Lassiter (w) John McLennan, CCC.
John Thomas Margaret Freeman 31 Oct 1857 Armstead Moore (w) John McLennan, CCC.
William Thomas Marthey J. Richardson 9 Apr 1851 Allen Martin (w) John McLennan, CCC.
David A. Thompson Elizabeth Green 6 Feb 1858 Isaiah Haywood (w) John McLennan, CCC.
Clark Thompson Margaret Tolbert
or Mary Tolbert
26 May 1860 Wm. Tolbert (w) Tho. J. Forney
Colwell Thompson Flora Ann Mathison 31 Jul 1860 Isaiah Haywood
George W. Thompson Elizabeth Hamilton 9 Aug 1865 Jos. W. Hall (w) A. S. Harris, J.P.
John E. Tillman Mary Green 13 Feb 1851 Alexander McLennan (w) John McLennan, CCC.
John E. Tillman Lucretia J. Green 25 Mar 1861 S. L. Sanders (w) James T. Bruton
Brantly Tolbert Melenda Russel 22 Jun 1858 (or 1 Jul 1859) Eli Russell, Jr.
Mark T. Tolbert Prica Coggin 12 Dec 1866 Tho. C. Haltom (w) C. C. Wade
Haris Thompson Elizabeth Spivy 5 Mar 1851 J. H. Roper
Charles Townsend (col.) Ellen Burns (col.) 13 Mar 1866 m. 13 Mar 1866 by W. M. Bostick, M.G.
J. T. Townsend M. A. Haywood 22—1856 William B. Jordan (w) John McLennan, CCC.
S. R. Townsend Hannah J. Baldwin 6 Nov 1855 A. S. Stingh? (w) R. T. Steele
Wm. Trogden Emma Tucker 30 Oct 1866 Neill McInnis (w) C. C. Wade, CCC.
Jacob K. Tucker Letitia Tolbert 9 Oct 1859 Levi Tolbert (w) P. J. Forney, J.P.
Jesse Tucker Zilpha Nichols 26 Aug 1845 John C. Nichols (w) Nathl. Knight
Jesse C. Tucker Susanah Ward 10 Feb 1860 Reuben Ward (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Nathaniel Tucker Margaret Ward 22 Dec 1860 Young Ward (w) John McLennan, Clk.
James S. Turner Judith T. Chambers (widow) 10 Oct 1866 Jacob Shankle (w) C. C. Wade, Clerk
m. 11 Oct 1866 by Thomas A. Boone, M.G.
Thomas Tyson Sarah Harris 31 Oct 1859 B. F. Harris (w) John McLennan, Clk.
James B. Usher Abigail Harris 10 Dec 1853 Alexander W. McLennan (w) John McLennan
Samuel T. Usher Sarah A. Ewing 19 Aug 1858 J. S. Spencer (w) John McLennan
John Ussery Mary Howell 22 Nov 1862 Thomas C. Haltom (w) J. S. Spencer
Mastin A. Ussery Mary Jane Sedberry 28 Apr 1866 Moses H. Ussery
John Vancannon Clementine Bledsoe 7 June 1859 Thos. L. Winslow (w) Nathl. Knight
John Vancannon Sarah Ann Moore 3 Oct 1865 Markus Harvill (w) C. C. Wade, Dpt.
Peter Vancannon Mary Reynolds 2 Dec 1845 Henry Reynolds
Elsworth Vandagrif Adline Hearn 20 Sep 1866 S. J. Cranford (w) J. W. Reeves, J.P.
m. 23 Sep 1866 by J. W. Reeves, J.P.
P. H. Wade Lucy J. Frasier 1 Dec 1866 Jesse Smitherman (w) C. C. Wade
Alexander Waisner Lendy Talbert 9 Sep 1866 W. E. Russell (w) J. W. Reeves, J.P.
m. 9 Sep 1866 by J. W. Reeves, J.P.
Brantly Waisner S. A. Parker 19 Dec 1866 J. F. Talbert(w) J. W. Reeves, J.P.
m. 19 Dec 1866 by J. W. Reeves, J.P.
David Waisner Margaret Reeves 17 Nov 1851 John Waisner (w) B. F. Simmons
Wilson Waisner Elizabeth Lefler 14 Jul 1857 Gilbert Russell (w) B. T. Coggin
A. C. Wallace Sophrona J. Steed 27 Jan 1855 Harris Johnson (w) D. R. Cochran
Erasmus S. Wallace Phelena Steed 27 Feb 1849 Leonard Cranford (w) N. Knight
J. H. Wallace E. J. Waisner 16 Jun 1867 Nathanial Hall (w) A. P. Stoker
m. 16 June 1867 by A. P. Stoker, M.G.
Henry Ward Elizabeth Brewer 20 Mar 1855 C. J. Cochran (w) John McLennan
Young Ward Martha Tucker 24 Jul 1858 A. H. Sanders (w) John McLennan, Clk.
Augustus R. Warner Adaline Lisk 12 Apr 1849 Calvin J. Cochran (w) E. G. L. Barringer
Jas. D. Watkins Martha J. Barringer 1 May 1861 J. R. Livingston (w) John McLennan, Clk.
****G. O. Wilhoit, Rev. Annie Haywood – May –06 This is not a bond; it is a request for marriage
license for these parties and directed to
W. D. Allen, Reg. of Deeds, Troy, N.C.
Ansley Williams Caroline Hamilton 30 Jan 1847 Green Hamilton (w) P. C. Saunders
James C. Williams Clearinda Taylor 7 Oct 1850 John W. Williams (w) John McLennan, Clk.
M. D. Williams Caroline Smith 20 Nov 1843 David Forest (w) P. W. Coolwy
Paton Williams (col.) Licey Dunlap (col.) 12 Nov 1865 Calvin Miller (w) C. C. Wade, Dpt.
Randolph B. Williams Mary B. Ballard 1 Sep 1857 Samuel N. Gardner (w) J. McLennan
Thomas Williams Martha Boyd 17 Jan 1851 William A. McAulay (w) J. C. Roper
William W. Williams Elizabeth Robinson 22 Apr 1852 G. B. Williams
John Willson Mary Wade 2 May 1849 James M. McRae (w) E. G. L. Barringer
Gray Wood Martha A. Cotton 28 May 1850 Alexander Oliver (w) John McLennan, CCC.
Thomas J. Wood Sarah M. Christian 27 Jan 1866 James R. Pearce (w) C. C. Wade
m. 29 Jan 1866 by Frank H. Wood, M.G.
Franklin Wooley Martha Jane Pool 17 Dec 1866 Nelson McCaskill (w) C. C. Wade, CCC.
Robert R. Wooley Elizabeth Pool 2 Dec 1856 Absolim C. Wooley (w) John McLennan, Clk
S. A. Wright Sarah Ann Wright 5 Aug 1861 Dison Deaton (w) John McLennan
Edward Wright Celea Wright 5 Jun 1857 E. F. Howell
James L. Wright Wincy Blake 25 Mar 1850 Walter A. Wright (w) John McLennan, CCC.
Sampson A. Wright Lovedy Chappel 25 Feb 1847 Edward A. Wright (w) John McLennan, CCC.
Joshua Yarborough Deborah Deaton 3 Jan 1853 Meryman Britt
Benjamin Yarbrough Sarah J. Blake 28 Jan 1860 Wm. P. Yarbrough (w) John McLennan, CCC.
Charles Yarbrough Wincy Jane Munn 16 Feb 1848 David Yarbrough (w) A. A. McCaskill, J.P.
Charles Yarbrough Francis Bethune 8 Jul 1862 Joseph Yarbrough (w) J. S. Spencer, Clk.
m. 19 Jul 1862 by Joseph Ewing, J.P.
D. B. Yarbrough Elizabeth Blake 1 May 1866 Elisha Harris
Daniel Yarbrough Mary Jane Biglow 24 Aug 1848 Allen Martin (w) M. B. McRae, J.P.
Daniel Yarbrough Nancy Sanders 10 May 1862 A. L. Parsons (w) W. H. McRae
David Yarbrough Elizabeth McCallum 10 Feb 1850 James Yarbrough (w) A. A. McCaskill, J.P.
John Yarbrough Nancy Murchison 20 Feb 1851 William P. Yarbrough (w) M. Murchison, J.P.
Samuel Yarbrough Patience Martin 24 Nov 1860 Daniel Yarbrough (w) John McLennan
John York Mary Scarborough 30 May 1851 Geo. W. Hilliard m. 1 Jun 1851 by Jas. W. McRae, J.P.

*Frederick V. Baldwin, age 29, son of D. C. & C. E. Baldwin
Cora May Smith, Age 19 dau. of John W. & Mary Smith.

**Charles Founderberk, age 24, colored, of Richmond County, son of Henry, deceased, & Rebecca Founderberk of Mecklenburg County, N.C.
Lucy Wooley, age 21, colored, dau. of Rich, deceased, & Jane Wooley

*** Ed Jerrell, age 21, son of Iben &Mary Jane Jerrel
Sallie Mills, age 18, dau. of S. A., living, & Jinnie Mills, deceased

****G. O. Wilhoit of Union County, N.C., age 60 yrs., son of K. M.,dead, &Matilda Wilhoit, living, of Stanly County, N.C.
Annie Haywood, dau. of T. F., living, & Mary Haywood dead.

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