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Compiled & Edited by Myrtle N. Bridges

Isham Norton came to Richmond County from Northampton County, NC as a fairly 
young man, and settled near Joe's Creek. He fathered six sons and two daughters. 
Many of his descendants were found either in Richmond, Robeson, or Scotland County 
North Carolina, or in the South Carolina counties of Dillon, Marion and Marlborough. 

I believe Isham's son William moved to Randolph County, Indiana where he lived the 
rest of his life. Richmond County, North Carolina is shown on William and his wife's 
tombstones in Hopewell Church Cemetery in Wayne County, Indiana. The little town of 
Laurel Hill, North Carolina, from where William Norton and his wife Elizabeth Snead 
are believed to have emigrated, was home to many Quaker (Society of Friends) families 
in the eighteenth century. Not having certain proof that this William was a son of 
Isham, I have drawn conclusions by the "preponderance of evidence." 

This 174 page soft cover publication contains photos and copies of original death 
certificates, etc.. Relying on Ancestry.Com census, marriage and death, and military 
records, I have attempted to fit together as many family members as possible. Old 
newspapers have been another great source of factual data. I am indebted to several 
cousins for information as to families that I could not otherwise have obtained. In 
each account I give full credit to the person who shared his or her history. For those 
who also sent pictures," Thank-you!". Lacking documentation in some cases, I have made 
carefully considered assumptions. I almost certainly have made mistakes. A DNA test could 
have the final word.

Researching and compiling "Isham Norton of Joe's Creek ..."  has been a labor of love for 
the past twelve years. Despite my errors, ommissions, failures, and imperfections in the 
printing, you may enjoy reading about this family. I hope an aspiring young genealogist will 
add the rest of our story someday.  Myrtle Norton Bridges

Photographs of front and back covers by Howard Bridges 
A familiar sand road winds around the grounds of the John Charles McNeill (1874-1907) house and Temperance Center near Wagram, 
Scotland County, NC.   October 30, 2014

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