Ken Oilschlager - Ridgeland, Mississippi —March 12, 2016
Myrtle I just received word from the Jamestowne Society that my application had been approved. This would have been impossible to achieve without the use of your research. As you know, I , along with a number of others have been searching for John Crawford's will with no luck. I was able to prove the connection I needed with information found in his son Thomas' will along with related wills in Final Words and more detailed information found in your Probate set. Thank you again for your hard work and also taking the time to field questions from me as did my research. Kindest regards, Ken

Marsha McEvoy - Tucson, Arizona —June 11, 2009
Myrtle, I wanted to mention I LOVE the will book. I am still so excited about it. It is helping so much, and I am amazed at the information! I am so glad I found your site! Thank you, Marsha

Patsy Penny - Jonesboro, Arkansas —June 20, 2006
Myrtle, I received books yesterday and briefly scanned OUR NATIVE HEATH & FINAL WORDS last evening. You have done such a complete & thorough job. Patsy

Irving Long - Rockingham, North Carolina —January 24, 2006
Myrtle, Thanks for FINAL WORDS. These books are really great, and obviously reflect a lot of work and professional research. ... All best, Irving Long.

Jean Covington LaCross - Asheboro, North Carolina —January 24, 2006
Myrtle, I got your book, FINAL WORDS, yesterday. Thank you so much. I LOVE IT. You are absolutely the most remarkable person I have never met!!!! Thank you so, so much. I hope that somewhere on your web site or your book review pages if you have them, you can quote me: Myrtle Bridges' books, as well as her immense wealth of knowledge and her generosity with that knowledge, make her an invaluable ressource for anyone searching for their ancestry. In the case of the Covington geneaology, her resources provide documentation far beyond what anyone could possibly hope for in thier search. Thank you Myrtle. Jean LaCoss Jean

Murdoch A. Morrison - Mooresville, North Carolina —August 26, 2005
Myrtle, Thanks for getting the books out promptly. ... In one hour with the books last night, I learned a number of things about my great grandfather that I did not know, including knowledge of where his brother moved after leaving the Richmond county area... what a tremendous window into the lives of our forebears!

You've done a marvelous job of transcription... I'm afraid to ask how much time in research and transcription you have tied up in these. I know that some of the old documents are easy to read because of the precise handwriting... others are extremely difficult to read because of the lack thereof. My hat's off to you. Thanks again. Regards, Murdoch

Lynda Methvin - Shreveport, Louisiana —August 05, 2005
Dear Myrtle Bridges, Just a note to acknowledge receipt of your two books, FINAL WORDS and NEWS ITEMS & MARRIAGE AND DEATH NOTICES IN WEEKLY STANDARD 1859-1864, and to thank you. The reviews should be published in our 3rd quarter newsletter, THE GENIE, which should be mailed around the first of September. A complimentary copy will be mailed to you. Following the reviews, your books will be placed in the genealogy section of Shreve Memorial Library. Broadmoor Branch in Shreveport. Lynda Methvin. Book Reviews

Jean Lancaster - Memphis, Tennessee — July 15, 2005
Myrtle, Your work is wonderful!!. I have all of your previous books. I have sent an order for the FINAL WORDS. I am a descendant of Nancy Newberry Goodrum which your book allowed me to find the will of her father, Jonathan.

I am ordering the FINAL WORDS primarily because you show a James Goodrum and a Mary Goodrum. I would be interested to know what document that Mary Goodrum-probably James Goodrum wife and my 4th grandmother- is located in. Jean Lancaster

(August 02, 2005). Myrtle, Your book with the will of Joseph Hartley-1803 with the name of Mary and James Goodrum has allowed me to find the marriage of Mollie (Mary Hartley to James Goodrum in Sussex County, Virginia on 18 December 1788. Her father is also listed as witness of deeds in the same county. Thanks again for your great work. Jean Lancaster

Bill Bostick - Oak Ridge, TN — July 12, 2005
Myrtle, I received the book today (7/11/05). I appreciate how promptly the book was shipped. As expected, it is an extremely valuable resource to those of us with Richmond County ancestors. Your abstraction of the extant wills and estate records are a great service (and a bargain to boot! Consider the cost of having only one will found and copied by the State Archives). Regards, Bill

Donna Littleton - Wichita Falls, Texas — June 16, 2005
Hi Myrtle, I can not tell you how pleased I am with 'Final Words; just like 'Scattered Seed' your added footnotes really clarify some of the info. It is fairly obvious to me after getting 'Final Words' that I've not looked in all the right place in NC for my McRae ancestors! ... Thank you, Donna.

June Moffett - Lufkin, Texas — June 11, 2005
My copy of "Final Words" arrived today. Your books are very nice and they will be placed in our library here in Lufkin, Texas. I know that you have put a lot of hard work into your books. Thank you for your courtesy. June Moffett

Barry Hedden - Columbia, Maryland — June 08, 2005
Love the book! Thanks very much. I've spent hours perusing it already. My favorite part is your use of MY ancestor's will on the inside covers! In addition to the knowledge gained, I loved seeing a reproduction of the original.....

Ivy Stanger - Charleston, South Carolina — April 14, 2005
Dear Myrtle, I was so excited to find your book, "FINAL WORDS" online. It will likely clear up a few mysteries in my genealogy work. The index lists many names which could be family descendants. I am looking forward to receiving this work which I can only imagine was a huge undertaking for you!! Please know that I and many others thank you so much for the ability to have all this information together in one book. Sincerely, Ivy Stanger. (April 19, 2005)  I received "Final Words." What a labor of Love! I may have found the McRae parents of Ann. I will need to do a little more research and now I have some names to be able to do that research. The McIntoshs' were too late in time but are likely related with so many similar names. It gives me more pieces to the puzzle! There are a couple of folks at my church who have told me they are related to the McLeods' of NC so they may be interested in these wills. Again Thank you so much, Ivy Stanger

Carol McLean - Rockingham, North Carolina — April 19, 2005
Myrtle, Received "FINAL WORDS". A beautiful book that will be an invaluable research tool for genealogists for generations to come. The next time the author of this book is in Rockingham, would like for her autograph my copy. Carol

DeAnn Monroe Steely - Huntsville, Texas — April 19, 2005
Myrtle, I received "FINAL WORDS" today. I can hardly wait to dig in! Thanks! DeAnn

Sonia Radcliffe Bell - Columbia, South Carolina — April 19, 2005
Hi Myrtle, I received the books Friday. I am enjoying them. You did a beautiful job. Thanks so much. Sonia

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