If anyone can supply information to add to the research of the Hugh & Sarah Williamson Brown family, please do. I would be glad to hear from you. Thanks, Myrtle Norton Bridges .    Posted February 16th, 2000

State of North Carolina, Richmond County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions. July Term 1864. To the worshipful the Justices of said Court. The Petition of Sarah Brown widow of Hugh Brown respectfully sheweths your worships, that her said husband died intestate in the County of Richmond during the month of December 1863 leaving the following children (him surviving) viz. Angeline Barrington who had intermarried with Thomas Barrington, Martha Wright who had intermarried with E. G. Wright, Sarah Wright who had intermarried with Orem Wright, Rebecca, wife of Wm. M. Gibson, Dicey Jane Brown, William Harrison Brown (a minor), Leonard Brown (a minor), Murdock Brown, Stephen Brown, Nelson Brown, Alexander Brown, Neill Brown and Joshua Brown, who are his only heirs at law.

Your Petitioner further showeth that her said husband at the time of his death was seized and possessed in fee simple of 350 acres of land adjoining Stafford Gibson, T. S. Gibson, Chloe Williamson, Wm. Gibson and others which included 100 acres of land which by the last will and testament of Petitioner's father I[saac] Williamson was willed to your Petitioner "Sarah Brown and her husband Hugh Brown" and which she now claims the entirety in, as having survived her husband the said H. Brown and which is not to be included in this Petition for Dower.

Your Petitioner further showeth that she desires to have her Dower in said lands (excepting the 100 acre tract willed to her and husband fourthly by her father as aforesaid) allotted to her and to that end prays that your worships order a writ to be issued to the Sheriff commanding him to summon five freeholders unconnected with the parties either by consanguinity or affinity and entirely disinterested to view the aforesaid tracts of land and to allot and set apart to her one third thereof in value including the dwelling house and all outhouses, buildings and improvements appertaining to the same for the term of her natural life, and to report their proceedings in due form or law.

Your petitioner further sheweth unto your worships that Sarah and Orem Wright reside beyond the limits of this state, that Leonard Brown is a minor and in the Army in Virginia. That Alexander Brown resides in the State of Mississippi, but is now in the Army of the Confederate States beyond the limits of this State. Your Petitioners prays for an advertisement as to them in the Fayetteville Observer, a newspaper printed in Fayetteville, N.C., and that it may please your worships to order subpoenas with copies of this Petition to be issued to Thomas Barrentine and Angelina his wife to E. G. Wright and Martha his wife, Wm. M. Gibson and Rebecca his wife, To Dicey Jane Brown, Wm. Harrison Brown, Murdock Brown, Stephen Brown, Nelson Brown, Neill Brown and Joshua Brown, requiring them to be and appear at the next term of this Court and show cause if any they can why the prayer of this Petition shall not be granted. And your Petitioner as in duty bound shall ever pray. A. Little Attorney for Petitioner.

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