Vital Statistics (Births, Bastardy Records, Marriages & Deaths)

(1)	Newspapers-

(The) North Carolina Presbyterian (January 1, 1858 - December 22, 1898) printed in Fayetteville, 
NC / Wilmington, NC available on 25 reels of microfilm at the NC Archives, Raleigh, NC and Lee 
County Library, Sanford, NC.

Obituary Example: North Carolina Presbyterian, Wilmington, NC, Thursday, April 26, 1894- "Died: 
Tribute of Respect- Our senior brother elder, William Murdoch … was born at The Knowe, near Ochiltree, 
Ayrshire, Scotland, on 4th of November, 1811, and died at his home in Salisbury, N.C., 30th of December, 
1893, aged 82 years, 1 month and 26 days.  His boyhood was spent on his native heath and after learning 
the trade of stonemason, he, at about the age of 21 left Scotland and came to New York City, and soon 
afterward moved to Raleigh, NC, and was employed in rebuilding the State House which had burned down 
in 1831.
	In 1838 he was married to Miss. Sarah S. Colburn and the union thus formed remained unbroken for 
nearly three-score years and was severed by his death …
	During the Civil War he engaged in the manufacture of iron at The Gulf, Chatham County, N.C., and 
in this he was successful and furnished the Confederate States Government with many tons of iron … 
O.D. Davis & E.B. Neave, Committee, Salisbury, N.C., March 30, 1894."

Presbyterian Standard (January 5, 1899 - August 1931), succeeding the North Carolina Presbyterian 
newspaper printed in Charlotte, NC / Richmond, VA originals available at The Library, Union Theological 
Seminary, Richmond, VA.

Marriage & Death Notices (1816-1840) Abstracted from the Fayetteville Observer and Predecessor Papers 
by Bessie R. Hubbard  1991 and Fayetteville Observer (N.C.) Marriage & Death Abstracts (1841-1850) 
by Bessie Hubbard Tyner  1997.

Old Moore County, N.C. Vital Statistics (1784-1890) compiled by James Vann Comer  1999 includes Bastardy 
Records (1784-1903) from Moore County, NC County Court Minutes (1784-1858), Marriages & Deaths (1784-1890) 
from Central NC newspapers & denominational newspapers.

The News and Observer, Raleigh, NC, Sunday Morning, March 5, 1911- The North Carolina Review Literary 
& Historical Section- Page No. 11: The Scottish Society of America- It Will Rescue Scottish History: 
Much of It is Unknown to This Generation and Will Encourage Scotchmen to Come to America.

(2)	Books-

North Carolina Bastardy Bonds by Betty J. and Edwin A. Camin  1990.

Moore County Bible Project (Volumes I, II & III) compiled by James Vann Comer and published by Moore 
County Genealogical Society, Inc. includes 187 family Bibles- Births, Marriages, Deaths & Miscellaneous 
Items.  For example- Volume I, Page 20 features the Gaelic Bible of Alexander Kelly printed in Edinburgh, 

(3)	Masonic Lodges -

Original Annual Returns housed at The Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina 
arranged by Number of Masonic Lodge [consult- Proceedings of 1980 which includes a Historical Table of 
Lodges, Extinct Lodges & Lodges Created By The Grand Lodge of North Carolina Since Its Organization in 
1787] since NC began keeping Births & Deaths in October 1913 these Annual Returns are GREAT sources of 
exact deaths. [For Example- White Hill Masonic Lodge, No. 321: Died during the Masonic Year ending 
October 31st, 1893: Crook, A. (my maternal great great grandfather), Died- July 11, 1893; Johnson, 
J.M., Died- January 20, 1893]

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