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The Organization and the Charter Members

On July 23, 1853, a Committee appointed by the Presbytery of East Alabama met at Union Springs for the 
purpose of organizing a Presbyterian Church.  This committee was composed of REV. T. ROOT, REV. C. L. R. 
These men with a group of other persons interested in organizing a Presbyterian Church, met at the 
Female Academy.  Rev. Root acted as chairman, and a church was organized with an enrollment of 19 
charter members.
The following persons presented certificates of membership and dismissal from other churches which 
were found to be in due form and duly certified:
John Leslie and his wife, Mrs. Jane Leslie 
William H. Waugh and his wife, Mrs. Mathilda T. Waugh
Miss Elvira K. Waugh                
Norman C. McLeod
Mrs. Catherine McLeod
Mrs. Virginia Foster                   
Allen McCaskill
Mrs. Nancy McCaskill
Oliver Danforth                           
Alexander Bethune                    
Roderick Bethune                      
A. R. McDonald                         
J. C. McSween
Mrs. Mary McDonald
Mrs. Mary B. Pearce                 
H. H. Smith
The following persons were received upon examination: 
W. B. McKimmins and his wife, Mrs. A. S. McKimmins
Hon. E. A. Pearce and his wife, Mrs. E. A. Pearce
W. K. Briers

Most of those presenting letters came from the Bethel Presbyterian Church located ten miles south 
of Union Springs -- a church which may well be called the mother church of Presbyterianism in Bullock County.

In the records we find that after this organization meeting, they adjourned to meet in the Baptist Church 
the following morning, July 24th, at 11 o'clock.  At that hour a sermon was preached and the persons above 
named were solemnly set apart by prayer, and constituted a district Presbyterian Church to be called "The 
Union Springs Presbyterian Church."  The Church so constituted and organized then proceeded to elect A. R. 
McDonald and Wm. K. Briers to the office of Ruling Elder and E. A. Pearce and John Leslie to the office of 
Deacon.  These men were then ordained and installed in the respective offices in due form.  The service 
closed with the celebration of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper.  The Fall Minutes of the Presbytery 
of East Alabama, 1853, contains this record:

"The Committee appointed to organize a Presbyterian Church at Union Springs, Alabama, made their report 
to the Presbytery of East Alabama in Session at Wetumpka, October, 1853, which was received and adopted, 
and is as follows:

"Your Committee would respectfully report to Presbytery that they met at Union Springs by previous appointment 
on July 23 and on July 24, 1853, and proceeded to organize by solemn consecration to God and prayer a 
Presbyterian Church at that place, to be called the Presbyterian Church of Union Springs, consisting of 
27 members, two Elders and two Deacons.  Your committee would recommend that the name of this chuch be 
enrolled upon the Minutes and the Church received under the care of the Presbytery."

This report was signed by Rev. T. Root, Rev. C. L. R. Boyd, and A. McMillan.

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