This is a research in progress. The estate record below was located in original materials at North Carolina Department of Archives, Raleigh. If anyone can supply information to add to the research of this Brown family, please do. I would be delighted to hear from you.
Thanks, Myrtle Norton Bridges .    Posted April 4th, 2000

We the under assigners being appointed a committee to lay off an allowance to JENNET BROWN, widder of THOMAS BROWN deceased, do report as follows. Nineteen and one half bushels corn, 250 lbs. of good pork, one bushel of salt, six lbs. of coffee and twenty five of sugar thirty lbs. of neat cotton, twenty five lbs. soap, one prime cow and calf, one large top-stack and shucks, one small pot and skillett, one washing tub and washing pale, one bread tray and sifter & two knives and forks, two plates, two cups and saucers, one tin cup and coffee pot, one spinning wheel and cards, one small tin pan & pitcher, two teaspoons, one small pewter dish, two tablespoons, a wether,& two hoggs, year olds. This is 26 Dec. 1816. THOMAS PATE, D. SNEAD & ISAAC WILLIAMSON

State of North Carolina, County of Richmond. A List of THOMAS BROWN's estate calculated each article showing its own amount. JENNET BROWN purchased two beds and furniture, one lot of books, one pepper box and one chest, one horse and bridle and saddleand two bushels of wheat. TOBIAS CALDER purchased one dish and four plates, one sitting chair, one club axe and one loom. WILLIAM WALLACE bought two pans. DANIEL BEESELY purchased four cups and four saucers, one boll and tin tumbler and one bee gum. AARON WALLACE took home four knives and forks, three spoons and four teaspoons, one pair of plow gears and one sitting chair. WILLIAM JOHNSON bought one bedstead, cords and map. ARCHIBALD COLHOUN needed one pair of cotton cards, and HENLY BROWN purchased one sythe & cradle, a small wheat patch and two bushels of peas and two padlocks. JOHN McLAUCHLIN wanted one small box, DANIEL CARMICHAEL (Maj.) purchased one cup-board, DANIEL McDONALD bought two baskets, while MATTHEW NORTON paid $2.50 for one table. ALEXANDER McNAIR purchased two benches & DANIEL McNAIR left the sale with one cutter plow for which he paid $2.40. DANIEL SNEED purchased one side of tanned leather for $2.52½ and 465 lbs. blade fodder. DUNCAN McLAURIN bougnt one cow and steer, and a one year old steer.WILLIAM McPHERSON purchased one cow and calf. BURFORD BROWN paid four dollars for one hog, and one lot of rotten corn. PETER JOHNSON wanted three head of sheep. JOHN WILLIAMSON bought two bushels of wheat. WILLIAM BROWN purchased three head of hogs. Total amount of the sale was $205.23. This sale was on the 28th day of Dec. 1816. JENNET BROWN, Administrator

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