Moore County, North Carolina

Old Scotch Cemetery is Located on State Road 1263 (Scottish Burying Road), off of State Road 1261 - about 3/4's of a mile from the Junction of State Road 1261 and State Road 1210. Some may know it as 'Old Scotch Burying Ground'. This rather large cemetery cannot be seen from the road - be sure to watch for sign.

When we visited, in June 2000, many, many of the headstones were broken, decaying, or sinking into the ground. It did look like someone has begun work on the area though and a fairly new sign was up.

The oldest tombstones have shapes unique to those seen in Europe. It appears that most of the headstones were "hand-written" and a large number of them were in the same shape - the most we have found in any of the cemeteries we have visited.

From "A History of Moore County" I read that this cemetery (approximately three acres) was set aside by John Martin, being part of the 100 acres purchased from Thomas McClendon, January 12, 1775. The early Scots brought their dead from far down the Cape Fear and even from Robeson County, Richmond County, and Anson County for burial.

There were many, many headstones that we were unable to read. Many thanks to Linda Bennion for sharing these listings with us. Posted July 17th, 2000
Angus Alexander MacCaskill  Born in the Isle of Skye in Scotland In 1769 died March 14, 1807

In Memory of Daniel McIntosh Born October 27, 1827 Died March 25, 1856 Aged 28 years, 4 months and 26 days 
(In bottom right hand corner, stone has "Lauder, Fayetteville")

Martha J. McIntosh Wife of William R. Seawell  Born @1823  died 1866

John Patrison Born Sept. 1777 died the 14th day of June 1842

Peter Bethune (Unable to read)

Christian Bethune Who was born the 23rd day of August 1728 And died the 23rd day of August 1827

Sary Bethune March 9th in the year of our Lord 1829

Euphemia Bethune Departed this life the 29th day of Sept. 1835 Aged 62

Effie Bethune Died Sept. 22, 1835 Aged 62

Daniel Edward Johnson 1852-1909

Sarah Catherine Wife of Daniel Edward Johnson 1860 - 1923

John S. McIntosh Was born Feb 10 1854 And died December 15 1855

Elizabeth Black (or Beach?) Was born March 3rd 1853 And died July 1855

Mary Jane Wife of William W. Hunsucker And daughter of A. J. & E. (?) McIntosh Born April 13, 1836
Died October 10, 1866

Cornelius Mc______(?) Son of A. J. & Mary McIntosh Born in Mississippi January 12th 1857
And died in North Carolina June 21st 1858

Norman McLean Died August 1794

Hector McLean Born May 1, 1747 Died October 12, 1833

Allen McLean Born Sep. 25, 1776 Died May 24, 1832

Christian McLean Born Jan. ___(unable to read), 1780 Died July 3rd, 1831

Margaret McLean Born August 2, 1802 Died February 19, 1848

James McLean Died 1794

Ann McLean Died __(unable to read)

Malcolm McReson Died 1827 Aged about 92 years

Norman Matheson Died August 1846 In the 78th year of his age

Neil Matheson Died 1811

Murdoch B. Person Born November 25, 1823 Died April __(unable to read) 1851

Benjamin A. Person December 1827 Aged 39 years

Thomas Person Son of B and A Person Died January 27 1829 Aged 5 months

Aaron Moore Tyson Born Sept. 1820 Died July 19, 1822

Neill B. Tyson Born March 1812 Died August 22 1829

Janet McIntosh Consort of Duncan McIntosh December 4, 1817 October 23, 1842

Created to the Memory of Lydia McIntosh Who was born the 4th day of July 1849
And died the 9th day of October 1851

Alexander McIntosh Born 1773 Died April 22, 1845

Alexander McIntosh Born January 6, 1810 Died March 28, 1840

Neill McIntosh Born October 1816 Died January 1817

Duncan McIntosh (Unable to read)

Nancy Caroline McIntosh (Unable to read)

Neill McIntosh Was born Old Christmas 1772 Died June 29, 1846

Mary McIntosh Relict of Neill McIntosh Died August 26, 1782 Aged 72

J. J. McIntosh December 11, 1802 July 18, 1870

Dr. Neill McIntosh June 6, 1812 January 5, 1856

Nancy Davis Wife of Matthew Davis (Could see no dates)

Robert Davis (Unable to read)

Nancy Bailey 1st Wife of Benjamin Bailey Born 1806 Died 1862

Mary Dickerson (Unable to read)

Angus MacCaskill Who died June 26 1855 Aged 4 years, 6 months, and 21 days

Alexander MacCaskill Died 18th of March 1840 Aged about 70 years

Mary MacCaskill (Unable to read)

Nancy MacCaskill Died February 29th 1825 Aged 97

Kenneth Murchison Born October 19th 1745 Died December 10th 1817 Aged 72 years

Christian Morrison Born 1735 Died September 29th 1821

Scared to the Memory of Allan Morrison Who died September 22nd 1823 Aged 60 years

Margaret McSwain Died the 29th of March 1822 Aged 84

Mrs. Janet McDonald Sept. 24, 1834 (Only date visible)

Jane McDonald Was born 1767 And died October 1836

Margaret McDonald Died January 22nd 1840 Aged about 80 years

Effie McDonald Died April 1828

Donald McDonald Died June 1827

Margaret McDonald November 5, 1827 (Only date)

Norman McLeod July 8th 1836 Aged 72

Mary McLeod October 27, 1859 Aged 85

Neill McLeod Died August 25th 1845 Aged 85 years

Norman McLeod Died March 12th 1808

John Calvin Stutts April 25, 1858 August 4, 1911

George A. Stutts November 30, 1868 August 6, 1909

Mary A. M. Stutts May 3, 1841 August 19, 1897

Henry W. Stutts November 27, 1832 October 8, 1904

Maggie A. Stutts February 27, 1871 September 11, 1902

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