WHO WERE THEY?   ( All Answers in FINAL WORDS )

He died about 1821 in Richmond County, NC leaving four grandsons John, Peter, Hampton and Taylor McCaskill. Who was he?

She died in Richmond County about 1822. Her sisters were Rosanna Harrington and Mary Blakeney. Who was she?

Hiram Baldwin's father died about 1826. What was his name?

He died about 1795 in Richmond County, NC. His son-in-law was Nicholas Clark. What was his name?

He died about 1856 leaving grandsons William Bruton and John Bruton. His son Allen Bethune lived in Tennessee. Who was he?

He died about 1844. His daughter Mary was the wife of John McGugan. Who was he?

He died about 1824. His grandchildren were Nancy Baird, James Baird, Elizabeth Baird and William Baird. Who was he?

Louisanna Crouch was his youngest daughter. His son-in-law was Joshua Chapel. What was his name?

He died about 1848. His four daughters were Mary Brown, Martha Brown, Nancy Brown and Huldah Brown. Who was he?

Angus McDonald married his daughter Catherine before 1818. Who was Catherine's father?

Malcom, Peter, John and Daniel Cameron's father died about 1844. What was his name?

Elizabeth Covington, Mary Bostick, Disey Covington. Jane Mason, Emiline Gadd and Julia Crouch were sisters. Their father died about 1872. Who was he?

Nettie Peterson, Louise Fowlkes & Clara Chesnutt were sisters. Who were their parents?

J. C. Mason was his brother-in-law, and J. T. Bostick his step-son. He wrote his last will and testament on the 18th day of August AD 1896. What was his name?

He died about 1818. John Strickland & his wife Patty and Henry Watkins & his wife Rachel, were his dearly beloved daughters & sons-in-law. Can you identify him?

The father of Peter H. Cole died about 1802. Who was he?

Who in 1895 appointed his beloved wife Kate E. Cole and his sons Dr. Robert S. Cole and W. B. Cole his lawful executors?

Who said in 1902, "I give and devise to Willie D. McKay, son of my daughter Hattie who married Duncan McKay, the sum of one dollar"?

Sallie C. McNeill, wife of L. B. McNeill was his daughter. He died about 1888. What was his name?

He died in Richmond County, NC. His grandson Benjamin H. Dockery was living in Desoto County, Mississippi in 1854. Can you name him?

Elizabeth Dennis, Dreadne Dennis and Mary Goodrum were sisters in 1803. Who were their parents?

Who wrote in 1843, "I bequeath unto Daniel McGregor & Thomas Gibson, upon whose hands I have fallen for protection and assistance in my declining years, all the property that I may die seized and possessed… " ?

Who wrote 14th August 1807, "And lastly, I give unto my three sons John Hendley, William Hendley and James Hendley one dollar each to be levied out of my estate." ?

On the 15th day of January 1794 he wrote, "I give my blacksmiths tools to my brother Benjamin Jones." Who was he?

Who wrote in 1897, "I give and devise my McRae place in the County of Robeson to John A. Jones for and during his natural life, and at his death I give & devise the same in fee simple to his daughter, Miranda May Jones. I give and devise my land in Maxton, N.C. to my daughter Nancy Adeline in fee simple." ?

Who wrote in 1847, "I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Lydia the tract of land on which I reside and which I purchased of Merrit Randle, for the boundaries of which reference is to be had to the Register's book L, page 373, during the natural life of her the said Lydia, and after her decease to my son Irvine Love his heirs and assigns forever." ?

Martha Priest and Isabella Priest were children of Hugh and Mary Priest. Their maternal grandmother died in 1849. What was her name?

Who wrote on November 29th day 1804, "Here I am, … … about making my last will. For my dear and beloved son Lauchlin McDonald I left one fifty acres of land that I bought of John Docken, and one fifty acres of the hundred that lies by the Cole Spring." …

His daughter was Nancy McLaurin and two of his nephews were John McCall and Hugh McCall. His will was proved in 1844. Who was this testator?

This testator died about 1846. Harvey and Younger Snead were his sons. Can you name him?

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