Morganton, NC
Feb. 17th, 1876

You would have been fully compensated for your trouble in preparing your beautiful floral offering if you just knew half the infinite pleasure it imparts to both me and my dear invalid mother.

I doubt if after diligent searching you could have a more truly appreciative devotee at the shrine. They arrived in perfect order, looking as fresh as if they had been touched by morning dew. I've arranged them in a glass bowl (with water and charcoal). You see, I want to be sweetly reminded of the donor just as long as possible.

Guess about the time I was enjoying your pleasant surprise (11 o'clock a.m.) you were forcibly reminded of me in a 12 pager.

Alphonso C. Avery
Capt. Co. E. 6th Regiment
Our fireside is quite deserted tonight. The commissioners have a RR meeting at "Old Fort". Willie is away and Johnnie is at Malones giving some directions about his house (the grand "St. Bernard"). I laugh and tell him he talks, thinks, and acts as if he had a half a dozen hands. I fear he want to get rich too fast and there's but one legitimate way, the old dray horse way our fathers lived.

You know all the Burke news from my last letter and I trust by this time you have received the "Blade." I laughed and told Capt. Avery I hoped it wasn't complete in one volume.

Again let me re-thank you for the exquisite momento and assure you tis not wasted sweetness in any desert, but a pleasant "oasis" in memory.

By this time Mrs. Hess is being introduced. Hope they are mated as well as married. If so, all will be well in their future life. Good night and pleasant dreams. L.T.P.

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