Letter 43b
Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     June 11, 2008

	                                    Wrightsville, NC
			                    July 20th, 1902
Dear Mrs. Ray,
	A card rec'd yesterday told your fresh and great calamity. I can only offer my sincere sympathy, 
and this is really all poor mortals can give one another.
	Mrs. Tate was a queenly woman with a strong character, many sided yet each side well marked, womanly 
and gentle. Her influence over her husband I believe unfounded. His admiration and love for her controlled 
his nature, one of the strongest I ever knew from all I have gathered from your family. I should say without 
disparagement to any that she was the favorite and she richly deserved the distinction. Many not of her 
kinfolks, "will rise up and call her blessed."
	It is not praise for me to say that I admired her exceedingly. I hope her mantle has fallen upon her 
	daughters. Please say to them and to her manly boys, made manly by her, and to all your people, that
I too grieve with them and you. I want to be remembered to each one, particularly to yourself and Don. Don't 
trouble to write to me unless you feel that you would like to give vent to your feelings. My wife and family 
join in hearty sympathy. 
					Yours truly, 
					C. M. Broadfoot

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