Letter 41
Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     June 01, 2008

                                          Fayetteville, No Ca
                                               May 4th, 1902
                                               Sunday Morning
Beloved Sissie,
	My heart is too full for expression and my feelings too strong to refrain from telling you that 
I'm weeping and praying for my darling in this great sorrow. I was at breakfast this morning when 
Col. Broadfoot came down with the dispatch and I knew he had bad news. I met him saying, "Oh! Col. 
is anything the matter with Sissie?" He then gave Mr. Dickson's dispatch to me saying "It came at 
10 o'clock last night but I would not come, for I wanted you to sleep."  God help you my beloved 
Sissie. He alone can. I wrote you yesterday. Oh! How little we know what is before us. 
	I was at the cemetery this morning before breakfast. Mrs. Gunn had brought me a box of lovely 
pansies and I went down to lay them on his grave. Oh! How bitter I felt as I thought of how my home 
had been swept and garnished of all I loved. God help us to keep the faith, and not question why these 
trials are sent.
	I would have gone to you, but am hardly fit to comfort now. If you would like I'll come before 
school is out. I stand ready and willing to help, come, go, or do any thing for you. I felt I could 
be more comfort after the first excitement was over. Oh! How I feel for you, how tenderly I love you. 
God throw his sheltering arms around you. Devotedly, Laura

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