Letter 40
Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     June 01, 2008

                                        Fayetteville, No. Ca.
					May 2nd, 1902
					Friday Night
Beloved Sissie,
	Your letter came today, and I'm distressed to hear of your condition. Oh! please do consult 
a Dr. and see what can be done. I'm so anxious about you and yet I know not what to do. I 
got you this shirt waist pattern. Mrs. Harrall had one and I thought it was beautiful, so 
Ordered two, one for you and one for myself. I expected to bring it when I came in June, 
but if you go to Asheville perhaps you will need it, so I send it my Express not. 
	I got the two certificates of deposit one for $2000 one for $500. This money came from 
the sale of the "Gass Place." Neill's pit places, you have heard me talk so much about. 
It is sold now. I'll tell you all about it when I see you. I don't know how to invest 
the money so thought I'd not let it lie here idle to me, but have it bring in a little while 
I was finding a place for it. I'll send a check to Mr. Ingold so I can check from it to pay 
Sloan the last payment when he, Sloan, calls for it. I wanted to get the money out of 
this bank. If this is not right tell me. Must I not write the check to A. M. Ingold, 
cash in for $750, and then can't I check from that to whoever I please?
	'Tis very warm here. Confederate Monument to be unveiled the 10th of May. Ask Sue to 
please send me two of her Confederate flags and I'll bring them up to her when I come 
in June. I want them for Neill's grave. She can send by mail. Please answer and tell 
me about check. Love to all. Mrs. N. McD is going to Charleston tomorrow. God bless 
and protect you. Devotedly L.

	I have not heard about Clarke and Wilson. Don't forget to tell me when you write.
 Now please answer and tell me how to write the check to draw or check from. Fondly Laura.

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