Morganton, N.C.
Dec. 22nd, 1877

I've ransacked my cranium for the past week trying to remember what no. of slippers you wore but all in vain, although I remember asking (having this idea in view at the time). I'm ashamed to say I've forgotten, and am half inclined not to send them sole less, but my good brother Sam has induced me to send them regardless foundation so I've reluctantly given in. I never like to do things half way and particularly so for you, but I'm not willing to let Xmas pass without some slight reminiscence. What a very great pleasure it would be to have you with me the 25th, but I don't want you to neglect any duty for my pleasure. Can't you run up from supreme court? I've so many things to talk over that I don't care to trust on paper.

All the evening I've been thinking of the changes in my dear old house since last Christmas. I try to soothe my aching heart by thinking of the home all bright and glorious that she is now enjoying.

Col. Tate and Sissie are deeply interested in preparing a happy Christmas for their little folks. Oh! that those children may prove a blessing to their kind and indulgent parents.

I wrote you a few days after the reception of your last letter and trust you received it before you left for court.

With love for your sisters and your own dear self with the fond trust of you all enjoying a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I'm yours L.T.P.

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