Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     July 17, 2008

                                        143 North Ave
					Pittsburg, PA
					July 20, 1899
My dear Miss Sue,
	I am pleased to hear from you and thank you sincerely for your kind wishes 
and thoughts of me.
	The good fortune which the papers mentioned may be some years in reaching me, 
as the case has been appealed.
	I have not by any means given up Morganton and the few good friends I have 
there and some day if spared, I hope to be once more with you, and it will be a 
great pleasure for me to be able to renew the pleasant friendship of yourself and 
the family.
	What a delightful journey your mother has had this summer. Wish her route had 
been through Pittsburg, for it would have given me much pleasure to have shown her 
the "Smoky City" and some of its people.
	Please give your mother and the members of your family my cordial greetings and 
with renewed thanks for you good wishes and trusting you are enjoying good health 
and a delightful summer, believe me
					Ever Your Sincere Friend,
					Marvin F. Scaife*

Marvin F. Scaife, born 28 October 1855, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Iron and Steel manufacturer. Single man.

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