For several years Clan Donald USA has been running a y chromosome genetic project of which I am the director. We currently have approximately 150 participants which include not only MacDonalds but also MacEachrens, Buies MacAllisters, MacKeans, MacReynolds and other historic Clan Donald names. We have not only identified the genetic markers of Somerled (who was Norse in descent) and have the markers for ClanRanald, Glengarry and Sleat but we have also identified the gaelic line which I believe is descended from the kindred of Colla Uais whose descendants founded Dal Riada. The more participants who believe the know their descent or who know the location of their emigrant ancestor who participate, the greater the usefulness to current participants.

The cost for a 25 marker test is $171. Sign up at Family Tree DNA on the internet with Donald USA as your group project. This test only works for the pure paternal line so that persons who wish to search their mother's line must arrange for a sample from a male line cousin. Let me know if you have any questions or need help.
Mark MacDonald   May 10, 2004


Family History of Hugh A. McDonald, beginning with first known ancestor. (Compiled in January, 1895.) [Hugh Alexander McDonald was the grandson of Angus MacDonald]
Submitted by Cornelia Holmes and posted January 31, 2001 by Myrtle Bridges

1st. Angus Macdonald, of the Macdonalds of Sleat, raised a family and died near the Parish Kirk of Kilmuir in the Isle of Skye, Scotland. That was about two hundred years ago. (About 1695 or so). This estate in Skye was known as "Dalla Villa"..

2nd. Donald Macdonald, son of Angus, raised a family and spent his life in the same locality.

3rd. John Macdonald, son of Donald, was born near Kilmuir about the year 1745. He married Mary Macdonald and raised a family as follows; three sons, Archibald, Angus and Donald; and three daughters, Flora, Mary and Sarah. Of these children, Archibald, Mary and Flora married and remained in Skye. Of the families of Flora and Mary nothing is known. Archibald married (in Skye) Susan Robertson, and raised the following children: Janet, who married Alexander Macleod and afterwards went to New South Wales, Australia. She had three sons and one daughter who are living there now. John, who married Margaret MacInnes in Skye, went to New South Wales and died there in 1871, leaving a large family. Jessie who married Angus Jordon in Skye and afterwards went to Canada. Kate who married Neil MacKinnon in Skye, went to Victoria, N.S.W. in 1853 where she still lives - a widow with one son and two daughters. Margaret who died in Scotland unmarried. Mary who was married to - Richardson in Australia where she now lives a widow with two daughters. John (2nd) who married Sarah MacKinnon in Skye, went to New South Wales, Australia in 1852, wherehe now lives, a widower with two sons. Flora who married William Cameron, and died in 1874 leaving five sons and three daughters who are now, with their mother, living in New South Wales.

4th. Angus Macdonald. In the year 1800 Angus, Donald and Sarah, children of John Macdonald (3rd above) left Skye and came to the United States, making their homes in Moore County, North Carolina. All three had married in Scotland as follows; Angus to Isabella Macdonald, Donald to Janet Munro, and Sarah to Archibald McGillivray. The children of Angus Macdonald by his first wife were two sons, John Bethune, Murdoch and two daughters, Nancy wife of Angus Kelly, and Isabella wife of Daniel Campbell. The children of Angus Macdonald by his second wife, who was Katherine Mathis, were Alexander, John (2nd) Ranold, Mary,Christian and Flora. Of all the children of Angus Macdonald only two are living, Ranold and one sister. Nothing is known of the children of Sarah who married McGillivray. Donald Macdonald's first wife died leaving three daughters as follows; Janet, wife of Daniel Ferguson, Elizabeth, wife of Kenneth McIver, and Flora, who died unmarried. His second wife was Nancy Robertson whose children were as follows; John, who died in Arkansas, Archibald who died in Alabama, Donald who died in Alabama, Angus who is now living in Montgomery, Alabama, (he wrote the above narrative) Nancy now widow of Samuel McCadden living in North Carolina, Katherine widow of Rev. Pinckney Baldwin living in North Carolina, Sarah widow of Jas. Swain living in Arkansas, Isabella who died wife of Wm. Swain in North Carolina, and Mary who died the wife of Robert McCadden in North Carolina.

5th. John Bethune McDonald, son of Angus MacDonald, was born in Moore County, N.Car. January 10th, 1806, and married Catherine Worthy, daughter of James Worthy of the same County. Unto them were born thirteen children; Isabella, Angus, J. Worthy, Lizzie, Mary, Margaret, Flora, John A., William (who died aged five years), Colin F. , Hugh Alexander,(author of this record) Kenneth H., and a babe who died in infancy. John Bethune McDonald (5th) died January 3, 1862. Isabella married Duncan P. McLain and raised a family of children as follows: a daughter who died in infancy, Kenneth, James, William, George, Duncan, Robert and Anabel. Isabella died years ago. Kenneth married Alma Leonard and died in 1882, leaving only one child, a son, Allen Haygood, who died ten years of age. James, who married Cannie Hood, and raised a family. William married Fannie Darro (or Barro) and had two children, Kenneth and Sarah. George died unmarried, aged 27 years. Angus was killed in battle near Petersburgh, Va. Aug. 21st, 1864. Worthy died in the Army at White Sulphur Springs Va. Oct. 31, 1861. Lizzie was unmarried and died at Sumter, Ga. Mary married Frank Markett and lived in Sumter County, Ga. Unto them was born fourteen children, as follows: Lizzie, James, (who died in infancy, ) Virgina, who died aged– . Almeda who died aged – , Annis, Florella, Thomas, Maggie, Angus, Ross, Rosco, Dalton, Ethel, and Fred.

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