Transcribed and contributed by Darryl Black


	A fine body of the representative citizens of Fayetteville assembled in the City Hall Tuesday at 
10 o'clock, in response to Mayor Cook's official request, to pay tribute to the memory of the late 
Capt. N. W. Ray.  Col. Cook called the meeting to order, and Mr. L. B. Hale was requested to act as secretary.

     On motion the Chairman appointed Col. Chas. Haigh and Messrs. H. R. Horne and W. L. Hawley a committee 
to draft suitable resolutions.

     While the committee was out Messrs. J. M. Lamb and G. M Rose paid a short but eloquent tributes to the 
deceased, the latter remarking that at some future time he would pay a more extended, and a more fitting 
eulogy to his dead friend.

     The committee then reported the following resolutions, which were unanimously adopted:

     Whereas it has pleased God to take from us one of our foremost citizens, Captain Neill W. Ray, sometime 
Mayor of this city, we the citizens of Fayetteville in public meeting assembled to resolve:

     That in the death of Captain Ray this community has suffered a great loss in its business, professional 
and social life.

     That we look with pride upon his splendid record as a soldier in the war between the States, and that 
we recall with admiration the many sturdy virtues with which he combated the difficulties of life; the 
uncomplaining manner in which his brave spirit pitted his suffering body, sorely stricken in the military 
service of his State, against all comers; the modesty with which he ever bore himself after fortune had 
blessed his efforts with a reward beyond many of his fellows; the public spirit which lead him to open his 
purse to every local undertaking likely to build up the community in which he lived; his many kind and 
charitable acts; his loyalty to his friends; his singular devotion to his family; his unscathed walk in life; 
and his unostentatious piety.  

     That a page be set  apart in the Book of Records of the city and a copy of these resolutions be 
inscribed thereon; that a copy be presented to each of the courts held in the county, and that a copy, 
suitably engrossed, be transmitted to the widow of the deceased.


A resolution was passed requesting the Mayor, Board of Alderman and Board of Audit and Finance to 
attend the funeral in the body; that the City Hall bell be tolled at the hour of the services, and that 
the merchants of the city be requested to close their stores at the same time.


Immediately upon the adjournment of the public meeting; the Confederate Veterans of Fayetteville 
Camp No. 852 met to take suitable action concerning the death of their comrade, Capt. Neill W. Ray.

     Lieut. Commander Chas. Haigh presided and Adjutant J.N. Prior acted as secretary.

     It was resolved that the Camp attend the funeral in a body.  The following committee was appointed to 
draft resolutions:  Geo. M. Rose, A.B. Williams and J.B. Smith.  The Camp adjourned to meet at the City Hall 
at 5:30 o'clock. 


Pursuant to the call of Hon. R.P. Buxton, the members of the Fayetteville Bar met a 6 o'clock yesterday 
afternoon to take suitable action upon the death of Capt. N. W. Ray.  Judge Buxton presided and H.L. Cook, Esq. 
acted as secretary.  The following resolution was adopted:

     "Resolved, That as a mark of our respect and esteem for the memory of our deceased brother, Capt. N.W. 
Ray, the members of the Fayetteville Bar attended the funeral in a body.  

     That as a further mark of our high regard for the deceased, a committee of three be appointed to draft 
our deep sympathies with the family of the deceased and of the great loss to the profession, and to present 
them at the next term of court, when memorial exercises will be hold."

     Under the above resolution Judge Buxton appointed the following committee:  Col. C.W. Broadfoot, Chariman, 
H. McD. Robinson and H.L. Cook.

     By unanimous request Judge Buxton was requested to act with the committee, and was added thereto.

     The members of the profession gave expression to their deep regret at the loss of their esteemed brother, 
and the memorial exercises will pay sincere tribute to his memory.


 From 1890 to 1893 he was Mayor of Fayetteville.  In 1896 he contributed to our war annuals a highly 
interesting and authoritative history of the Sixth regiment, which is on file in the war department at 
Washington, and also at Richmond and in several of the public or college libraries in North Carolina and 
Virginia.  While at Gettysburg, on his recent trip above referred to, he was treated with the greatest 
distinction by the Gettysburg Government Commissioners, who placed a carriage at his disposal during all 
his visit. 

     In 1878, Captain Ray was married to Laura, daughter of the late Robert C. Pearson, Esquire, of 
Morganton.  This lady and their child, Donald, survive him.

     Peace to his ashes!
Personal Note:  Capt. Neill Ray's son Capt. Donald Fairfax Ray (a  Harvard University Law School graduate) 
would later sacrifice his life just before his 30th birthday protecting his country during World War I.

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