Transcribed from original Records by Myrtle Bridges     February 17th, 2000

At his late residence the property of the estate of Isaac Williamson dec'd at public auction on Wednesday the 7th, of Feb. 1838 agreeable to previous notice by the executors.

The following property was sold.

Thomas Williamson purchased a word Dictionary 2 vol., Asbury Journals 3 vols., a man's saddle, a silver watch, gig and appurtenances.

Thomas M. Wright purchased Bensons Commentary 5 vols., Negro child Hannah and 2 stacks of fodder

John K. Gibson purchased Life of Washington & Decater & others.

Stafford Gibson purchased Roderic Randum Walkers Dictionary, Byrons Grammer & others and 85 bushels cotton seed at 10 cents per bushel.

John Kelly purchased a shot gun.

Daniel Woodard purchased 2 sides leather, 2 bales cotton at 11 ¼ cts. per bale and 2 stacks of fodder.

Wilson Williamson purchased a woman's saddle, one gun barrel and one stack of fodder.

Daniel B. Brown purchased a rifle gun, 8 ½ bu. corn.

Thomas Gibson purchased a set of blacksmith's tools and Negro man Ralph.

John Williamson purchased a wagon and appurtenances, and a bunch of peas.

Charles Malloy purchased a carry log yoke & chains

Hugh Brown purchased a broken gig, wheels & axeltree, and Negro boy Peter

William Buchanan purchased a still and appurtenances.

William Covington hired Negro Peter till 1st, January next.

Thomas Quick purchased Negro woman Hannah.

Cloe Williamson purchased 10 bu. corn @ 92 ½ cents pr. bu., 10 bu. corn @ 97 ½ cents pr. bu. 10 bu. corn previously sold at 100 cts. pr. bu., 1 stack top fodder, 1 lot of shucks, 1 ¼ bu. peas, 5 stacks fodder, and one stack oats.

Isaac Williamson purchased 10 bu. corn at 100 cts. pr. bu.

William Wright, Sr. Purchased 10 bu. corn at 100 cts. pr. bu.

John Webb purchased 20 bus. short corn at 50 cts. pr. bu. and 1 lot of peas.

We found in the house of the dec'd five dollars in silver, one judgement against John C. Smith & Matthew W. McNair for ninety three dollars & eighty two cents with interest and cost which is desperate. One note against John C. Wright for ten dollars, also desperate, one note against Nancy Huckaby for five dollars and 69/100, desperate.

Surplus land sold in Oct. 1839:
50 acres more or less to Hugh Brown for two hundred and one dollars and twenty five cents. 100 acres to Cloe Williamson for two hundred and fifty dollars

The hire of Ralph for two months $13.00 and the hire of Peter & Hannah for two months $17.40. Signed Sam'l Goodwin and Nathaniel Gibson, Executors.


State of North Carolina, Richmond County, Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions January Term 1840. To the Worshipful the Justices of the Court of Richmond County, The Petition of John W. Williamson humbly sheweth that his grandfather Isaac Williamson departed this life sometime in the year — having first duly executed, published and declared a Last Will & Testament in which after bequeathing certain property specifically to different persons he therein bequeathed to your petitioner and his sisters Miranda & Selina the rest and residue of his personal property as the reference to said will will more fully appear.

Your Petitioner further sheweth that the said Will & Testament of said Isaac Williamson appointed Samuel Goodwin & Nathaniel Gibson executors who duly proved said Will & took upon themselves the burden of its execution.

Your Petitioner further sheweth that said Executors have executed this said Testament as far as the specific legacies are concerned and that a large surplus remains in their hands unadministered after payment of debts and legacies belonging to your Petitioner as one of the distributees under the provisions of said Will which they refuse to pay over although requested in our Petition to do. We therefore in consideration of the — your Petitioner prays Your Worships that a copy of this Petition together with a Subpoena be served upon said Executors commanding them personally to appear at next term of this Worshipful Court and make answer under oath to the — and further shew whereupon this should not come to a full settlement and account of said surplus of said Estate bequeaths as aforesaid to your Petitioner, and to all such matters and things as —by this court is the promise that your Petitioner may have his right and the cost of this Petition, and your Petitioner will ever pray.


January 3rd, 1841. In pursuance on an order issued at January Term 1841 from the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions we Neill McNair, Duncan C. Wright & Thomas Gibson a committee appointed to audit and settle the accounts of the Estate of Isaac Williamson dec'd with his executors, Samuel Goodwin and Nathaniel Gibson report as follows. We find the amount of sales made by the executors bequeathed to the heirs of his body amounting to $2755.94, commissions on same 137.79, vouchers in hands of executos 316.20, commissions on same 15.81.

After deducting the commissions and vouchers from the above amt. and two hundred and fifty dollars paid to Thomas Williamson by order of the will we find a balance of two thousand and thirty six 14/100 dollars to be divided amongst the heirs (viz) Cloe, Rebecca, Mary, Wilson, John, Nancy, Sarah, Thomas, Elizabeth and Isaac. Amount of sale of land and other articles willed to Cloe's children $569.03 ½, commission on same 28.45, vouchers in hands of executors 11.00, commissions on same .55. After deducting the commissions and vouchers from the above we find a balance of five hundred and twenty nine 3/100 dollars to be divided amongst John W., Selina, & Miranda. Signed the day & date above written. Neill McNair, Duncan C. Wright,& Thomas Gibson

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