Notice that Mr. Brown refers to himself as the step father of Annie, but her mother, Parmelia Brown, was his wife. It would appear that Parmelia died in childbirth because her child has been with Dr. Pate since her death. However, the term 'infant', in many cases did not only refer to young baby. Sometimes 'infant' referred to a teenaged child.

Was Annie the child of Parmelia from a previous marriage to Whittington? Why does P.N. Brown refer to himself as step father? Who was Wright F. Parker, who had earlier applied for the guardianship of Annie?

Please contact me if you have information to add. Thanks. Myrtle Bridges     February 17th, 2000

North Carolina, Richmond County. I, P. N. Brown hereby certify that I am the step father of the infant Annie Whittington. That since the death of my wife the mother of said infant, I am not so situated that I can personally properly attend to said infant. Since the death of my wife the said infant has resided with Dr. P. B. Pate about three weeks. That Dr. Pate and wife are without children of their own and are persons of high character and in every way competent to further position of guardian. That in the interest of said infant I renounce any right I may have to become guardian in favor of Dr. P. B. Pate and request that the court will appoint him the guardian of said infant child. This 14th July 1900. (signed P.N. Brown)

Capt. W. T. Everet, CSC, Rockingham, N.C.
Dear Sir: Enclosed I send you the application, oath and hand of P. B. Pate as guardian for Annie Whittington infant daughter of Parmelia Brown wife of P. N. Brown. The mother is dead and the step father wishes Dr. Pate to have the care of the child. His written request for his appointment is enclosed. I think this is same case you showed me Wright F. Parker applied to guardianship in. The stepfather tells me he knows nothing of Parker's application. Dr. Pate has had the child almost ever since the mother died. Dr. Pate has no children of his own and he and wife are anxious to take the child to raise. This is Dr. Pate the Dentist, nice man and his wife a good woman. I shall ask you to appoint Dr. Pate the guardian at the instance of the step father and many of the relatives of the child. Very Truly, Jno. D. Shaw, Jr., Attorney at Law.

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