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Southern Department
Insurance Co. of North America 
Philadelphia Underwriters,
of Philadelphia, PA
Edward S. Gay, Manager
Atlanta, GA
E. Nye Hutchison, M.D., Resident Agent                                                              
						Charlotte, NC., 8th May, 1902
Dear Madam Jennie,
	A kind providence brot me home safely in all my extreme debility last night from Annual Meeting 
(of Trustees Union Seminary) (in Richmond, Va.) to hear of your overwhelming sorrow. I write at once 
to assure you of my deepest sympathy. As you know by sad experience words can bring no comfort, but 
our Saviour can by the presence and gentle influence of His Holy Spirit. We can never understand why 
a kind and loving Heavenly Father should appoint us to suffer these trials of our faith, but it will 
all be made clear when we (you and the writer) meet their loved ones gone before to the 'Home' in Heaven 
where there will be no more partings,  no pains. Your dear Frank in the visit he made my Frank years ago 
at once captured Bessie's (Bry?) affections there was a manliness in his words and actions seldom found 
in one of his age. I felt sure he would not only prove useful to his parents, but useful to the world - 
So shortsighted we are, so little we know what a day may bring forth.
	 I had been pained to hear of your long and painful indispositions and was hoping you would soon again 
enjoy your former good health. You are called, my dear friend, to make a special effort to resist the depressing 
influence of this last great calamity for the sake of the dear ones still spared to you. They need a mother's 
love to cheer them, a mother's experience and wisdom to guide them thru the desired paths and guard them against 
the wiles of an evil world. Let me write that since your dear husband (went 'home') I have remembered you and 
your fatherless ones in my fervent devotions daily imploring Him to fulfill His generous promise to you - to 
be the God, the husband and support of the children and the father, friend and support the orphaned,  that Miss 
Claude might be restored to health. 
	All my children if they knew of this writing would send heartfelt sympathy to you and your dear ones. I feel 
I can never repay the debt of gratitude I have to you and your dear ones, and remain your friend E. Nye Hutchison.

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