Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     October 13, 2008

Miss Sue V. Tate
c/o Mrs. N. W. Ray
Green Street
Fayetteville, NC			
Thursday, Mar 29, 1923

Dear Sue,

Your card without date came this morning and have not heard whether you could get my stockings. I am 
afraid to write Mrs. Chaffee to get any. I have on hands two pairs that don't match, and I don't want 
any more unless they match my dress. I want to wear my dress Easter. 

I don't see why you thought we would go to Pinehurst after you said the peach blooms were killed. We 
gave up the trip on your say so and wrote the Chaffees not to go, and I imagine they advised Mr. Slone 
not to come from N. Y. to go with them. It is much cooler here today getting ready for Easter "snap". 
Irene and Ophie will be down tomorrow. Frank and Pat are going to Asheville for the week end. Saw Charles 
Walton on the stroll a few days ago. He did not have on his uniform. I thought as long as he was in the 
service he had to wear it off duty as well as on. 
					With love for you and Lala, 
					Aff. Wilhelmina.

P.S. What was Lala's second operation for? You did not say. Are you alarmed about her? Please answer. 
Mr. Dirkson and Bessie Arrowwood were here this morning. He enquired very particularly for Lala. Miss 
Mary phones nearly everyday too.

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