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						Farquier Springs
						Warrenton, Va.
						March 30th, 1919
My dear Miss Sue,
	Can you believe it? I am back in the Land o' the Living and really proud of it. 
	Got my orders most unexpectedly about the 15th of Feb. and came home as a Casual. You know I had 
been permanently detached from '45 (and glad of it) but had settled down to stay indefinitely, the '45 
was just awaiting transportation. However, I beat them to New York by about five days. Traveled with 
ease and freedom upon the good ship Leviathan.  Had lots of fun and many friends, and on account of 
coming home with part of the New York Division received a welcome near surpassed in New York. I was 
there ten days, expecting every day to get orders for home. Have been here about ten days and I don't 
do a thing hardly, but eat and sleep and get fat.
	Hope all of you are well. Has Gordon gotten home yet, or is he with the Army of Occupation? Know 
how anxious you all are to have him with you again.
	Mother was in Richmond when I left New York, so I went by there and got her. Spent just two days 
there with my relations, so didn't have a chance to see many. Got time to go out to see Frank for a 
while. He is looking very well, and was pretty glad to see me. I think, tho' he spent most of the time 
cussing me out for not writing oftener, which I am sure you are doing also. Have a heart, Lady. I seen 
my duty, and I done it, not feeling so brash, consequently I didn't have much time for writing.
	What do you think, Mother has bought a place in Richmond and we are going there to live next fall.
 Now you will have no excuse for not coming to see me.  I surely am anxious to see you. There are lots 
 of things I want to hear and tell. Am crazy to see the Halls and Jas K. Jr. How is Elizabeth? And the 
 Regal Lady? I got her Christmas card. It was sweet of her to think of me.
	Write to me real soon, won't you? I know I don't deserve it, but I'll be ever so grateful and 
humble, please.   With lots of love to my centipede. 
					Devotedly, Polly.

Have you seen Ada Corpening since her return? We came over together.

In January 1920 Ada Corpening was a telephone operator at US General Hospital, Kenilworth, Haw Creek Ward, Asheville Township, Buncombe County, NC. Census. Bridges
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