Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     April 04, 2011
This letter is written on stationery from: The American YMCA (Logo) 
Also stamped: "On Active Service With The American Expeditionary Force"
{Hand written above: St. Bliu, (?) France}
March 10, 1919

My Dear Irene:
	Just a note to let you know I am well.  There is no news of interest going on in this city.  I sent Frank a card today.  You can get 
an idea of this beautiful city from the card.
	I wrote you some days ago saying I had applied to attend the AEF College.  I will not get to go.  No one in our battery was allowed to 
attend.  I think nine including two or three officers from the regiment will go.  I hope we will be sent to Germany as we will be over here 
until July or latter.  It is very tiresome to spend a year or more in one of these French villages.  Since the war is over time passes by 
very slow.  We got some base balls & gloves today guess we will try and pass the time that way.
	Some of the boys went on leave today.  I don't think they will have as good as area as the one as I had.  I would have selected Nice for 
mine but I did not know when or I would go when I applied for the leave.  I have applied for a three days leave to Paris and am trusting to 
get same.  We are due to have two days each four months.  Our leave to Nimes was only serve & traveling time so you see I hope to get three 
days in Paris.
	I am glad Wilhelmina enjoyed her trip.  Why did not you & Frank go?  I guess the Buick is making lots of trips to the school.  How do you 
like the new one?  I wish you would send me Corrine Richard's address
	I am glad to say it is some warmer and not near to much rain as usual.  I have noticed lots of wild duck & gees[e] flying north so guess 
spring is near.
	I hope you are well.  I hope to hear from one of you all soon as I have not received one for some time.  With love to each of you

	Cpl. Charles Gordon Tate
    Battery F 316 FA

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