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On the envelope as well as each page of the stationary is printed: 
Southern Manufacturers Club
Charlotte, North Carolina
The date on the envelope is: Oct 22, 1905, Charlotte N.C.

Dear Miss Wilhelmina,
	No more wires as yet from Victor, but a very acceptable note of congratulation from Hickory.  Your note is as sweet 
as it can be, but you are all wrong about the Jim Swinger.  It was one of these here - ahem! - English Walking Coats, 
alias a Chesterfield coat.  Oh, you needn't fret about my having been dressed all right.  I will merely refer (pg-2) 
you to your brother.  He saw me & was dazzled by the sight.
	What an attractive invitation is yours - to drive and strut through Morganton a la Jim Swinger and sit on the little 
porch, so full of memories, and look at the mountains.  Don't go and forget that funny thing you have now in mind to 
tell me.
	Seriously, it was very gracious of you to say (pg-3) such good things of me.  Such encouragement and appreciation is 
the reality of what the cup is but a symbol.
				J. C. McNeill

	The Sweet Singer.

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