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This letter is written on photo printed stationary from the "Hollenden" hotel of Clevelenad, Ohio.
The Hollenden
Cleveland, Feb 1st 1903

My dear Miss Tate-
I am always glad to get some news from Morganton and you are so good to write me such on interesting letter. 
I went to Morganton quite unexpectedly on my return from Florida last spring, and spent several days there.  
I was sorry not to have had the pleasure of meeting you while there.  Nor did I see Miss Annie Irwin while I

(Pg 2) greatly missed you both I had a most pleasant visit with my other good friends.  I will spend my winter 
in Cleveland.  My Mother Father and brother are at Miami.  I think Miami and Palm Beach are the most charming 
places in the world.  Miami was over run with visitors last winter and I think the same condition exits at the 
present time.  There are quite

(Pg 3) a few nice boarding houses there, they are all very expensive con-sidering the accommodation   I got very 
good board and room in a private family for 1000  per week.  If you will write to my brother he will give you all 
information possible or secure you a good place if it can be had, his address is B.F. Quilling Box 75 Miami Florida.  
I am very sorry to hear that Miss Sue is in poor health

(Pg 4) and hope she has speedy recovery.  Please excuse paper  I hope you will enjoy your trip to Florida.  Please 
remember me to all my friends and believe me 
Most sincerely
N.A. Quilling

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