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Weaverville, NC
About July 20, 1902

Dear Sue,
	My whole heart goes out to you in the tenderest sympathy in these dark, dark hours of deepest gloom. 
Too well do I know the keen anguish and bitter grief you are enduring, and only wish it in my power 
to help you bear your burden - the very heaviest that can ever come to one.
	I know how empty and meaningless all human words seem in the face of such a loss, and the only comfort 
is from on high. I have lost a friend whom I loved so tenderly and shall look back to my visits to Miss Jennie 
as one of the bright and happy spots of my life. 
	Since dear Mother's death (I) have longed to see her for I knew she would sympathize with me, for they had 
loved one another and she knew what a gap was in my life - but this privilege was denied. Little did we dream 
last fall when together that ere we met again we would be called upon to pass through deep waters. Only heard 
of your mother's death last night - had hoped her trip would be beneficial*.
	My dear girl, strive to be brave. I know how hard it is, and take up the work the dear one has laid down. 
Our father will be so willing to aid you. He has truly been very near to me, tho at times all is darkness and 
gloom. May the everlasting arms be underneath and around each one of you is my sincerest prayer. 
		Yours in deepest and tenderest love, Charlee

*Jennie died Thursday, July 17, 1902 in Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland
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