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							June 18th (1902)
My dear Wilhelmena,
	I am so afraid you are over working your self. I don't like your account of your nightmare. I beg 
of you take care of your self. Claude has been and is still very, very sick. A bad case of dysentery. 
Dr. Laxton* is waiting on her and I am very sorry I did not call in Jane Anderson. The old Dr. is just 
back from Atlanta Hospital and seems so very feeble. I will write you every day until she is better.
	Frank came home Sunday and started back yesterday and the engine broke down this side of Connelly 
Springs, so he came back home and started again this morning. He is doing some work in Harnett County. 
Don't expect to be there more than 2 weeks.
	The Wilson Bond case was not so good as we at first thought. They allowed the Bonds about $1300 and 
both sides took an appeal. Frank is still very hopeful as to our case. Don't believe that we can be put 
in for a cent - Still I am anxious that we have no suit as it now stands. We will have big lawyers fees 
and then the settlement with Lon and Beck will be both troublesome and expensive. I am full of anxiety 
about Claude and wonder why I should care about money matters - Still poor as we live it takes money to 
get on and I will never arrive at that Christian grace that I will be willing for people to steal your 
father's hard earned savings. Pray for us all to look less at earthly things and more above.  
							Affec. Mama

Envelope addressed to:
Miss Wilhelmena Tate
Thornwell Orphanage
Clinton, South Carolina
Via Hamlet, NC
*Likely Dr. J. L. Laxton (b. 1839) of Morganton, Burke County, NC

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