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My dear Wilhelmina
I see Irene is not going to attend to this little matter so I take the liberty of doing so as I judge from you letter 
you wanted it at once.  I looked among you things (tho I must confess hurriedly) & found no entertainments but will 
try again.  I have
(pg-2) been miserable about Mama she has been in bed for three days we called in * Dr L Monday.  She is much better 
today but yet in bed.  She has had her curses and its very unusual for any one after so long a time-  I have fortunately 
kept real well but quite busy as I carry the keys.  Pardon
(pg-3) this scratch as I write hastily in order to get in this mail. & to my thumb is cut & I can't half hold my pen. I 
hope your entertainment as well as all you un-dertake will be a grand success.  When you want anything done you had 
better write me for I am always at home.  I hope you will enjoy your trip to C and your little excursion  Did you get my 
letter with the money for the chimneys?  Guess Weeta explained about the lantern & ect.  With love from us all,
Feb 6th '02

*There was a Dr. William Leslie, druggist, in Morganton; in the 1900 census he was listed as living close to the Tates.

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