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Mrs. Cameron Pearson
North Carolina
					June 25, 1902
					Monday Night
My Own Dear Sister,
	I'm with you truly in spirit, that part of me that is best, for this is and will be revealed by us all 
in the future at a 'blessed' season, a time when love draws us closer together and peace descends like a glory 
upon our everyday life, for the one you miss was a dear saint, and this is but a translation! Dear little Claude, 
so gentle, so guiltless. I never recall her face without its sweet smile. Yes, you and Cam will miss her, but for 
her, what a change from things terrestrial to things celestial. Her pure life was so gentle and grew to think of 
others. We know she is a glad 'inheritor' of The Kingdom. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.
	Emily and I sorrow that we will see her face no more, here on earth, and that you will miss our dear young 
friend. Y'r hurried note was rec'd Sunday at noon after I came from church. A hush fell upon our group. Ethel, 
Lois, Camille (who came Friday) and kept near me all day, and then Cam's letter came Monday at noon and yours 
also, too late for Emilie and I to know definitely so that we c'd  have sent flowers.
	How much more however we both wish that we might have met and seen her once more. As it is the memory of 
such a one makes life more rich and worth living. We feel the better for having known her. 
	She leaves a void in the Mother's heart that no one can ever fill. I wish it might be my mission to speak 
words of comfort to dear Jennie. I have tried to write her since her tragic sorrow in the loss of her son, but 
words seemed more platitudes, vain to convey any sense of my deep sympathy, so the sheets of paper still lie in 
my blotter un-mailed, but now I will write, will speak to her for her sorrow is our sorrow. We will indeed miss 
and love the memory of her dear 'Little Claude'. Dear Sis Claude, I am disappointed that I can not go to you yet 
a while. I am trying to fill all promises to Maude and then slip off. With true love and sorrow that this new cross 
falls to your lot to bear, I am ever sincerely and affectionate Amelia H.

Love to Cam, he is hurt deeply I know. I thank him for trying to let me know. Sometimes I get y'r letters so quickly. 
There is no mail delivery Sunday, but we generally send.

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