Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     August 19, 2008

					Dunn, NC
					August 7, 1902
Miss Sue V. Tate
Morganton, NC

Dear Sue,
	I arrived here last night all OK, and " and well and doing well and hope these few lines 
will find you all enjoying the same blessings." 
	Mr. Erwin didn't come, but sent a letter in his stead. I will be here a few days and next
 week will move out to the factory site and occupy the "OLD AVERA HOMESTEAD." You see they spin 
 it a little differently, but I think it is all the same. At least is looks like all the old Avery 
 homestead I have ever seen - fine place before the War and evidences of wealth or at least good 
 circumstances, but now owned by people they all but owned before the War.
	Fayetteville is to have two new RRs now, at least that is the talk and I think it very likely, 
one from Durham and the other from Concord, so you see they will be pretty well fixed from a railroad 
point of view. Hope you are all well. With love to all 
					Aff'ly Frank

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