Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     July 11, 2008

					April 3, 1902
My dear Mama,
	It seems a long time since I have heard directly from you, but I know how much you have to do, and 
don't expect you to write to me as often as the girls.
	I wrote Irene about the Charleston trip and hope it will suit her. I am afraid I won't go to Atlanta, 
but I am not a bit disappointed. We have already gotten the pass, but Mrs. T[hackston] has not returned 
and our Charleston trip is so it would not be satisfactory. 
	I am very much worried about my graduating essay. I don't know what to write on. I wish you would suggest 
something. Dr. Jacobs announced this morning all those who expected to graduate this year would please notify 
him in a few days. As I have stood all the examinations so far, I hope to finish this year. 
	I never know any news to write so I will have to stop since Sude Presnell has left M[organton?] I have 
not heard anything at all. She writes everything to Weeta. I never hear from anyone except you all. Even May 
has deserted me, but I believe I owe her a letter. With much love and hoping you have entirely recovered. 
					Affectionately, Wilhelmina

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