Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     August 21, 2008

					Memphis, Tenn
					Aug 6, 1902

Dear Sue,
	Pete knows today "des zackly how a married man feels." Ran away yesterday. I cannot call 
it a real Gretna Green. We expected it in Nov. - Mama objected - we did not know the young lady. 
She came from another town and like every good person had enemies. A certain person told a whole 
lot about her family. I do not believe … Pretty, sweet looking girl, came out one day to see us - 
so late could not see much of her, and of course other company happened in then and we did not 
have a fair chance at her. They had only two witnesses. I wanted to go very much, but her mother 
and sisters did not go, so of course it would not have been right for me to have gone.
	They received some presents - 1 doz. teaspoons. I gave a half doz. tablespoons, solid. Mama's 
merchant sent something. Somebody, a chair and so on.
	Have had such dry, dusty weather and yesterday the sun shone for a while early, but clouded up 
and sprinkled a little. Today a soft gentle rain all day - for which we are all so truly thankful. 
But for their sakes I wish it had waited one day longer.
	My cousin from Pulaski visited us sometime ago, and day before yesterday her husband came by to 
see us and spent a day and night with us. He is a veteran, war wounded in his leg. Never been 
amputated, goes on stump though. Says, while lying there bleeding, Gen. Forrest came by and very 
unconcerned said, "Some of your boys go fetch me them Yankees over there." I said, "Did they go?" 
"Of course, they did, got them" He got mad at a Yank riding by in a company - walked up, pulled 
"sauce box" off his horse and whipped him right up in town. He had only one good leg. Not one of 
the company interfered. Twas two or three years old last time I say him. He is very handsome. He 
was engaged 14 yrs, 7 months, when they married.
	Will says, "doggone, dis ain't my plate", Sings all the time, and is so bad.
		Love to all from your loving Katherine

Write to me, it will do you good to get your mind on other things now. I wish Will was old enough. 
I would spend the summer in NC somewhere so I could see you.

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