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Orphanage Asylum
Augusta, Ga
Feb' 11th 1900

	Sitting alone in my room this dull, rainy Sunday night I was thinking of the past - & as the day draws near which marks the 
anniversary of my dear ones death my thoughts went out to you who was one of his dear friends & I concluded to write you a few 
lines - to let you know that many, very many times I have thought of you and your kindness to me.  My little family is very much 
separated - David my oldest is living in Chicago- & Hamilton was in Spokane the last I heard from him - I have a pleasant (pg2) 
position here - assistant house keeper, no hard work altho it is very confining- there are about 100 children here - I like it 
ever so much - My dear mother died two months ago & you who have passed thro the same can know the grieve [grief] it was to me- 
I had been with her for nearly a year- took this position 1st August but was called back to her in Oct & remained til she  left us 
in Dec - She was so patient - & was ready and willing to go when the summons came.
	David went to the war - was in Cuba for several months - witnessed the surrender of *Santiago - there it nearly broke his health 
down - but he is all right (pg 3) again & working at his trade machinist - I had an offer to come to Morganton - the position to take 
charge of Mr. Hamp Erwin/Ervin's house hold & children but the responsibility was greater than I cared to assume- so I declined- 
I guess your little town is building up a good deal- & I would scarcely know it - My Brother (Prof Brown of Converse College) was there 
last summer he met up with several of our old friends, amongst them Dr Langston - you know there are a few of the girls from there at 
the college- I use to see Miss Rose (the ministers daughter) when she was there - would send you messages & told her to tell 
you to write to me. (Pg 4)  I want you to write me a long letter & tell me all about you all.  What has become of Laura?  I can only 
think of Johnnie as the young conductor - & I expect he is the head of a family.  Remember me kindly to all friends & very much love 
for yourself - from yours Sincerely
Sallie B. Flemming
Orphan Asylum

*Surrender of Santiago de Cuba July 13, 1898.  Spanish-American War, Santiago, Cuba July 3 - July 17, 1898 - Decisive U.S./Cuba victory.  
Laura and Johnnie are most likely: Laura Pearson Ray and John H. Pearson.
The 1910 Census Augusta City GA, Augusta GA Orphan Home Employees/officers at the Orphan Asylum: Sallie B.  Fleming, age 61, widow; This 
census listing also includes other employees/officers as well as the orphan children.  Parents are listed as unknown. 
The 1880 US census; Winnsboro, Fairfield, SC; Discrict 66: Malvina Brown (Female-h/o/h; age 58); Hattie Brown (F-dau; age 18); William W. 
Chandler (M-s/inlaw; age 44); Minnie Chandler (F-dau; age 30); Donald Chandler (M-grsn; age 5); William N. Chandler (M-grsn; age 10m); Alex 
H. Flemming (M-s/inlaw; age 39); Sarah Flemming (F-dau; age 33); David Flemming (M-grsn; age 9); Hamilton Flemming (M-grsn; age 8); Walker 
A. Brown (M-son; age 28); Jno L. Minnaugh (M- age 24)

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