Aberdeen, Moore County, North Carolina

Many thanks to Doug Purcell  633 North Randolph Avenue   Eufaula, AL 36027-1209 for sharing this helpful information.   Posted June 22nd, 2000.    Updated April 16, 2002. See below.

Vienna, La
June 4, 1883
Editor Christian Observer

Dear Sir:

In examining an old black book now in possession of my mother, which belonged to my Grand father, John P. [Purcell] Graham, I find a list of what perports (sic) to be the names of the members of "Bethesda Church" which my mother says was situated in Richmond County, NC. As will be seen, this list was made on January 20, 1812, and is in the handwriting of my grandfather who was one of the Elders of that Church. My mother thinks it was one of the oldest, if not the oldest Presbyterian churches in that portion of the State of North Carolina.

It may be a matter of interest to a great many of your readers to publish this list. It is doubtful if any of the persons whose names appear on this list are still living, but many of their descendants are, and it will be interesting to them. It may be of importance to this old church, which I see from the reports of the General Assembly still exists.

I copy the list exactly as it appears in the book:

The Session Book of Bethesda January 20, 1812
John McIntyre, Pastor

Posted by Myrtle Bridges    June 21st, 2000

Alex.r Graham John McLeod John Black
Daniel Martin Daniel McNeill Lauchlin Curry
Norman Shaw John P. Graham

Angus Blue Daniel Smith Angus Johnston
Arch.d Gillis Daniel McNeill Alex.r Graham
Duncan Smith Duncan Smith Arch.d Paterson
Duncan McCallum Colin Bethune Duncan McLean
Daniel Blue Daniel Campbell Duncan McGugan
Hugh Black Daniel Graham John McIntyre
Daniel Paterson John Black Daniel Paterson
John McLeod John Keahey Christen Blue
Mary McIntyre John Blue Christen Gates
Margaret Graham John P. Graham Christen Gordon
Margaret Graham John McDonald Christen Smith
Margaret Graham Christen McKennon Daniel Martin
Margaret Paterson Effy McLean Jennet Graham
Malcom Clark Eliza Graham Nancy Graham
Christen McLeod Margaret Paterson Lauchlen Curry
Effy Black Mary Smylie Lauchlen McKinnon
Effy Black Margaret McLean Norman Shaw
Effy Graham Margaret McNeill Peter Blue
Malcom McCauley Elizabeth Keahey Isabella McLean
James Smylie Elizabeth Shaw Sarah Brown
Daniel McLean Flora Blue Sarah Campbell
Arch.d Buchan Flora Graham Sarah Curry
Alexander Graham Flora Graham Sarah Martin
Amelia Paterson Gormel McLeod Sarah Peterson
Ann Campbell Isabella Blue Sarah Smith
Ann Graham Jane McIntyre Sarah McLean
Ann Smith Ann Smith Jennit Smith
Flora Blue Cathrine Buchan Mary Clark
Sarah Buchan Cathrine Baker Mary Graham
Mary Black Cathrine Blue Mary Graham
Cathrine Clark Mary Gordon Mary McKinnon
Cathrine McLean Mary Johnston Cathrine McNeill
Mary Smith Cathrine McDonald Mary McCullum
Isabella McGugan Margaret Smith Flora Black
Lucia Black Nancy Black

Note: A copy of the same list dated January 20, 1812 and published in Bion Butler's book, "OLD BETHESDA at the Head of Rockfish", on pages 134-136 shows some differences in the two lists. According to Butler's list "Sarah Peterson", should be "Sarah Paterson"; "Christen Gates" should be "Christen Yeats." Daniel Graham, Daniel McLean, Mary Gordon and Christen McLeod listed above, are not shown on Butler's list. Butler's list names Isabella McGugan, Nancy Black, Louisa Black, Margaret Smith and Christen McLean, but those names are not on the posted list above. The list below is contributed by Elvalee Swift

The Session Book of Bethesda, January 20th, 1812, John McIntyre, Pastor. Ruling Elders, Alexr Graham, John McLeod, John Black, Daniel Martin, Daniel McNile, Lauchlen Curry, Norman Shaw and John P. Graham.

Members--Angus Blue, Arch'd Gillis, Alexer Graham, Angus Johnsden, Archd Paterson, Colin Bethune, Daniel Blue, Daniel Campbell, Duncan McLean, Duncan McGugan, Daniel Paterson, Daniel Paterson, Daniel Smith, Daniel McNeill, Duncan Smith, Duncan McCallum, Malcom McCauley, Amerial Paterson, Ann Graham, Gormel McLeod, Jane McIntyre, Isabella McGugan, Jennet Smith, Mary Black, Catherine Baker, Catherine Clark, Catherine McLean, Catherine McDonald, Sarah Buchan, Nancy Black, Catherine Blue, Catherine McNeill, Duncan Smith, Ann Smith, Ann Smith, Catherine Buchan, Hugh Black, John McIntyre, John Black, John McLeod, John Keachey, John Blue, John P. Graham, John McDonald, Daniel Martin, Luchlen Curry, Luchlen McKinnon, Norman Shaw, Peller Blue, Malcolm Clark, James Smylie, Archd Buchan, Ann Campbell, Flora Graham, Christen Blue, Christen Yeats, Christen Gordon, Christen Smith, Christen McKinnon, Christen McLean, Effy Black, Effy Graham, Effy Black, Effy McLean, Eliza Graham, Louisa Black, Elizabeth Keachey, Elikzabeth Shaw, Flora Blue, Flora Blue, Flora Graham, Margaret McNeill, Margaret Smith, Jennet Graham, Nancy Graham, Isabella McLean, Mary Clark, Mary Graham, Mary Graham, Mary Johnston, Mary Smith, Mary McCallum, Mary McKinnon, Mary McIntyre, Mary Smylie, Margaret Graham, Margaret Graham, Margaret Graham, Margaret Paterson, Margaret Paterson, Margaret McLean, Isabella Blue, Sarah Curry, Sarah Patterson, Sarah Smith, Sarah McLean, Sarah Brone, Sarah Campbell, Sarah Martin.

Here it is left to the reader to decide the correct account as both lists are said to have been written by Mr. John P. [Purcell] Graham

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