My father used to say, The evenings were longer than the mornings. I don't know that he ever knew just why that was.

I got on the Train, here at Washburn's Switch, to go to Arkansas, at 10 o'clock, the last day of 1903, It was about night when we left Asheville, NC. We had not gone far into Tennessee until the Conductor came through the train, telling us to turn our watches up an hour, that we were in Central Time.

I have a Sun Dial. Three Pittsburg Power Poles, 260 yards South East of the South Porch of our home. The Sun rises directly behind them on the 21st of December, then the 21st. of June, it rises about 500 yd's North of the three poles, then it rises a little farther South every morning until it gets to the poles by Dec. the 21st.

We have 24 Time Zones, averaging about 1000 miles(wide) around the Earth at the Equator.

Back when people had Log House's to live in, They used the South door to tell when it was 12 o'clock at noon. When the Sun got to where it shined in straight at the South door, they said it was 12 o'clock.

We boys used to say, when we could step on the shadow of our head, it was dinner time. We would stretch our steps a little some times, when we wanted to.


Double Springs Church was organized in 1844. Uncle Berry Hamrick, who married my Grand Mother's Sister(his first wife) Catherine Hamrick, told me this History, of Double Springs Baptist Church.

It begin as a Camp Ground meeting place some time before it was organized, into a church, in 1844. He said, People would come in Covered Wagons, Bringing their Milk cow's and stay a week at a time.

This camp ground was on this side of the branch. The first Church house was built of logs, about 30 steps up on the hill, a little South West of where the Scout house now is. I remember seeing the Old house place.

The Second Church house, was a frame building, about 40 by 60 ft. on the North side of the Branch, with 4 doors in it, 2 at the Front, one on each side, about 10 ft. from the North end.

One for the old men & and one for the old wimen togo in at. The upper end was set near the ground, you could not see under the building from the North end, the lower end was about 4ft. from the ground, had to have several steps to go up, the other 2 doors one step.

The Pulpit was boxed up about 4 1/2 ft. high, with a door on the side next to the men's side, a window on each side of the Pulpit. A Black Snake came in at the window on the men's side one morning, while the Preacher was in the pulpit, they accuse me of killing it.

There were 3 windows on each side of the Main Building.