This is about 1933.

My Father passed and some of my friends recommended me to take his place on the Board, which I could not do as he did. I always felt like I used to think of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. That was this- that Isaac did not do much but was a tic in between two men that could do more than he had done. I was a tic in between Papa and Wyan, and I want some of Papa's descendents to conduct themselves so that someone will recommend them to be put on the Board, and some of Papa's descendents to be put on the Board, and some of Papa's descendents will qualify for the position as long as the School exists.

The school was at a low condition in the Thirties. Someone made a motion to discontinue the school for a while just before dinner, but as I remember no one seconded the motion when we were called to eat dinner. I was not planning to vote for that. It never did come to a vote. Just after dinner we got a little inspiration and subscribed about $600 to go on.

Soon after that, Max Gardner came to us and it has been going ever since. Mr. John Moore, at one of the Board Meetings asked that they not put himself on this time, but (put) Avery W. McMurray on. I have always thought that he knew Avery was a Friend and an associate with Max Gardner, that he would get Max interested in the school. Anyway I think he did.

And Max became very seriously interested in the school and began to put his money into it and his Family is still standing to the school. Then the Dovers have become interested in a fine way and with their money and are strong advocates of the school.

Then Pat Spangler was put on to campaign for one and a quarter million dollars, so he has not only got that much, He has at this time got up to #2.6 million subscribed. The college has bought the church land that they owned except the cemetery. They have bought 37 acres of the Jena Pruitt land. Three of our children are members there. (at Boiling Springs Baptist Church?)

Several of our children and grandchildren have went to school to the College. I got up the pictures and some information of each one, and the pictures are all in one frame. There are 33 instead of 25. Some were appointed but moved away. They might have served at one meeting.

This is August 12th, 1961

For several years after we moved over here in 1906, when we saw anyone coming, we knew where they had started because they could not get any further, for there were no roads toward Lattimore.

This makes me think of when I was a boy. We had to go to Lattimore to get our mail. The post office was in Mr. Edley Lattimore's home, straight west of the Southern depot, towards where Mrs. Forest Crowder now lives, then right this side of where she lives, at the head of her fish pond, Uncle Billie Stroud had a cotton gin there.

Your mama and I never went to school much - two, three, or four months in the year. Your mama never went as much as I did, but she is the best scholar now. She is a good speller and pretty good on grammar, or English as you call it. She did not like Geography too well. She don't like Space much now. That is trying to go to the moon. I am not expecting to go there.

P. S. 1966 - Three astranauts were killed in a space craft on the ground before they went up.


About 1914, I guess, I borrowed $1000 from Mr. Elija R. Hamrick and was just paying $60 interest each year, none on the principal.

Then, in 1917 we organized a Federal Land Bank Unit at Shelby and my father, W. W. Washbuirn, was the President of it. So I was a charter member and borrowed $1000 to pay Mr. Hamrick off. I got the money at six per cent interest, but 1% was to pay on the principal. So I would have paid that off sometime, but I kept borrowing and getting some at 5 1/2% and some at 5%.

Money got cheap at one time and the Bank officials advised us to put all our loans in one note and we would get it at 4%, and I am still in the Federal Land bank after 50 years.

Rather than to go on and pay this loan off I built three brick houses and borrowed the money from the Building and Loan at 6%, and am paying them off because they are 6%. Of course, I am still paying the yearly payment to the Federal Land Bank. I built the house rather than to pay off the 4% loan. I am not expecting to live to pay all this, but I want my administrators to finish all up and then divide.