Notes copied by Mary Leigh Washburn in 1981 from notes by her mother, wife of J. C. Washburn. This is a copy of information I found in Mama's hand writing but which is getting dim.

(Papa) Our parents was buried at Double Springs. My grandfather Charles Washburn and Grandmother Sarah Crowder Washburn were buried at Double Springs. My Grandfather Harrill was first buried at the Harrill family burying ground. When my Grandma died they took up what they could find of the remains of Grandfather and buried them with Grandma at Beaver Dam.

(Mama) My Grandfather David McSwain was buried at the Hamrick (near Toy Webbs) burying ground. Grandma at Double Springs.

My Grandpa William Brooks and Grandma Lucritia Spake Brooks were burried at a family burying ground on the Pink Hamrick land.

(Papa) My Great Grandfather Abram Washburn and wife Rebecca Durham Washburn were burried in a (1/2) one half acre plot in Aston Adams farm.

My Great Grandfather Allen Crowder and wife Phoebe Grigg were burried on their farm to the left of Polkville.

Gilbert Harrill and wife Sallie Jones were burried at the Harrill family burring ground near Bus Blantons. My Great Grandfather Elijah Hamrick and wife Margaret McSwain Hamrick were burried in the Hamrick burying ground near Toy Webbs.

March 1960

Bill for removing cemetery of the Street Harrill Family plot 750 ft. West of Eskridge Grove Church, to the cemetery at Double Springs Baptist Church.

Moving markers - $100.00
Cleaning markers - $20.00
Record on marker - $15.00
Moving soil to within about a foot of the botton of the grave - $20.00
Labor, removing contents of graves into a previously constructed container, building foundation for marker, digging the grave, and depositing contents therein. - $105.00
Total $260.00

Contacted these relatives, and others interested in the project and found no objections.

Yates Harrill
Mrs. Kate Hunt
Rev. Hugh Harrill
Mrs. Maggie Harrill Bridges
Zed Harrill
Horace Harrill
Zepher Ree Lovelace Bridges
Edgar Bridges
Mrs. Janie Green Wright
Mont Cabiness
Lee Cabiness
Arthur McSwain
Mrs. Ella McSwain Neal
Mrs. Laura McSwain Putnam
Rev. J.W. Suttle
J.B. Petty
Shafter Hamrick
Thurman Hamrick
Mrs. Pinkie Harrill Rodgers
Mrs. Garvie Harrill Blanton
W.H. Gardner
Charlie Lee
Jesse Bridges
Maynard Washburn
Mrs. Alma Washburn Bankhead
George Hamrick
Willie Doggett
Joe C. Washburn
Tillie McSwain Washburn
Mrs. Belva H. Hamrick
Others: Senator Robert Morgan
Congressman Jack Palmer
Mrs. Jack Palmer Sr.


Allis Beard, some of Roberts Harrell's kin people down at Gastonia named Ruby Malvit.

Tillie put Denis / Ella put the Reburn to Denis Reburn.

Tillie named Willard and I named Wyan to it.

We named Dorothy Dean. Dorthy always said she was just washed up with the rest of the frogs. That was in the wet years. When every bridge on the Shelby river. (That's the First Broad River.) was washed away, except one that was what we called the Dixon Bridge near Zion Church.

Seth Lopez was named as a substitute for John Twyman the boy that got burnt and died. He was about two and a half years old when that happened. There was no fire in the house and mama left Dorothy who was big enough to set alone on a quilt out in the yard and John Twyman who was about two and one-half years old to watch her, while mama went to the barn to get some peas. He met mama down at the branch, with everything burnt off, of him.

All we could see in the yard was some match stems, we didnt't know that he was where we kept the matches but there were several match stems in the yard that had been struct thats all the evidence we could see that he caught on fire. It liked to have killed us to accept this tragedy. Lopez was the name of a man in the west, that I bought a car load of Alfalfa hay from.

Dietz's name came off of a lantern, that's a German name. I don't remember where we got the name Beaman.

Edith I believe named Mary Lee the girl at the Sunday School board.

We both named Doris Raye after Alma and Wray Bankhead.

Gaines Brewer was for Dr. Gaines Brewer, at Wake Forest College.

Joe Dan was named for Joseph Daniels and Uncle Dan Brooks and myself, I guess.

We thought we were done, but we were not.

My mother named Harrell Gene after her maiden name partly. He always said he was glad we did not quit till he got here and we are too.


September 29th, 1917
Dear Joe & Tillie, It was a great [shock] to us [to] learn of the death of little Twyman. he was such a sweet little fellow. We can hardly realize he is gone. We know it is hard for you all to bear. You have our greatest sympathy in this sad time of sorrow. you can only look to the one who cares for us all and over little children. We will write you more later. I guess I will leave tomorrow for camp. Want you all to think of me while in camp. May God bless you in this sad time of sorrow is our sincere wish.
Your loving brothers Fred & Purvis [Washburn]

Dear Joe & Tillie, I was very sorry indeed to hear of the awful death of little Twyman. How he must have suffered. You have my deepest sympathy. I know the prattle of his little tongue and sound of his little footsteps will be missed, oh, so much. I little thought when we left there Christmas that I would never see the little darling again on this earth, but things like this made us think. Life is uncertain to all; death is sure, and if we could all be as well prepared to leave this world and meet our God as an innocent little child we would have nothing to fear.
May God comfort you both in your great sorrow is my prayer. With heartfelt sympathy, Edith


September 19, 1929
Dear Children & Grand-children,
Someday we will have to leave Annie Lee if she don't leave us first. [Sister of Joe Washburn, born Sept. 26, 1903 with Down Syndrome] I hope some of you will take her and be papa & mama & brother &sister to her. You all know that she won't drive tho you can persuade her to do most anything, so please see that no man harms her. You all can take care of yourselves. She can't. She won't hurt no one if she is treated right. I have asked the Lord to be with her day and night. That has been my prayer for her. I asked him to not let no man lay hands on her in a mean ugly way. Mama [Estilla]


O Lord I cum now with fred. I no not whair he is thou noest lorde. stand betwene him and all danger keepe him well and in good helth. cher him and console him and comfort hem and keep hem comfortable then lorde donte let the enamies get hem and bring hem home. Sail with hem and calm the sea and bring hem safe to me. this is my prair ever since you have bin away and the same prair for purvis. God bless them both is my prair day and knight.
Your mother (Eliza Jane Harrill Washburn June 29, 1856 - April 3, 1938)

September 12th, 1958

1. Ruby is secretary to the Principal of the Lattimore High School, her husband a carpenter. They live near here.

2. Reburn, a dairyman in New Mexico, about 7 miles East of Las Vegas, his wife a helper in the business.

3. Wyan, a Physician at Gardner Webb Clinic at Boiling Springs, North Carolina, which he organized some 10 or 12 years ago, his wife a Registered Nurse.

4. Dorothy, Registrar at Gardner Webb College at Boiling Springs, NC. Her husband died several years ago. He was a Bookeeper.

5. Seth, a Science Teacher at Gardner Webb College at Boiling Springs, NC., his wife a School Teacher.

6. Dietz, a Contractor, Carpenter, Brick Mason, etc., his wife a Registered Nurse. They live in Lattimore, NC

7. Mary Leigh, a clerk in Bell's Department Store, Lattimore, NC, her husband a Farmer and Dairyman. They live near here.

8. Raye., is Wyan's Private Nurse at Gardner Webb Clinic, her husband is in the poultry business.

9. Gaines, works at the DuPont Bomb Plant at Aken, SC, his wife a housewife and church worker.

10. Dan, works for State College at Raleigh, NC, about 210 miles East of here in Agronomy Department. His wife works for the Carolina Power and Light Company, Raleigh, NC as secretary.

11. Gene, a Physician now taking his internship of one year at General Hospital, Greenville, SC, his wife is a Secretary but now is at home with a two months old daughter.

This is February 11, 1967, Sixty-one years after Papa's house was burned. It was a two-story house where Waylan [Washburn] now lives.

In regard to mail service from 1885 to 1967. There used to be mail carried from Shelby on a horse to a Post office by the name of Washburn, at Joe Washburn's home one half mile North of Rehobath Church. It was not there many years. We got our mail at Lattimore till Mr. J. L. Green established a Post Office at his home accross the Railroad, South of Floyd Green's house. They had a crane to hang a mail bag on for the train to catch as it went by without stopping. The mail coach had an arm to extend out and grab the bag about the middle of the bag, and a man on the inside operated the arm to bring the mail bag on the inside of the car. The man would kick our mail out at the same time.

The mail routes began in 1906. About 1907 or 1908 mail free deliveries were begun here. Our Route 4 was begun by Charles Hamrick, a brother to Gard Hamrick at Boiling Springs. This boy promoted Route 4 and carried the mail a few months, then died of pneumonia. Then Charles Carson carried it on a horse or bicycle and walked and rolled it part of the time. Fred Green began on Route 4 in 1933 and carried till 1956. Thomas Petty served about one year. Mr. Jack Faree began about 1957 and is still serving now.

Depew was the name of the post office, down at Mr. J. L. Green's. Named after Mr. Chauncy M. Depew.

A Little History - September 22, 1961

March 2, 1942 we had the worst snowstorm I believe of my life. It commenced to snow early in the morning and snowed till late in the evening.

Walter Davis called Professor Lawton Blanton that he thought he better close the school at dinnertime, but Mr. Blanton thought that two or three o'clock would be all right, so he closed about three o'clock, but the busses did not get far. The snow was so deep one had to stop and stay all night at Mr. Gaff Lattimore's and the most of the children had to remain all night up there about two miles north of the Lattimore School. Some of the children had to stay in the school house all night. Some of the parents hitched their mules to their wagon and followed some of the buses and caught up with them when they had gotten as far as they could go, and got the children and got back home sometime in the night. Some of the parents liked to have fallen out with Mr. Blanton, although he was one of the best men and principals in the county.

On the night following the 2nd of March, 1942, Tom Lattimore's son, John, was born. Hershel Wilson's daughter, Estilla, was born the next morning, the 3rd of March.

Mama (Estilla) was called about 1 o'clock a.m. of the morning of the 3rd of March, and she got up and began to get ready to go. I could not get the car out. I told her that she just could not make it to Lattimore, the snow was so deep; for I had come from the store at Washburn's Switch that evening and the snow was knee-deep or more in the drifts. But that did not stop her from getting ready to go to one of her daughters that was to be the mother of a baby, and it her first one.

I told her that I would get a mule but she said "No." Then I said I would get up and walk in front of her to make a kind of a path. So we started, but it was not long till she was up by my side fixing to pass me I reckon. We got there, but she was hot, for she had on a pair of my overalls. Signed Nov. 19th, 1971 by J.C. Washburn, Father of Mary Leigh Wilson

"This is Feb. 25, 1967"

1. Ruby working in the school lunch room. Dufaye, working with Deitz for Daniels Company.

2. Reburn, working in a Hospital in New Mexico. Beatrice, housewife and babysits for Ken.

3. Wyan, Administrator in Royster Memorial Hospital and M. D. Emily, nurse and hosewife. Leader in community activities.

4. Dorothy, Registrar at Gardner-Webb College. Shannon (deceased) was a Bookeeper.

5. Seth, on the faculty at Louisburg College. Ruby, housewife and a school teacher.

6. Dietz, Superintendent for Daniels Construction Company. Elizabeth, Nurse and community worker.

7. Mary Lee, housewife and a Grand mother for all our Grand Children. Hershel, works in Dover Cotton Mill.

8. Raye, Housewife and helps Dr. Wyan. W. G. works for Container Corporation Construction Co.

9. Gaines, works for DuPont Company at Aiken, S. C. Lela Belle, housewife and Sunday School worker.

10. Dan, on the Faculty of State University. Betty, housewife and church worker.

11. Gene, M. D. and Obestrician at Royster Memorial Hospital Billie, housewife and used to be a Secretary in the College.