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Photograph #27

Charlie Brice Hamrick with Ida & Ada Morrison.
Beverly Barnes, Shelby, NC writes:
He was a son of Edmund and Caroline Hamrick, born about 1890. Brice married Ida Morrison on April 25, 1910. Died in Georgia, possibly 1960's.

Judith Parker-Proctor (Judy), Shelby, NC writes:
Hi Myrtle, We sure would like to know what happened to Uncle Bryce. He has many grandchildren, great grandchildren and yes, even great great grandchildren in our area. In the photo with Aunt Ida and Aunt Ada, he is the image of his grandson Clyde Parker.

Charles Bryce (born cApril 1890) married Ida Malinda Morrison (b 4 May 1895) on 26 April 1910 in Cleveland County, NC. Bryce was one of the 8 children of Edmond Cicero Hamrick and his wife Caroline. The children were orphaned before 1900. Ida was the 2nd of the 5 children of James Lafayette "Fate" Morrison & his wife Louteshia Green Morrison. Ida died in 1969, many years after the pair had gone separate ways, and is buried in Gaston Memorial Park, Gaston County, NC. Together they had two children, Wilbur Benton Hamrick and Bessie Hamrick. Bessie died in 1995, but Wilbur, at the age of 89, still lives in Kings Mountain, Cleveland County, NC. Wilbur married Mary Jane Cook of Gaston County. Bessie married (1st) Leo Worth "Bill" Parker, had a houseful of children, divorced, and in her later life married (2) Johnny Walker. Bessie and Bill are buried at Rehobeth Methodist Church, Cleveland County, NC, alongside Bill's brothers, sisters, parents and many, many cousins.

Ida's sister, Fannie Ada Morrison (b 5 Feb 1894), also shown in your photograph, was the oldest of the Morrison children. She married 7 Dec 1911 William Monroe Cogdell (b 18 June 1893) in Cleveland County. Monroe died 22 October 1971, and Ada died 25 Mar 1992. She and Monroe are buried at Union Baptist Church, the Camp Call area, of upper Cleveland County.

Can't thank you enough for posting those two photos (see photo #28). Old photographs are few & far between in my Dad's family. In your photo, Aunt Ida looks pretty much as she did in later life, only much younger. She was a character. She had several children after Bryce left & was really full of herself. We all thought the world of her. Her grandchildren called her "Little Granny". I still have a little beret crocheted for me. I was fascinated by her crocheting and learned how to do it myself later on. As she aged, Aunt Ada looked nothing as she did in that photo. She was a short, chubby, constantly happy, loving little lady. The family used to have reunions at her home every summer. We have a photo of her and my Grandmother, her youngest sister, Ethel Ray, taken only a short time before Grandma passed away. They were so cute. Two little old gray haired ladies, loved more than anything by their families. I sure do miss them both. Thought this little note might interest you also,Bessie, daughter of Bryce and Ida, married Bill, the brother of Perry Green Parker. Perry was the husband of Ida's youngest sister, Ethel Ray. So Uncle Bill was not only Grandma's brother-in-law, he was her nephew by marriage, and Cousin Bessie was not only her niece, but her sister-in-law! Grandpa was one of the older of the Parker children, Uncle Bill was one of the younger ones.

Go to Judy's Website to see Ethel Ray Morrison, youngest sister of Ida & Ada.

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