The James Pinkney Bridges Family

The man pictured here is James Pinkney Bridges, (July 31, 1853 - February 4, 1921), son of Bowen Alexander Bridges and Emeline Harris.

The lady is Josephine Blanton, (March 24, 1856 - Nov 3, 1920), daughter of Andrew Blanton and Elizabeth Jolly.

The young girl in the background is Etna Bridges (November 27, 1895 - Sep. 8, 1988) daughter of James Pinkney. She married Howard Stevens.

This photo, believed to have been taken between 1912-1915 near Rutherford County, North Carolina, was submitted by Ronn Deaton    (gg grandson of James Pinkney Bridges).

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Posted October 17th, 1999

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