Selected Photographs from the albums of Howard D. & Ruby Washburn Bridges

Photo #25

The Flora and Inez McEntire photos are post cards. The name, William Powell, is noted on card mailed to Mr. J. J. McEntire, Shelby, N.C. Rt. 5
"Ms. Bridges,
While surfing the internet trying to find some facts about my ancestors [McEntire}, I was so excited to find your web site Yesteryear in Cleveland Co. NC. I found Vertie Champion a first cousin [daughter of my dad's only sister] who was around 50 yrs old when I was born. Also my Aunt Flora McEntire who was married to my dad's brother John J Mc Entire and their daughter Inez who I can only remember seeing 1 time. She died at a fairly young age. She was in a wheelchair. Thank you so much for taking the time to fix this web site. I have thought of these people from my past often, it means so much to find these pictures and share them with my family. I wonder who Mag McEntire was and how she was related to me? Thank you again," Kay McEntire Powell

Photo #26

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