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Selected Photographs from the albums of Howard D. & Ruby Washburn Bridges



We express our grateful appreciation to the Delightful Miss Esther Bridges of Boiling Springs, North Carolina for graciously naming most members in the Cicero Miller Bridges family photograph. Esther is the daughter of Clarence Edgar & Bertha Jane Greene Bridges. She was born May 26, 1915 and is pictured 4th standing child from left, 2nd row. Many thanks to you, Esther!   Howard & Myrtle Bridges

Descendants of James & Rebecca Hamrick Bridges

This photograph was taken about 1928 of the descendants of James & Rebecca Hamrick Bridges through their son, Samuel Bridges (1774-1840), and his son John Bridges (1813-1898). John's son, Zecherich Bridges m. Feb. 4, 1858, Nancy Hamrick Bridges (seated) (June 8, 1843 - May 2, 1931), a daughter of Berry & Catherine Hamrick. Cicero Miller and Eliza were the only children of Zecheriah & Nancy. Eliza m. William Benjamin Greene. Cicero, the father of 14 children, m.(1) Susannah Jane Harrill (June 1, 1856 - April 12, 1901) Eight children were born to this marriage. Clarence Edgar; Charles Batie; James Broughton; Beuna Ida; Posie Buren; Eliza Hessentine; William Plato; and Oscar Yates. Cicero m. (2) Sept 14, 1901, Carrie Hawkins Wilson. Six children were born to this marriage. Manly Alverene; Flossie Pauline; Mertice Viola; Truman Cicero; Earl Laffyte & Lena Lyles.

KEY: (1)Yates Blanton; (2)Troy Bridges; (3)Clarence Bridges; (4)Unknown; (5)Melvin Wilson's boy (maybe Eulan or Weldon); (6)Clement Bridges (twin of Clarence); (7)Eliza Hessentine (Hessie)(b. April 17, 1891) Bridges Blanton; (8)Earl Lafayette Bridges (b. May 3, 1914); (9)Mont Bridges; (10) Truman Cicero Bridges (b. Mar. 12, 1912); (11)Clarence Edgar Bridges (July 26, 1880 d. Nov. 2, 1971); (12)Bertha Greene Bridges; (13)Posie Buren Bridges (Aug. 2, 1888 - Sept. 6, 1970); (14)Olin Green; (15) Howard Dufaye Bridges; (16)Beatrice Blanton; (17)Lillian Addie Champion Bridges; (18)Mertice Viola Bridges (Jan 1, 1908); (19)Analda Blanton; (20)Baby Blanton?; (21)Manly Alverene (b. April 1903) (22)John Blanton; (23)Janie Green (m. Wright); (24)Esther Bridges; (25)Lena Bridges (b. Aug. 17, 1916); (26) Nellene Blanton (m. Ishmael Weaver); (27)Irene Wilson; (28)Carrie Hawkins Wilson (Feb. 24, 1873 - Nov. 16, 1950); (29) Tyree Greene; (30)Cicero Miller Bridges (April 27, 1861 - Mar. 19, 1948); (31)Charles Batie Bridges (Feb. 18, 1882 - July 4, 1950); (32) Oscar Yates Bridges (July 5, 1898 - Sept. 19, 1965); (33) James Broughton Bridges b. Nov. 4, 1883; (34) Nancy Hamrick Bridges; (35) Eliza Bridges Green; (36) Benjamin Greene; (37) Annie Harrill Bridges, w. of Broughton; (38) Iris Bridges; (39)Lorie Jones Bridges w. of Plato; (40)William Plato Bridges (May 1, 1894 - Oct. 12, 1976); (41)Ralph Bridges; (42)Samuel Greene; (43)Ernest Navey; (44)Beuna Bridges (July 12, 1885 - Oct. 6, 1966); (45) Flossie Pauline Bridges Navey (b. Sept. 23, 1905); (46) Dorothy Blanton, dau. of Yates & Hessie Bridges Blanton; (47)James Navey, son of Ernest & Pauline; (48)Howard Bridges, son of Plato; (49) Carrie Mae Blanton; (50) Frances Bridges, dau. of Plato (m. Wright); (51)Harrill Bridges; (52)Hershel Bridges; (53)Carrie Mae Bridges (m. Rogers); (54)maybe Wilson child; (55)Unknown; (56)Martha Blanton; (57)Hessie Bridges (m. Harris); (58)Nancy Bridges (m. Howard Tesseneer)

Close-up left                       Close-up center                     Close-up right


(1)  Mary Champion & Daughters Photo

(2)  Greene Martin Photo

(3)  Addie Champion Photo

(4)  Bridges, Greene & Martin family members Photo

(5)  Addie Champion Photo

(6)  Beuna Bridges Greene Photo

(7)  Georgianna C. Greene Photo

(8)  Cicero & Carrie Bridges Photo

(9)  William Plato Bridges Photo

(10)  Harrill & Howard Dufaye Bridges Photo

(11)  Howard Dufaye Bridges, Sr. Photo

(12)  Howard Dufaye Bridges, Sr. Photo

(13)  Frank Martin Photo

(14)  Ollie Green Photo

(15)  Bert Green Photo

(16)  Verdie Champion Photo

(17)  C. B. Greene Photo

(18)  Olin Martin Photo

(19)  Mary Martin Photo

(20)  Avero and Jethro Bridges Photo

(21)  Bert Greene Photo

(22)  Odus Greene Photo

(23)  Cletus Greene Photo

(24)  William Powell Photo

(25)  Flora & Inez McEntire Photo

(26)  Inez McEntire Photo

(27)  Fannie Gold c. 1900 Photo

(28)  Cast of 1929 Operetta at Lattimore School Photo

(29)  Mag McEntire Photo

(30)  Addie Champion and Fannie Greene Photo

(31)  Ollie Green Photo

(32)  Ollie Green Photo

(33)  Locke Magness Photo

(34)  Tyree Greene and H. Dufaye Bridges Photo

(35)  Stanley Greene Photo

(36)  Dufaye & Ruby Malvet Bridges c. 1931 Photo

(37)  Buren Herschel Bridges Photo

(38)  Posie & Dovie Moore Bridges Photo

(39)  Harrill Bridges Photo

(40)  Miss Patricia Navy Photo

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