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	                        Oates House
				Mrs. John A. Oates, Proprietress
				Rates $2.00 Per Day
				Sample Rooms Free

							Dunn, NC
							Saturday AM
Dear Sue,
	Your letter announcing the death of Judge Bynum came in yesterday and I rec'd it upon my 
return here from the country last night. You understand I'm working 5 miles out in the country 
from here and drive out every morning and back at night. I expect to move out there next week 
however, but P.O. will still be the same. Dunn. If it should ever be necessary to wire me about 
anything sent it "care of E. F. Young" and he would send it out to me. I hope it may not be 
necessary. What did Sam Ervin say about compromise and what did Lala [Laura P. Ray] say about the 
money? I am ready to go out in the country to work now, so will have to close. Love to you all. 
							Affly Frank
About August 9, 1902

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